In this episode, Megan chats to Nadia Tariq about the transition from a food blogging hobbyist to business owner, highlighting key shifts in mindset, organization, and discipline.

We cover information about why a food blogger would decide to turn their blog into a business, how to recognize that pivotal moment and what changes you should make to prioritize your blog’s growth. 

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Guest Details

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Nadia is a computer science graduate, and x-project manager turned into a pastry chef. She holds a diploma from City and Guilds, various short courses on Bread and chocolate making, and cake decoration. Nadia has been creating customized themed cakes for over a decade as a home business creating beautiful cakes for friends and family.

Nadia is based in Riyadh, KSA, and is originally from Pakistan. She started blogging in 2009 as a means of sharing her recipes. It’s only recently she got serious about it and shockingly the entire blogging game has changed. Nadia is now working on her blog strategically in the quest to share her family recipes, Pakistani bakery, and street foods to get recognized on the face of the culinary world.


  • Recognize the Shift: You have to make the decision to turn your blog into a business, and start either part-time or full-time.
  • Invest in Learning: A crucial element is continuous learning and investing in resources like  podcasts and courses to enhance your skills in food photography, SEO, and content creation.
  • Listen to Audience Needs: By paying attention to audience feedback and trends, you can adapt your content strategy to meet the demands of your audience.
  • Effective Time Management: Use batching techniques to streamline your workflow and balance blogging with other responsibilities and sources of income (e.g. food photography for clients).
  • Discipline and Productivity: Motivation is unreliable, you need to be disciplined and work according to a plan.
  • Setting Up for Success: Set yourself up for success as a food blogger by being consistent, niching down, and taking a long-term approach.
  • Embrace Change and Exploration: Don’t be afraid of changing your path if you are no longer passionate about what you are doing.

Resources Mentioned

Savour – Chocolate & Patisserie School

KICA Academy – modern pastry classes

Cooking with Keywords – SEO

Sukaina Rajab Ali – Food Photography

Podcasts – EBT, Top Hat Rank, Food Blogger Pro, Eat Capture Share

Books – Chill and Prosper, 5AM Club, Atomic Habits, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari


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EBT518 – Nadia Tariq

Intro 00:00

Food bloggers. Hi, how are you today? Thank you so much for tuning in to the Eat Blog Talk podcast. This is the place for food bloggers to get information and inspiration to accelerate your blog’s growth, and ultimately help you to achieve your freedom. Whether that’s financial, personal, or professional. I’m Megan Porta. I have been a food blogger for 13 years, so I understand how isolating food blogging can be. I’m on a mission to motivate, inspire, and most importantly, let each and every food blogger, including you, know that you are heard and supported. 

Megan Porta  00:37

When you think back on your entire blogging journey, is there a point you can think of when it just became a business for you? I’ve noticed that a lot of food bloggers have a very specific point in time that they can say yes, this was the time when my blog became an actual business. Nadia Tariq from Bake Fresh joins me in this interview, and we talk about this very topic. She began her blog a really long time ago back in 2009. It was kind of an up and down hobby while she worked on some other things around when the pandemic hit, she decided to really focus in on it as a business. So she talks through a few different things that she did in order to make this her focus. She chats about resources and learning that really helped her along the way she talks about time management and organization. And most importantly, I think self-discipline and how she kept herself on track, so that she could keep accomplishing her goals. I was super inspired by this interview. Nadia and I operate in much the same way when it comes to discipline and habits and staying on track. I hope you are just as inspired by it. It is a great episode it is number 518 sponsored by RankIQ. 

Sponsor  02:00

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Megan Porta  03:29

Nadia is a computer science graduate, x- project manager turned into pastry chef.

She holds a diploma from City and Guilds, various short courses on Bread and chocolate making, cake decoration. Nadia has been creating customized themed cakes for over a decade as a home business creating beautiful cakes for friends and family.

Nadia is based in Riyadh, KSA and originally from Pakistan. She started blogging in 2009 as a means for sharing her recipes. Its only recently she has gotten serious about it and shockingly the entire blogging game has changed.

