• Each Eat Blog Talk episode will detail a topic the guest is an expert in.

  • The guest will provide Megan 5-10 bullet points, which will outline the flow of the interview. See a sample guest submission below!

  • The goal is to focus on your area of expertise and provide incredible value to our listeners.

  • Each interview will range from 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Megan will guide you through your talking points during the interview.

  • This podcast episode will be a casual conversation with you and Megan.

  • You are able to provide any call to action you wish at the end of the show.

  • Megan will call you via Skype at the appointed time. Skype username: meganporta

  • This is an audio only interview! Pajamas allowed!


Short bio: Megan Porta founded Pip & Ebby in 2010 as an outlet to share her favorite recipes and connect with others who love to cook. Today, the beloved blog houses hundreds of delicious and dependable recipes for anyone who likes to eat good food. Megan is also the author of a cookbook, Cookie Remix, featuring classic cookie recipes with a creative twist. She strives to make mealtime easier for everyone as they gather together around the table.

Topic idea: 5 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Blogging Biz That Are Overlooked and Underrated

Bullet Points:

  • Gratitude. Starting your day with gratitude is so underrated! Sit with your gratitude journal (or in quiet meditation) for 5 minutes every morning and your life will transform before your eyes.
  • Boundaries. Setting boundaries with people, time and projects can transform your life and business. I’ll talk about the 5 boundaries you can set starting today.
  • Time management. Our most precious asset is time and we need to approach it with intentionality. Time logging can make a world of difference in helping you realize where you are and are not spending your time.
  • Focusing on the gain. The book The Gap and the Gain (Dan Sullivan) changed the way I approached my life and business. I can talk through a few key points from the book.
  • Evaluate what has worked and do more of that. Success leaves clues! Look back at the ways you’ve produced revenue, made connections, gotten traffic or subscribers, and do more of that!

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