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Episode 114: The Importance of Building An Email List With Matt Molen

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About: Matt Molen is the CEO of Email Crush. He is the creator of Email on Autopilot (, the premiere course for content creators that want to transform their email newsletter into their most powerful marketing tools.In addition to the course, Matt provides one-on-one consulting & personal coaching to some of the world’s top bloggers. Personally, Matt enjoys quiet walks on the beach, has a deep rooted fear of frogs, and secretly dreams of one day stealing Pat Sajak’s job.

Notes from Episode #114: The importance of growing an email list to market yourself to your audience.

  • Fun fact: Matt knows how to get you on Wheel of Fortune. There’s a formula – it’s been 9 years since he’s been on himself – but you can email him if you’re interested in tapping into this information!
  • A food blogger has so many things to worry about beyond content creation. Photography, writing, SEO, marketing, etc. Email tends to go to the back burner because of this.
  • Your email thing list is something you own. Most things you don’t control – algorithms, social media changes, Brand partnerships, etc. 
    • Traffic can be transitory
    • You can work on engagement that is unlike any other method out there. It’s an intimate thing to have someone’s email.  
    • All they have to do is reply to get a hold of you.
    • Email is fantastic for brand building. Email engagement sets you apart with your audience. You have the ability to communicate with your audience to solve their problems over and over. You can tell them why you are set apart from other food bloggers too! 
    • Automation can help you tell your story in a unique way. 
    • You can actually use email to create super fans over time. This is through the power of email automation so you can create a journey for the readers in a way that most aren’t doing. 
  • Getting started
    • Don’t let this be the one thing you did that one time with that one guy
    • Your trading something of value for an email address (opt ins, lead magnets, printables, courses, checklists, etc)
    • What promise are you offering to someone who signs up with their email? It’s important to analyze this.
  • Assess what you are offering as value to the person coming to your site. You must show you can solve a reader’s problem. Offer that in exchange for their email address. The more subscribers you convert to your email list, whether you are a big or small blog, the more subscribers you’ll drive traffic back to your site which will increase authority and branding for you.
  • Matt’s Technique – this is actionable! Create a Quick start guide with something that solves a problem. What can you say to them to get them to request your QSG – with 3 actionable steps. Separate each actionable step into 1 email per day to your reader. Outline 1 solution by sending them to a page on your site, which helps to drive traffic.
    • Don’t overthink it!
    • Think of something broad to use to get started and you can hone in on something specific for the next round. 
    • Use your traffic analytics to help you decide what information to share. 
    • Come up with a snappy title and put it out there.
    • You can do another email series to perfect your skills with the next and the next. 
    • This gives you the momentum you need to grow as you take the next step, one foot in front of the other.
  • Matt offers his signature course for those interested in diving in to more information – Email On Autopilot
  • Matt is launching a course soon for $150 called Email Quickstart
    • Matt is looking for a couple of beta testers to do it for free in exchange for feedback. Email Matt if you want to participate with his help! 
  • Being relevant is necessary so the more opt-ins you have the better you’ll be to grow your list. You can turn on and off your quick starts so they can be used more than once and don’t get stale. 
  • Create your opt-ins, promote your opt-ins – FB groups, IG, get a food blogger buddy to help you, etc. 
  • Matt wants to paint a bigger picture – 
    • When you build a following, you have control of your business. 
    • What does this enable you to do when you have a following? 
    • It also opens up avenues. Sell sponsorships or ebooks! 
    • Use that audience to create custom audiences within so you can begin retargeting. 
  • Email lists are more than an insurance policy. 
  • Quote: Go fast, break stuff. ~unknown
    • It gives you permission to try and to fail, because in that process, you will learn or it’s led you to what you need to be doing or you’ve nailed it. 

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You can reach Matt – [email protected]

To participate in the beta test (for free!) of his new upcoming course, email Matt!

Email on Autopilot is Matt’s Signature course


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