Nadia is now working on her blog strategically in the quest to share her family recipes, Pakistani bakery and street foods to get recognized on the face of the culinary world.

She is also working as a food photographer which was her long lost passion to generate some extra cash which was not possible earlier due to raising young family. Nadia conducts online and in person baking classes for enthusiasts as well. Currently Nadia is working on streamlining her business and working with a VA along with some serious SEO work.

Megan Porta  04:34

Well, hello, Nadia. Thank you for joining me on Eat BlogTalk. How are you today?

Nadia Tariq  04:39

Hey Megan, I’m very well. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me over here. 

Megan Porta  04:43

My pleasure. It’s so great to talk to you and I love this topic every time we talk about it. Guests have such different perspectives on this. So blogging for business and getting to that point where you approach your food blog as an actual business. I love it. But before we get into With that, do you want to share a fun fact with us? 

Nadia Tariq  05:03

Yeah, sure. So there are two actually, I would like to share, although I’m basically a dessert and baking blogger, but I can cook the Pakistani food really well. But I find it really elaborate and a cumbersome to share with all the ingredients because there’s so many ingredients involved in this one career, one pot meal, where I can cook really well, because my family is hardcore, traditional food eater. So but I have not really blogged about it. I’m still, you know, maybe some year.

Megan Porta  05:35

 A niche blog, a second blog.

Nadia Tariq  05:37

Yes. And each blog for sure. And also, I’m very, very meticulous planner. And I sometimes laugh when I’m writing actually, that I even write down, which laundry will go which day, so. So I sometimes laugh at myself that if somebody sees me writing down the laundry days as well, specifically for every person in the house, so yeah, but I really like that way. It drives me insane.

Megan Porta  06:09

Oh my gosh, I love that. Do you ever get thrown off like you miss a day and then you have to like, scratch it all and restart and plan again?

Nadia Tariq  06:17

From my experience, the planning part, I think we should take it with a bit of flexibility. And that is the key to success. So if there are some, for example, if my daughter needs something tomorrow for her college, so maybe we can do a flexibility sort of thing. Okay, you do it today, and I’ll do it exchange and so on. But initially, I have some data that I don’t have to decide then in there. I don’t want to think about it a lot. And I want to get it done and dusted right away. Right from the start today. So that’s what I think, you know, when it gets, you know, linger on then it’s, it’s on your head all the time. So yeah. 

Megan Porta  06:54

So when, last night I had this, it was nine o’clock. And I have a semi plan about laundry but probably not like you. Nine o’clock both of my boys are like, Mom, I need this uniform washed. And in my closet by tomorrow morning. I was like, Are you kidding me? And then my other son was like, I have six sweatshirts that need to be washed. And I’d like to have them ready in the morning. I’m like, this is ridiculous. You’re giving me a one hour turnaround. It’s not cool. So how do you deal with that? Are you do you just say nope, sorry? Or do you fit it in.

Nadia Tariq  07:28

Depending upon the situation, for example, if my daughter is in med school, so if she needs scrubs right away, like it’s really important, I know that so that will be that will be on a priority list. I’ll do it. But I’ll want it for the next time. You know, you should be doing it on your own. But if it’s not that case, not the case, then I will just let it go and wait for them to take responsibility, you know,

Megan Porta  07:48

Okay, I need you in my house. Nadia, come over, please. You can tell my kids that I love it. I love knowing that about you too. And this kind of fits in with the topic just planning is essential for food blogging as a business, right. So important. Okay, so tell us a little bit about your blog, if you want to give us just a brief history of it. Sure. 

