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Episode 131: How We Built a Membership Site and Why You Should Too with Bethany Smith and Megan Porta

They talk about the importance of providing valuable content. It’s important not to always relying on ad revenue to earn income, thus making some of the content available to paid members only (but no ads to deal with).

Episode 130: EBT Replay – Plan and Schedule Your Way to Food Blogging Success with Alida Ryder

I said that if you commit to your blog and your content and you treat it like a business, it will start performing like a business. So what you said about planning ahead and kind of working backwards, that’s kind of what I did last year. Is I decided that I want to be at a point that I can post seven days a week and I needed to see how I can make that happen.

Episode 127: COMPILATION – The Importance of Community, Accountability and Masterminds with Previous EBT Guests

Reaching out to those I admired, going to conferences, establishing partnerships, and connecting with people help launch success.