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Posts published in “Email”

Strategy and tips for using email as a food blogger.

Episode 491: How to Write Authentic Newsletters to Grow Engaged Email Subscribers & Increase Your Open Rate with Jacqueline Debono

Jacqueline Debono teaches us how to grow an engaged audience of email subscribers by sending authentic newsletters.

Episode 480: Email Marketing Simplified for Your Business (+How to Reframe the Way You Think About Email) with Liz Wilcox

Liz Wilcox teaches us simple, yet effective email marketing strategies, including how we can streamline the writing process and be relatable.

Episode 341: Strategies to Segment your Email List (+ Why this Converts Subscribers More Easily) with Allea Grummert

Allea Grummert teaches us how to segment our email subscribers so that we can send tailored content and get higher conversion rates.

Episode 326: Get an Extra 1000 Clicks to your Website – Tips to Grow your List and Keep them Engaged with Monica Davis

Megan chats with Monica Davis who teaches us how to use our niche to rapidly grow our email list and make them feel valued.

Episode 287: 5 Mistakes Food Bloggers Make with Email Marketing with Amy Katz

In episode 287, Megan chats with Amy Katz, blogger behind Veggies Save the Day, about something you might be underutilizing but’s available right at your fingertips: EMAIL. We cover information about why you’re making it…

Episode 281: Gain Hundreds of Email Subscribers in 5 Days or Less by Hosting a Free Bundle with Cate Brubaker

Megan talks with Cate Brubaker about how she turned her side hustle blog into a full-time income by growing her email list quickly.