Nadia Tariq  08:07

So basically, I have worked as a project manager before I was a trailing spouse to good my husband who moved to Middle East Saudi for his job. And I was, it was my first year of marriage as well, I had a little baby. And I found a couple of jobs in my field, like in computer sciences. But then I realized that leaving her with daycare, and at that time to daycare was not a very good option. There were not a lot of festivities over here. So I said okay, let’s try to do something at home. And that the baking passion which was there since my childhood, because my aunt and my mother used to bake a lot. And they used to do decorated cakes and in 1980s for example, like when I was growing up. Yeah, so I had seen the train cake and decorate it form and you know, the heart shape and the duck shape and all sorts of things. So I said let’s you know, just try to start something predict baking and cake decoration. And thankfully, it just took off really well. And I ran the business from home for about 12 to 13 years. I started in 2010. So meanwhile, while I was doing my cakes as well, I was just sharing my recipes just you know casually how the Blogspot days were. I was just sharing all the recipes. We were asked for something I just used to post it with a lot of daily life routine as well. But then after 2000 for example, I think it was pandemic when it started that you know I’ll get back to the blog and everything had changed. Like it has completely flipped. There was no more Blogspot and then there was a WordPress and everything. They had, the photography, the format, everything had changed. So I said, now if I want to get back to it, I should be taking it more seriously. So that’s when I started to look into a read about it. Top Hat Rank and your blog, your podcasts, the Food Blogger Pro, took a membership have couple of courses and you know forums. And right now I’m at it now.

Megan Porta  10:08

Yeah, I love your perspective. And that’s really interesting because as someone who was kind of in it, you know, before the pandemic during and after I didn’t see that big of a change, but I can see where you’re coming from where if you took a little break, and then you came back with a new perspective, and you were like, Oh, this is really different. I need to really hone in on my skills and my learning, right?

Nadia Tariq  10:31

yes. I wrote my first blog post, I think in 2009. Wow. Yes. 

Megan Porta  10:38

Oh, my gosh. So how much content do you have if you started that long ago. 

Nadia Tariq  10:44

Unfortunately, during this time, I was posting on and off, but not very regularly. And this was because the reason that I was running at home business faster, my escape CMP exam was very time taking, I was learning it as well doing courses here and there. And then I was raising a young young family. So my kids were really small. So I had like, no time to block consistently. But it was always and it is still a very passion project of mine. I would not say that from the monetary perspective. But yes, of course, now the investment is bigger than before, everything you have to pay for the for good host for the courses for everything, you know, so now taking started to take it more seriously from the monetary point of view, but it still remains a passion project, I want to document all my recipes, my family recipe, especially coming from the from the family who has been making for a long time. And we we used to like enjoy it as a as a child. So I want to document everything from that perspective. And also to put a good name of my own country from where I am Pakistan, I want to be able to represent it and share all the recipes that are traditional and that are cultural to our, our heritage and our country. So that is one of my targets and goals for this blog.

Megan Porta  12:05

I love that it remains a passion project for you. That’s something that a lot of people lose, they feel like after time, but how cool that this is still something that you’re really passionate about. I think that’s a huge blessing. That’s awesome. Yeah. Okay, so when you decided, okay, this is the time I have to see this blog as a business. You mentioned that you had some learning that you dug into some resources. What else did you shift to view it as a business at that point, right.

Nadia Tariq  12:33

So I took membership of Food Blogger Pro, initially, I got the hang of it a bit, how The Pinch of Yum shares everything we all know. So I started to get the hang of it. And then I started to listen to all the podcasts were religiously. Funny enough that when I was working as a project manager, I had done keyword research, I was doing copywriting as well. So back in the day, like in 2008, and seven, there was the start of the keyword search and search engine optimization and everything. So I had an idea. But for the food blog, specifically, I thought that I have to master the food photography part because that is one of the major components of food blogging, and see if you can do it yourself. That that’s one of the biggest advantage and in terms of time management in terms of workflow, it can help a lot. And I already had the DSLR then I upgraded it to mirrorless. I took a course online, it was a masterclass sort of thing. I learned everything photography, I tried to learn SEO. And recently I have taken the course by keyword Cooking with Keywords by Erika. So it is also one of the game changes. So I have done it once. Now I’m revising it again, so that I can you know, create my own content calendar, which is keyword optimized, and is search engine friendly. So these are the two things that I would say, everybody who’s listening might want to start. 

