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Episode 450: Creative Ways to Repurpose Content on Social Media (+What to Do If a Post Goes Viral?) with Rebecca Eisenberg

Rebecca Eisenberg teaches us practical and unique ways to repurpose our content on social media, including what to do if our content goes viral.

Episode 449: How to Transition From a Corporate 9-5 Job to Full-Time Blogger and Content Creator with Kayla Burton

Kayla Burton teaches us about the hurdles she had to overcome in order to become a full-time blogger, after quitting her corporate 9-5 job.

Episode 448: Should You Give Up on Your Blog? Avoid Discouragement When You Face Blogging Challenges with Michelle Morey

Michelle Morey teaches us how to avoid getting discouraged while blogging, especially when we experience challenges like slow traffic or seeing other bloggers succeed faster.

Episode 447: How to Find Low-Competition Keywords That Will Rank a Post Quickly Using the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) with Dalia Escobar

Dalia Escobar teaches us the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) method to find low-competition keywords that will helping posts rank quickly.

Episode 443: Why Should I Hire a Food Copywriter for My Blog? (+ Tips to Start Your Food Writing Career) with Michelle Hauck

Megan chats to Michelle Hauck about copywriting for food bloggers, including how to become a copywriter and hiring tips.

Episode 442: Leverage Social Media to Springboard the Development of a Blog or Podcast with Geo Banks-Weston

Megan chats to Geo Banks-Weston about using social media, specifically Instagram, to springboard the development of a blog and/or podcast.

Episode 441: What is Supplier Diversity and How It Impacts the Recipe Development/Food Photography Marketplace? with Rob Finkelstein

Rob Finkelstein teaches us about supplier diversity and its importance in the recipe development/food photography marketplace.