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Interview Flow


  • Each Eat Blog Talk episode will detail a topic the guest is an expert in.

  • The guest will provide Megan 5-10 bullet points, which will outline the flow of the interview. See a sample guest submission below!

  • The goal is to focus on your area of expertise and provide incredible value to our listeners. Click here for a list of topic ideas!

  • Each interview will range from 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Megan will guide you through your bullet points.

  • This podcast episode will be a conversation with you and Megan.

  • You are able to provide any call to action you wish at the end of the show.

  • Megan will call you via Skype at the appointed time. Skype username: meganporta

  • This is an audio only interview! Pajamas allowed!


Short bio: I have been a food blogger for 9 years at Pip and Ebby. After years of getting one or two new posts up per week with TONS of effort, I have figured out a way to post new content on my blog every other day in 20 hours/week or less, with 95% of the posts containing video.

Topic idea: Create 182 new recipe posts in a calendar year with 20-hour work weeks, with Megan Porta of

Bullet Points:

  • For the first 8 years of food blogging it was a constant struggle to get 2 new posts up per week. I saw other bloggers doing so much more and wondered what I was doing wrong.

  • Finally had clarity and resolve to make massive changes.

  • Period of reflection about habits and lack of routine/structure, both in and out of work.

  • Starting exercising regularly (5x/week) and didn’t stray. Established a morning routine and didn’t stray. Began planning ahead (something I’d NEVER done before). With work I started with small tasks like what I would make for recipes the following week. Over time I scheduled out 2 weeks in advance. Then 3, then 4, then I had recipes planned every other day months ahead of time.

  • Having a calendar that spelled out what was coming allowed me to prepare much more effectively. I began batching my work. An entire day of making recipes, an entire day of photo editing, etc.

  • I knew I wanted to create a recipe video for most of my new posts and knew this wouldn’t be feasible on my own, so I hired a contractor to come to my home once/week to film recipes that I was making/photographing that week. She also edits and delivers final videos, so everything video-related was suddenly cleared from my slate.

  • I recognized a BIG task that was not one of my favorite things to do (video) and figured out a way to outsource it to accommodate my schedule.

  • Current weekly schedule for new content: Monday – 5 hours making and photographing recipes (filming gets done during this time, too); Tuesday – 5 hours photo editing; Wednesday – 5 hours writing/SEO tweaking; Thursday – 5 hours recipe writing and planning.

  • This schedule never would have come together without big core changes in my life, both with personal and business.


Megan started her food blog Pip and Ebby in 2010 and food blogging has been her full-time career since 2013. Her passion for blogging has grown into an intense desire to help fellow food bloggers find the information, insight, and community they need in order to find success.

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