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Episode 134: Tackle the Mid-Life Pivot with Grace and Purpose with Marye Audet-White

“I am a firm believer in the more you give, the more you get. I feel like people were meant to be streams, not pond. So a stream is constantly flowing. There’s constantly water coming into it and constantly water going out of it into the Gulf of Mexico or wherever. Right. But a pond is just still, and that water gets stale… I want to support life.”

Episode 130: EBT Replay – Plan and Schedule Your Way to Food Blogging Success with Alida Ryder

I said that if you commit to your blog and your content and you treat it like a business, it will start performing like a business. So what you said about planning ahead and kind of working backwards, that’s kind of what I did last year. Is I decided that I want to be at a point that I can post seven days a week and I needed to see how I can make that happen.

Episode 127: COMPILATION – The Importance of Community, Accountability and Masterminds with Previous EBT Guests

Reaching out to those I admired, going to conferences, establishing partnerships, and connecting with people help launch success.