We cover information about embracing vulnerability, being courageous, the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive people and learning from others to succeed as a food content creator.

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Teri-Ann is a Toronto native renowned for her culinary creations and photography skills. Formerly a high-end restaurant manager grappling with addiction, she chose a different path, traveling solo and becoming a certified yoga instructor. Now settled in Toronto with her hubby and their two cats, Teri-Ann focuses on recipe development and photography, while also teaching yoga. Her journey to sobriety fuels her determination for future endeavors.


  • Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help: Everybody who seems successful, probably has help. It may seem scary, but asking for help will be a game-changer for your life and business.
  • How to Ask for Help: Start by approaching friends or colleagues to make it less intimidating.
  • Start Small When Looking for Help: Ask students for help if your budget is limited – look for someone who is aligned with your values.
  • Release Control and Surrender to the Process: By releasing control, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business and doing what you love most.
  • Tap into Your Community on Instagram: Make connections on Instagram or your favorite social media platform. Normally, people are eager to help others.
  • Invite More Good Things Into Your Life: By reaching out to others and thereby building your network, you’re opening up the door for more good things to happen.


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EBT534 – Teri-Ann Carty

Intro 00:00

Food bloggers. Hi, how are you today? Thank you so much for tuning in to the Eat Blog Talk podcast. This is the place for food bloggers to get information and inspiration to accelerate your blog’s growth, and ultimately help you to achieve your freedom. Whether that’s financial, personal, or professional. I’m Megan Porta. I have been a food blogger for 13 years, so I understand how isolating food blogging can be. I’m on a mission to motivate, inspire, and most importantly, let each and every food blogger, including you, know that you are heard and supported. 

Megan Porta  00:37

Do you feel like it’s easy or hard to ask for help when it comes to your business? Teri-Ann Carty joins me in this episode. She is from it terianncartycarty.com. She is an amazing food blogger with mad photography skills, and she has a really inspiring story to share as well. In this interview, Terry talks about how she got to the point where she knew she needed to start asking for help not just in her life, but with her food blog as well and how this opened up the doors for so many good things to come in. It can be a really scary thing to ask for help and to know even where to start with it. Having the courage to do it in the first place is going to be what you need to set good things in motion. This is the basis for our entire conversation. Teri-Ann is extremely inspiring. You are going to love this episode. It is number 534 sponsored by Rank IQ. 

Sponsor  01:30

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Megan Porta  03:02

Teri-Ann is a Toronto native renowned for her culinary creations and photography skills. Formerly a high-end restaurant manager grappling with addiction, she chose a different path, traveling solo and becoming a certified yoga instructor. Now settled in Toronto with her hubby and their two cats, Teri-Ann focuses on recipe development and photography, while also teaching yoga. Her journey to sobriety fuels her determination for future endeavors.

Megan Porta  03:29

Well, hello Teri-Ann, thank you so much for joining me on Eat BlogTalk today how are you?

Teri-Ann Carty  03:34

I’m so good. Megan, how are you?

Megan Porta  03:37

I’m good to having a good start to the day. We’re gonna talk about giving yourself permission to ask for help as a food blogger, which I think is such an important and relevant topic. But first, before we get into that, do you have a fun fact to share? 

Teri-Ann Carty  03:53

Well, I actually had to and my husband was saying that I should share the first one so I’m going to share that my fun fact is that I’m actually from a very very very small town, not even a town it was called a hollow so my my yeah, the first place that I was I ever remember being was in a place called Plumb Hollow. It had three houses a cheese factory and a witch.

Megan Porta  04:23

You have got to be kidding. 

Teri-Ann Carty  04:25

No, I am not kidding. She was written about in the history books and that that was something that we were told when we were very little apparently she was very, very real and it kept us inside our house. I can tell you that.

Megan Porta  04:39

My no cheese factory cheese factory. Where is this place?

Teri-Ann Carty  04:43

It is a very small hollow a very small place outside of Athens Ontario, which again is it’s a village so it is a hollow outside of a village in a very small area in eastern Ontario. So club Plumb Hollow for any of my Plum Hollowians.

