Time is so very precious, especially for entrepreneurs who have mile-long to-do lists every single day. I find it fascinating to constantly find new ways to increase my level of productivity in my own business and life. Here is a list of the 8 tips that have completely changed my life.

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Planning is THE most important piece of the puzzle. Without a plan you cannot tap into your most productive self. Every night, plan the following day. Every week, plan the week ahead. Every month, review 1-month, 3-month and 6-month goals. Put all of the above on your calendar and place importance on making sure they happen. And speaking of calendars, you need one! Trello and Google Calendar are great options, or use a paper planner if that’s more your style.


Speed is a biggie! Consider your speed, yes, but also the speed of the equipment you use. Do you have a slow computer? Do you find that you’re often waiting on slow wifi? Do you fumble with a clunky mouse? If so, make changes! Look at yourself, as well. Are you a slow typist? Is there a certain task that takes you forevvvvver? Take courses. Upgrade equipment. Outsource. Learn keyboard shortcuts. And perhaps most importantly.. practice practice PRACTICE. The more you practice, the quicker you’ll be.


I love automation software like Zapier because it allows my work to get done with no effort on my end. Any possible task that can be automated? Should be automated. Here are a few tasks that can be automated and that (when added up) can save you a ton of time: social media scheduling, website traffic tracking, email replies, email welcome series, content organization and appointment scheduling.


Establishing healthy habits is such a huge piece of the productivity puzzle. Even establishing small habits can open up space in your life for more productivity. An example: If you have a morning routine that allows you to get a few important tasks out of the way (let’s say exercise and journaling), then you don’t spend a single second for the rest of your day thinking about those tasks. Therefore you open up mental space to be more productive.


I carry a few little secrets in my back pocket at ALL times:

  1. A list of Mindless Tasks

  2. A list of Backup Tasks

I tap into my Mindless Tasks list on days when I’m sick, feeling “off” or for whatever reason cannot focus on what my calendar is telling me I should be doing. I tap into my Backup Tasks list when I’m sitting in a waiting room or waiting in my car for my boys to get out of school. These lists help keep me moving along by providing a steady stream of tasks that need to get done.

Note #1: I bring my phone and computer with me everywhere I go.

Note #2: When overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to get done, I repeat the following to myself over and over: “Do one more thing.” Accomplishing something (even if it’s not on your calendar today) is better than accomplishing nothing.


Learning to say NO is a tough one, but a really important one. Especially for entrepreneurs, people tend to think that we only work for a couple hours a day. So friends and family members will ask to meet us for coffee at 10am or maybe to watch their kids or to run errands for them. Respect the work you need to get done by creating time for it and fiercely protecting that time. This will make a MASSIVE impact in the amount of work you will be able to produce.


Create a rewards-based system for yourself as if someone else were doing it for you. Make a list of things both big and small that you enjoy. Reward yourself for completing a project or for getting 8 hours of work accomplished by allowing yourself to indulge in the things on your list. Rewards that are huge motivators for me: 20-minutes naps, an afternoon coffee from Starbucks and a manicure/pedicure. This is also a great way to ensure you are adding some self-care items to your calendar. Which leads nicely to the next point..


Making time for self care is so important. Don’t discount it just because it is at the bottom of this list. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will burn out. And if you burn out, you won’t be reading lists about how to be productive. You’ll be reading lists about how to dig yourself out of depression. Create a JOY LIST for yourself. Write down all of the things that bring you joy. I’ll share a few of the items from my joy list: listening to Coldplay, sunrises and sunsets, sitting by a fire, the smell of something baking, a really good cup of coffee in the morning, a hot bubble bath with a good book at the end of the day. (<— just a sampling) I look over my list and I add to it often and I incorporate as many of the things I can from my list into my daily life. I schedule baths a few nights a week and I burn candles that smell like apple pie. And when I’m planning my weeks (step 1), I write self care into my schedule and treat it as a task that is even more important than all of my work tasks.

A YOU that is being well-cared for is a more productive YOU.

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