Megan Porta  12:34

Yeah, everything you mentioned is either something I myself have taken or I’ve heard others take it and they’re very pleased with it Cooking with Keywords. I didn’t take that course. But I’ve heard so many people say that it was a game changer, food photography, learning about SEO and keyword research. Listening to all the podcasts, there’s so much free resources available, right, that will really help move you forward. Super smart of you to just know that you needed to dig into that. Is there anything else learning wise or resource wise that you wanted to mention?

Nadia Tariq  14:34

I think that’s it for the for the pillars of okay, blogging or you want to build it, right.

Megan Porta  14:40

Yeah. And so beyond resources and learning, what other things did you do differently once you started the business?

Nadia Tariq  14:49

I think listening to people is very important, what people are actually asking for, for example, I made some YouTube videos as well. I think I have hundredish videos on my YouTube channel as well. And one of the most popular video is how to host a stress free party or a brunch. So that is one of the best is still it does really well, although there are there are all recipes. But this one, particularly because I’m sharing top 10 tips on how to host a stress free partly because I’m myself is a big fan of hosting and hosting in a stress free manner or not to drain myself out and everything. So that is one of the yeah, so I listened very keenly how people want to get the information, they want more time management, for example, our religious month Ramadan, it’s very heavy in terms of work, you need to put it. So if the kitchen part is sorted out, so it can, it can be a lot of time. So that I did, it was a free download will guide sort of thing. And then there was kids lunchbox, ideas with 10 recipes, which I usually make for my kids as well. So these are the things that I tried to incorporate as a free download. And then I can build my email list as well, while doing so.

Megan Porta  16:05

That is so smart. And something that we don’t listen to a lot of the time, we’re like, oh, that video is doing really well. Great. And then we just keep doing our own thing speaking for myself here. So I love that you listen in or you just acknowledge that this is what they’re coming for, and then continuing to deliver that now. If you notice on YouTube, for example, that a certain video was doing well, like you mentioned, do you kind of apply that all around and start delivering that on every platform?

Nadia Tariq  16:33

Yes, I try actually. But you know, Instagram sadly, is not one of my favorites. I’m not a I’m not a kind of person who is present on stories and you know, can post with a lot of enthusiasm every day, but making a content calendar and planning out your social media calendar as well. That is that is something which I am really working on. And I should maybe one fine day I should sit down once we plan all the content for the social media, because you can reuse a lot of content you can take some clips from the YouTube videos, you can post them as shots as integral reuse as the from the newsletter, you can take some tips posted as carousel. So there’s a lot of things that you can do without burning yourself out. But that needs a little bit of more planning and more strategy, to be honest. So yeah, that’s what I’m working on the content calendar and the social media calendar should be in place I feel for every quarter.

Megan Porta  17:32

I so appreciate that. 

Sponsor  17:35

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Megan Porta  18:34

It can seem intimidating, I think for some people, do you have encouragement or recommendations for how not to make it super intimidating?

Nadia Tariq  18:42

I think a lot of times make and if you see my Instagram page as well, some of the day raw footage, you know very bad voiceover and not a very well defined and everything it does really well. I think that’s the kind of thing we should, you know, focus on that just put it out there, it should be helpful, it should make some I should not be like adding noise to the already existing stuff, it should be somewhat helpful to at least a couple of people from your target audience. If that is how you do it, I think you can make an impact, you can at least you know, create an database of your own good stuff. So we don’t need to be very refined, I feel at least on social media, the fast moving social media apps.

Megan Porta  19:27

I love what you said about don’t add noise. So just using that approach with everything you create, just adding value and yeah, just kind of what you saw. You saw that people were showing up for a certain type of thing and then adding value through those things that have kind of social proof right? 

Nadia Tariq  19:46

And I think I heard someone saying that you know, you cannot make you cannot change the world all at once. Just target at one person. If you can change his or her life, with your ideas with your content. And then that’s enough. So yeah.

Megan Porta  20:03

That’s a good one. And then you kind of touched on this. But there is a trend, I think, where you don’t have to show up perfect anymore. It used to be more polished and perfect. And now it’s okay to show up real and to maybe include your messes or include a backstory about how you created this recipe and how messy it was or whatever. Like, I think that is accepted more and more. Do you agree with that? 

