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Vision + Values

Our Vision

Eat Blog Talk provides motivated food bloggers with resources and support to help meet their financial and freedom goals.

Our Values

These core values represent the way we conduct business and honor relationships here at Eat Blog Talk.


This is a community centered around belonging. It was created to give everyone in the food blogging community a place to feel welcomed and connected.


In coming together as a community, our goal should always be to lift others up. In doing so, we elevate everyone.

In keeping with this, we donate 2% of our profits to World Central Kitchen.


We promote honest communication and support healthy relationships.


We strive for everyone in this community to contribute in meaningful and true ways. This means showing integrity and accountability in everything we do.


We are committed to promoting a trustworthy, dependable environment with consistent and predictable behaviors that support the people inside the community.


Things are always changing with the world and with technology and we all need to adapt. This means our food blogging community needs to be willing to jump at the chance for change.

Putting it all together

We understand that for most to feel they belong to a community, they need to feel represented. Therefore, our goal is to consciously uplift and treat with respect those who may not always have representation in the food blogging community.

Our current goal is to increase the diversity of our podcast guests. If you would like to be a guest or would like to suggest someone, you can fill out our application.

We also strive to make our community, website, podcast, and other content as accessible as possible. We are continually working to update and adjust to meet the current WCAG standards.

In accordance with our values, we are sincere in these goals, while also admitting we have many areas in which we can grow.