Megan Porta  05:04

That is the most I’ve laughed at a fun fact ever. I think that’s the coolest thing. Plum Hallow, who in the world can say they’re from? Plum hollow? Well, Tyrion, you can’t apparently. But that’s so funny. We had a town near where I grew up in rural Iowa. That sounds very similar, but it’s not nearly as cool. I don’t even remember the name of the town, but it had like, the population was like 18 people or something like that. And we used to make fun of it all the time. Like, ooh, the populations growing.

Teri-Ann Carty  05:34

Yeah, exactly. We’re gonna have to change the sign.

Megan Porta  05:37

Right? Exactly. 

Teri-Ann Carty  05:39

Well, the Plump Hollow cheese factory was amazing. It had the best, best fresh curd. And it literally ruined me for the rest of my life. So it is yeah, it was a really, it was a cool upbringing for sure. 

Megan Porta  05:51

I mean, who wouldn’t want to live next to a cheese factory too? Oh, I might go seek out this place. Yeah, it was good. Oh, all right. Well, that is the coolest fun fact ever. Thank you for sharing that your husband was right. That was a good one. Yeah, share. 

Teri-Ann Carty  06:07

Yes. Maybe if we ever chat again, I’ll save my other fun fact for a number time.

Megan Porta  06:12

Save it again. Don’t forget it. Okay. Okay. So I want to hear a little bit about your blog. I was just looking at it before we started talking. It’s one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve ever seen. So tell us a little bit about your blog. 

Teri-Ann Carty  06:25

Well, my blog started. And well, the blog that you see today is just about a year old. We I’ve been working with somebody, her name is Satori. And she’s amazing. And I really wanted something fresh. I wanted something beautiful. I wanted to I wanted people to really love being on the blog, I wanted people to really appreciate the pictures, because photography is my jam. So I really wanted people just to come and want to be there because the photography is so beautiful. And I’m I appreciate it so much that you said that because we have worked really hard as a team to make this vision happen. And now I just need lots of more eyeballs on the site, which I’m sure we’ll get into. Yeah,

Megan Porta  07:11

that will happen eventually. That’s part of the journey. Right. Okay, so your blog is a year old. Did you have a blog prior to that?

Teri-Ann Carty  07:20

I did. So the blog that I started with was developed in 2015. I went on a it was supposed to be a year sabbatical. It ended up being an eight month sabbatical, I quit my job as a restaurant manager for the I’ve been managing this high end Italian restaurant for the better part of 12 years. And I just decided one day that I wanted to become a yoga teacher, I wanted to leave the restaurant industry was the only job that I ever really knew of, for my whole adult life. And I decided to travel the world on my 40th birthday and just go and travel alone and go to all these different countries and practice yoga and eat food. And I had been doing a lot of smoothies in my sobriety journey. And I was posting them on Instagram. And people kept asking me for my recipes. So when I was away, I thought I should by the time I get home, I really need to create a space for my recipes, because I love to cook. And because my life was changing direction so much, I thought it would be a great place to share my strength, my support my sobriety story, but also my recipes. And so it started back in 2015. And that original blog was as didn’t work well. And it went through a couple different iterations until I landed with this person that I consider a very valuable part of my team, to what you see today.

Megan Porta  08:49

Oh, that’s amazing. I love that your sobriety journey is kind of woven into your blog to the history of blogging. Right? Yeah, that’s so cool. So at what point did you I guess, make the change from the previous blog to the new blog? What made you jump over?

Teri-Ann Carty  09:09

I think it was having other conversations actually with other food bloggers and who would become really good friends of mine, I have this habit. It’s a good habit. I think I have this habit of creating connections with people on Instagram over the last like, I don’t even know how many years I’ve been on Instagram now but and the people that I really connect with, I want to I want to meet them in real life because really, what’s the point of having social media if you don’t actually break that wall and, and actually get to know some of these people in real life? So I remember sitting down with a friend of mine over dinner in Vancouver, and she said so what is your goal with the website? And at the time I was like, I didn’t really have one. I was thinking oh, I don’t really have a goal. I just wanted to have a place for my recipes. But I think that over the last two years, three years, things have definitely shifted COVID was a big shift for me as it was for like millions and millions of other people. But I really wanted to start to monetize my blog, I wanted to make my website, my business and my photography, my business. And in order to do that you just needed to have I needed to have like a better space and more beautiful space, a space that people wanted to be on. And that’s how it all happen.