Nadia Tariq  20:28

Yes, definitely. Like once I shared a story on what happens to my kitchen after I’m done making and decorating a cake, and the sink is full of butter cream sort of dishes, and everything is messed up. But it was so well received, people actually sent a lot of questions that how do you do this? How do you do that? How do you minimize this? How do you time manage and deliver on time and a lot of these things? So these are the questions I think we should pay attention to and try to answer it through our content. That’s what I feel with work.

Megan Porta  20:59

And love that. So there’s a lot going on in the food blogging business, as you know, and everyone knows listening, how do you manage your time?

Nadia Tariq  21:07

Basically, what I do is for two days, I work completely on my blog post. So if I have to write something, if I have to do all kinds of work that is that can be done on the laptop, right, so the desk part writing, email, editing, pictures, all that sort of thing. And then two days, I will try out the recipes make them usually the recipes have been tried out a couple of times before that. So I will make the recipe I will shoot it, I’ll try to take a short clip video if it’s required. And then I’ll try to edit and everything. So today’s students, I try to batch process out how much I can and then the fifth day, it’s for all social media things. So I will schedule it for Instagram for Facebook, my Facebook groups, I will finalize the newsletter send it out. So that’s how I try to manage and I’m breaking it down into because I had a brief call with arson from top hat. And he suggested that you should split your content pockets into 50/50 for the new post and 50% for the old posts, because my blog is like really old. So some of the old posts needs good overhaul. So that’s how I try to do that. 50% is at least one blog post per week, a new one, one blog post that should be updated. And then there is one non recipe blog post. So three blog post, I try to target every week. So that’s how I yeah.

Megan Porta  22:34

I like how you break that down. I think that’s a smart breakdown. And the, the way you break down your days is so cool, too. There’s, I always say that batching, like you do is hold so much power, because you get into that flow. Like if you’re sitting at your computer, it just works, you can go all day. And for me anyway, like I just flow with it. But if I were to sit down for an hour, and then get up and make a recipe and photograph like it just wouldn’t work for me. 

Megan Porta  23:01

Yeah. But then there are some days when there is a photography assignment. For example, I do a part time restaurant shoot, or some bloggers if there is a recipe for the shoot or development. So I will, you know, keep a buffer, slight buffer in which I can do a very quick, easy recipe for the blog, and then dedicate the other day, the second part of the week, you know, to the to the assignment or if there is a cake order for the decorated cake orders then I can do that. If I can classes also at my home, sometimes it’s an online sometimes it’s in person, so that I have to plan for a couple of hours a week. So I try to manage all the things I know it’s too much. And it’s very funny that I think this is one of the my weaknesses that I cannot hyper focus on one thing like not only food photography, no, not only blog, I have to juggle a lot of things. And I think it’s coming from an ex-project manager, I really can’t do much about it.

Megan Porta  23:59

I’m in the same boat. I’ve always been that way to like why can’t I just do one thing and be okay with that. But I feel like I have to have everything going on at once.

Nadia Tariq  24:10

Yeah, but it sucks a lot of energy, like you should like really pay attention to your physical, mental and emotional well being. In order to carry out all this.

Megan Porta  24:19

It is so true. I always say this. I feel like I expend more energy than a lot of people because of that, because I’m not only focused on different projects and avenues but also that I’m always I’m so passionate about, about each one that I’m thinking about them all the time, even at 3am so much.

Nadia Tariq  24:39

And some of the ideas you know, they’re there when you don’t have any phone, any pencil paper, anything.

Megan Porta  24:46

I know because I refuse to get up at 3am and write down ideas and like no, I should be sleeping, but then that’s where some of the good ideas come from. So maybe I should. So everything you’re saying takes quite a bit of discipline. I Think because one of the main pain points I hear in our space is productivity. How do I stay on task? How do I stay disciplined enough to actually follow through with all of this stuff? So do you have any tips on that? Yes.

