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Posts published in “Tech & Tools”

Tips and tricks for how to use technology or other tools that will help you as a food blogger.

Episode 282: 4 Best Blogging Tools So You Can Work Smarter and Take Your Blog To the Next Level with Alison Corey

Megan chats with Alison Corey about which tools has helped her to streamline her business and be more efficient in her work.

Episode 236: The Importance of Having a Reputable Web Host and Domain Registrar with Jason Logsdon and Bob Clark

We are sharing a Clubhouse conversation to discuss the importance of reputable web host and domain registrar to help run your food blog.

Episode 229: How to Use Airtable to Stay Focused and Productive and to Hit Your Income Goals with Cate Brubaker

We talk with Cate Brubaker about how she fell in love with Air Table as she was needing more organization for her growing businesses.

Episode #035: Deliver A Great User Experience with Bethany Smith

UX isn’t just an idea – there’s a field of study on this subject and metrics to measure it. UX is a long term strategy. You shouldn’t have to worry about algorithm changes by using these principles – it’s based on consumer psychology – how people interact with sites, how they buy, how they respond to colors, etc