Megan Porta  10:31

Oh, yes, I love that. And then would you say that sobriety is still a part of your story on your blog? 

Teri-Ann Carty  10:38

It kind of get it gets interwoven every once in a while. I think that, I mean, it was so much part of my story when I first started the website back in 2015. And it was, I mean, because I was still so like, relatively new to my sobriety. But now that I’ve had some time, I just celebrated 12 years of sobriety back in January. So I know it’s like, how did that happen? Like, where does the time go? Like people say, Where does the time go? But when you have something like sobriety under your belt, and, you know, one day at one point in my life felt like an eternity. So like to say that I have 12 years is is shocking to myself. But yeah, so it is, it is still part of the website, but it just kind of comes in and out of some of the stories that I tell with the recipes.

Megan Porta  11:33

Oh, that’s so cool that you’ve celebrated 12 years. Congratulations.

Teri-Ann Carty  11:38

Thank you. Thank you. Thank

Megan Porta  11:39

you. That’s gotta feel just huge, like you said, kind of a time warp to like, what happened? Where did that time go?

Teri-Ann Carty  11:46


Megan Porta  11:47

Yeah. Okay, so you have this new and improved blog that you just love you obviously prioritize photography, and just making sure that it looks so beautiful, because it does. 

Teri-Ann Carty  11:57

Thank you. 

Megan Porta  11:58

It’s a lot to do. I know that people who prioritize photography, feel like they have extra because it takes so much time to hone this skill and just to have everything looking so good. So was there a point where you felt like it was just a lot to juggle?

Teri-Ann Carty  12:14

Okay, absolutely. And I think it was before, it was obviously before this latest iteration of my website, I was really struggling to do all of the things. And I know that women, I mean, that’s the song is all this time, right? We’re just trying to hold up so many balls in the air. And at the time, I was teaching yoga, I was teaching like 16,17 classes a week. And then I was doing brand work, I was creating recipes. And what I was finding was that I was creating all of these recipes, but I just didn’t have the time to get them onto my website. And I didn’t also have the knowledge that so many other food bloggers seem to have. And I think that was one of the things I really wanted to talk with you about, Megan, because I feel like blogging can be daunting for the newcomer, and like, where do I start? What do I do? What are all of these tools? Or, you know, and now there’s just so many tools available to you. And like what is all the lingo? Like? What are all the short form words like, it can be overwhelming to say the least. And when you are busy on top of that, it’s just like so the website just started to take a nosedive because I wasn’t getting anything on the website. And when I was I knew that I wasn’t utilizing SEO properly. I wasn’t utilizing any of the tools properly, because I just didn’t know when I didn’t have the time to do the deep dive into how to use those tools. Does that make sense?

Megan Porta  13:48

Yeah, it definitely does. Like in the past, I would say, you know, 10 years ago, plus, when I started, there wasn’t a formula. So we didn’t really know, like, we had to figure it out. We had to do it on our own. There weren’t people to lean on necessarily for every category of flogging, but now we don’t have to do it all anymore. We can know we can get help in any area literally like today if you wanted to.

Teri-Ann Carty  14:15

I think that like the overall the overall sphere has changed so much from 10 years ago to today as well. Like as you said when you’re like back then you were just figuring it out and it just like you know, you had to put one foot in front of the other and you learned as you went you made mistakes and and for me I guess I wanted to I had done that. I had done the making the mistakes. And I had I had the site I had the space but it wasn’t working like Squarespace wasn’t working it just like it was clunky. It was it was just not user friendly. And so that’s when I decided it’s time I want to take this seriously. And you know, I wanted to create a I have a book of sorts, as my website so that eventually someday when I do decide to write a book, I have this beautiful piece that’s already kind of put together with all of these beautiful recipes. And it’s kind of Yeah. So that’s, that’s how it all started. Yeah.