Nadia Tariq  25:12

And that came from someone I heard saying that you cannot rely on motivation, motivation comes and go. And you cannot wait for the motivation to come and then start working. You have to rely, I think it’s from Atomic Habits – one of the best books, we have amazing tips. Yep. So I think he mentioned James there mentioned that you can’t rely on motivation, you have to put in discipline, you have to work whether you like it or not, when you have made a plan when you have made a plan. So like, like they say that dreams without goals without any plan are just dreams. So I think that’s so true that you can dream a lot of things, but the to implement it to put it into action, then you can only reach those goals. So I’ve recently started habit stacking. That’s also from James Clear. And I’ve just, for example, I’m going to pick up my younger one from the school. So it is a seven minute ride. So I tried to do face yoga meanwhile, so I hope nobody’s watching.

Megan Porta  26:12

Yes. Oh my gosh, I just learned face yoga.


That’s so funny. Yes. So I try to do that. Yeah. And then from if I’m doing some other chore, then I will try to listen to a spiritual podcast, for example. And then at night, I would like to read at least five pages no matter what if I liked the book, or I don’t like but I will read five pages. So I think if you put on this habit tracker sort of thing, there are so many printables available, you can download, or you can use your phone to track it. And at the end of the day, you it’s very nice to tick all the boxes. So I think this is one of the things you can do to stay focused, because it’s so easy to waste time, especially with these gadgets and you know distraction. 

Megan Porta  26:57

Nadia, I feel like you and I operate very similarly. This is so funny hearing your talk because I do. I mean, I do love Atomic Habits. I know I talk about that a lot. But I do habit stacking all the time, I just added face yoga to my habit stacking. That’s so funny that you said that I discovered it on vacation a few weeks ago, and I’m like, Oh my gosh, that makes sense. I’m gonna try this. So I’ve been doing that and then started habit stacking that in the mornings with a little bit of creative time. And like you said, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Like some mornings, I literally sit down for two minutes and draw. That’s it. And that fulfills my creative need some days, it’s 30 minutes or 60 minutes, but just as long as you are doing something. And then once you’ve got it, you can stack on top of it. All kinds of things and not have it take up your whole day. 

Nadia Tariq  27:47

Yes, that like there is one amazing podcast, Rangan Chatterjee. And he says that he always does. When his coffee is brewing, there are five minutes. So he does the strength training. He says that everybody loves that, you know, for five minutes, what do you do in strength training, but he says that it’s add up to 35 minutes at the end of the week. And that’s, that’s something I’m trying and you know, and making it easier by keeping my kettlebells and dumbbells next to my coffee station. So you know, these are all little things which you should be should be doing it. And it’s for myself, I tell myself that I should be disciplined, I should be consistent to demonstrate to my kids because they are growing up in an age which which is full of expectations, unrealistic things, there’s so much fake and you know, there’s so much fakeness going on. So I think we at home can do something, which is a very good example for them as well.

Megan Porta  28:45

And those little bits really do matter. And they add up not just with time, but like you said, with your kids and people who are watching you. It might not seem like they’re watching or noticing, but they totally are. So these little habits really make a difference on them too. I think. Any other advice for people just wanting to see their blog is more of a business? Yeah.

Nadia Tariq  29:08

So first, you decide that if you want to take it full time, or if you want to take a part time, I assume that most people would start part time until, until it’s it’s monetized in some way or the other by working with other bloggers for them for the recipe development for the food photography or by ad network or anything. But what you should do is being consistent is the key that I’m also practicing. I have recently started like from 2023 summer, I actually sat down and I said that I will give it a couple of years. I will see how it goes. And then I will shift from my direction or anything. So it’s a long game. We have heard it so many times but when it comes to us, it’s very difficult to apply to ourselves. But it is for sure a long game and you see results like when I post consistently with good format. And niching down is also one of the very important things like I’m very passionate about baking, I really like to bake primarily. But I’m recently focusing on Pakistani desserts, Pakistani snacks, street food, bakery items, there’s so many things. And because this is not a very saturated niche, it’s a niche within a niche base. So I feel that I’m getting more traction in that. And some of my top 10 posts are from the Pakistani deserts. And though they are not very well written, and they are a little bit old, but still, they’re doing well, because I think maybe if you’re in my blog, if you’re in first two pages of Google, so I think niching down consistency and the long game, I think these are three tips for anybody who’s starting out. 

