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Eat Blog Talk is nearing its 2-month birthday! This episode briefly recaps each of the 21 episodes that have been published and main take-aways from each.

Going forward, EBT will publish episodes twice weekly – every Monday and Thursday.

Let us know what your biggest struggle is as a food blogger so we can help to improve your blogs, businesses and lives!

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Below you’ll find short one sentence overviews of the episodes and a small nugget of wisdom Megan hopes you’ll be intrigued enough to go listen to the whole episode!

  • Megan wants all of you food bloggers to know she has a HUGE amount of respect for each of you!

  • Megan has implemented so much of what EBT guests have shared into her own business so here’s some tidbits to highlight:

    • Ep 1 – The discussion about inter-dependence came up and its so true. Also, look into blue light blocking glasses!

    • Ep 2 – Educating your family about the blog being a business and a job is valuable.

    • Ep 3 – Rebranding is scary but good things are waiting on the other side.

    • Ep4 – This episode helped Megan re-open her mind to working with brands.

    • Ep 5 – After this discussion, Megan was reminded its so important to have a lot of grace for yourself!

    • Ep 6 – Here, Megan was sold on meal prepping because it = more time with family and for her business.

    • Ep 7 – Talking about Virtual Assistants, gave Megan a true appreciation for her own VA.

    • Ep 8 – This episode was so encouraging and loved the quote that Heather shares on your creativity and finding it and using it. Check it out!

    • Ep 9-  There’s a killer discount for a great photography class available in Elena’s show notes. Megan learned about color theory and is already applying this idea into her own photography.

    • Ep 10 – Creating a cookbook was shared and a great tip was to include recipe testing by other readers around the country to help you achieve your goal.

    • Ep 11 – Document everything little thing that could be a problem in a Word document, just in case and you’ll save yourself some headaches down the road.

    • Ep 12 – Killer planning skills allow a blogger to post daily content!

    • Ep 13 – Listen for great ways to make affordable back drops and not break the bank.

    • Ep 14 – Ask your audience to leave a comment to get a recipe on IG and then DM the information to them and personalize it. Helps with engagement!

    • Ep 15 – Schedule aggressively, know that you are capable of doing more than you think you can’

    • Ep 16 – Create a style guide for yourself and all of your platforms!

    • Ep 17 – Schema mark up is important in your recipe cards!

    • Ep 18 – Being a 1st grade teacher and a food blogger is inspiring! – read The One Thing! Great book recommendation made by this pro.

    • Ep 19 – Not comparing yourself to other food bloggers is so encouraging when you listen to this episode.

    • Ep 20 – Perfectionism seeps into our lives so easily so check out one food bloggers insight.

    • Ep 21 – Helps you realize the benefit of making connections with other food bloggers from this perspective of a food blogger.

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