My Personal Review of SEMrush: Tools and Features

As an entrepreneur wanting to dig into some really robust tools that could potentially help improve my website’s ranking with Google, I looked around for an all-encompassing tool that could launch me in a good direction. I quickly fell in love with SEMrush and the power of its features. We need facts in order to truly be informed about the health of our sites and SEMrush provides us with those facts!

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SEMrush is a powerful tool that offers SEO and keyword research solutions, as well as backlinking opportunities and competitive research for your online business.


SEMrush is meant for entrepreneurs who are wanting to reach new heights with their businesses, whether by growing traffic or reach or by getting a leg up on competition (or all of the above!). They offer the analytics you need to make huge strides.


This my FAVORITE tool within SEMrush. Simply type in a keyword and this tool will analyze Google’s top-ranked content based on the keyword. Based on this content, the tool offers ideas about how to put your own SEO-friendly content together. Recommendations include which keywords to use within a post, how many words to shoot for and how much interlinking to do. For all of my new blog content, I write my posts directly within this tool until I get a ranking I’m satisfied with then I paste it over to my blog.


The Keyword Magic Tool within SEMrush will help you find the best keywords to use to create your content. It allows you to discover keyword difficulty for each keyword and also to figure out whether or not you have a good chance to rank for any given keyword. You can also find which long-tail keywords you should go after, see what the average monthly search volume is for each keyword AND see which questions people are typing into Google relating to any keyword.


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SEMrush offers you to figure out how much of the audience your competitors share, monitor their marketing activities and strategies. In SEMrush Traffic Analytics you can learn the desktop vs mobile traffic ratio, unveil any website’s Traffic Sources, monitor and analyze TOP performing pages and check out GEO distribution.

You finally estimate the target audience you haven’t reached yet and find your new markets and niches.


One of my favorite features is having the ability to determine exactly what my competitors are up to. This feature is gold! Figure out which keywords your competitors are ranking for and see where your competitors are getting backlinks from. You can also keep track of competitors’ position ranking changes for specific keywords and how that compares to your own site. Also, track your own keywords while keeping an eye on competitors’ rankings with Google.


Having quality backlinks on your site is an important factor for ranking with Google. It’s like telling Google that you have really good friends. They like it when your friends are quality, so they reward you for it. It tells them that you are trustworthy and credible. Within SEMrush, you can get detailed information about the links that are coming to your site from other places. Through the backlink reports you can get all the information you’ll need to build a great strategy to get quality backlinks and also get rid of low-quality ones.


Within SEMrush you can easily check the health of your site by running a site audit with the click of a button! Discover errors, warnings and notices that may be bringing down the health of your site so you can work to fix them. This will increase your site’s health, which will help Google to see you more favorably.

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