Megan Porta  30:47

Such great advice, if you can stick with those, you are setting yourself up for success, big time. I totally agree with that. And I think that a lot of bloggers are hoping to see their blogs more of a business now. And I just think we’re getting more serious and feeling more serious in our space, right? So I think this is a really relevant and important topic. So thank you, is there anything we’ve missed before we start saying goodbye Nadia.

Nadia Tariq 31:12

I think we are good. It’s something that I just wanted to share that don’t be afraid to change your path. Like I have been doing customized theme cake for like 12 or 13 years. But now I feel that it’s not that I know everything. But it’s just that I’m not having the same spark that I used to have for the customized cakes, it’s maybe it’s just a ceiling. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, or I have done it all. Sure, there are so many things that I can do. But I want to explore other avenues. So don’t be afraid to change course, like this is the third, I think this will be my third venture after being a project manager and then that cake decorator and now a full time food blogger, and teacher, for example. So don’t be afraid to change the course you this. Nothing is set in stone. So if you feel like doing something, maybe you can take calculated risk, and try for some time, seek out help. There’s so many amazing people out there. I remember I even emailed you once that I should continue doing it or not. And he replied so sweetly. And I think I mailed a couple of other people as well in the same industry. And everybody replied, So reach out to people talk to them. 

Megan Porta  32:10

And I do love it when people reach out. I love that. Because I think if the passion is there, definitely keep doing it. But I’m aligned with you and audio where you don’t have to have everything written in stone, it doesn’t. Just because you’re a food blogger now doesn’t mean you need to keep being a food blogger for the rest of your life. That can change course it can look different. You can write be a cookbook author. I mean, there’s so many other things that can turn into. So just being open, I think is your message. I love it. 

Nadia Tariq  33:01

Yeah. And which reminds me that you should explore the digital product course as well. Like there’s so many things that you can give as a freebie as free downloads, and then maybe some more high end and valuable products, digital products, or maybe have your own merchandise, there’s so many options to explore. And I think they were worth exploring whatever your heart says you should go in that direction because ultimately the contentment and the thing that comes with the passion will really go a long way. 

Megan Porta  33:29

So agree, love this message. And I think we should hang out sometime and do our face yoga together.

Nadia Tariq  33:36

Yes, and I shared a couple of resources with you if you need resources.

Megan Porta  33:41

Awesome. Thank you so much for being here. I really enjoyed this conversation. Do you have a favorite quote Nadia to end on or words of inspiration in addition to everything you’ve shared? 

Megan Porta  33:51

Yeah, I often like I’m really a big fan of reading good quotes and words of inspiration and that sometimes can make your day from nothing to everything and you end up being a great sport that day. So there is one quote which is from Allama Muhammad Iqbal and either a famous boy from Pakistan and he says that failure is not fatal until we surrender. Trying again is the key of glorious victory.

Megan Porta  34:17

Oh, that’s so good. I love that. That’s amazing. And I love that you are a quote person too. 

Nadia Tariq  34:24

Thank you. Thank you. 

Megan Porta  34:25

Well, what a great way to end we’ll put together a show notes page for you Nadia, if you want to go peek at those you can head to Tell everyone where they can find you Nadia? 

Nadia Tariq  34:39

Yes, so basically my website and my blog is and bakefresh_ by Instagram. Nadiabakefresh is YouTube. If you Google it with some recipe name, you will be able to find me and there is a free download section on my website and you can download some cool guides for yourself. And yeah.

Megan Porta  35:01

Wwesome everyone go check out Nadia’s content. Thanks again so much for being here and thank you for listening food bloggers. I will see you next time. 

Outro  35:12

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Eat Blog Talk. Please share this episode with a friend who would benefit from tuning in. I will see you next time.

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