Megan Porta  15:18

So you made the decision. This is going to be a business. I’m going to make this the most amazing, beautiful thing. You started with Squarespace. Would you say was that kind of the first decision?

Teri-Ann Carty  15:29

I did. I did. And the reason that I started with Squarespace is because it was supposed to be really user really easy to build. And again, I don’t have any background in computers. So I had hired my first original person, I had hired her to do the website. And it was just literally a space where I could plunk pictures down, put recipes down. I don’t think anybody saw anything. I don’t think anybody actually saw any of my work. But it was a space for me. And it was a stepping stone for sure. And then my second iteration was another person that I worked with, and she was a little bit she made it prettier for sure. And more SEO friendly, but it still wasn’t. I felt like I needed to go into a different like with a different host in order to make it more blog friendly. And so that’s why I ended up with WordPress and with my last person Satori, who’s helped me grow it to where it is today.

Megan Porta  16:34

I started on Squarespace to Teri-Ann, so you out there. And I held on to Squarespace for a long, long time, like way too long. And I don’t even know why I was doing it. It was like just something to prove or so I don’t know, it was so silly. But I came to a point where my blog basically exploded, like I had so many issues and nobody could explain it. And somebody would just told me some expert told me, you need to just move to WordPress. And by that point, I had so many recipes, it felt extremely overwhelming, but I did it anyway. So glad I did. And if I could go back I would not. You did it on your own. Well, no, I got I got help doing it. But I just like just in my mind, it felt overwhelming for anyone to do this job because it was there was so much content. 

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Teri-Ann Carty  18:58

My assistant definitely like I remember when we were doing the swap. And she was taking all of my existing stuff from Squarespace and she was putting it on to WordPress and she was just like, oh my god, like talk about like her poor eyes. Like she was like, you know, for hours and hours at a time. Yeah, it was it was a lot for sure. 

Megan Porta  19:20

Oh, gosh. Yeah. But so worth it. Yeah. So you leaned into getting help in that area? What else did you start getting help with?

Teri-Ann Carty  19:30

Satori really was the person that I leaned on the most. Because as I said, like when it comes to building anything from the back end, I really I was clueless. So I was kind of it was a lot of trust that I had to trust that this person had my back and that we were, you know, going to be working really well well together. So that team building that way that it was that was amazing. And anybody else that I leaned on for help I lean done a lot of my colleagues, I leaned on a lot of my friends that I’ve found through Instagram, and, you know, just started to listen to the advice of other people. Because, as I said before, there’s just so much to learn. And, you know, SEO is still kind of a, it’s still kind of like, I don’t quite grasp it even still, but like I’m getting, I’m getting there, you know. And so that’s, that’s what I had to do, I had to, like, start to ask for help and all of the different areas for my website, so that it could get to where I want it to be. And it’s still not quite there. But like we’re getting there, we’re definitely moving in the right direction. 

Megan Porta  20:40

Now, if there’s somebody listening who feels like they are needing help, but they don’t know how to ask for help, do or where to start, maybe do you have advice for them,

Teri-Ann Carty  20:50

I would say ask your fellow friends on Instagram, if you have a really good group of photographers, website developers, or other fellow bloggers, I mean, starting the conversation about all sorts of things. And I’m talking from how to price a brand, a brand deal, how to do how to price, your photography, how to price a reel or all of those things like just being able to have the courage to show up and say, I don’t know, having the courage to ask for help is one of the strongest things that we can do. And I think that, you know, leaning on all of the people that we have, literally at our fingertips, and just having the courage to reach out, I think that is the best advice that I can give, because that’s exactly what I have done. Like I’ve, you know, anybody that I respect, and on Instagram that has done really well for themselves, or even like, they’re not even, for some of my friends, they’re not huge accounts, but they have so much knowledge. And, you know, a friend of mine is she’s done exceedingly well with her website. And so I lean on her all of the time for for advice, and you’re gonna get surprised people are going to want to share this information with you. So use it right.


Your advice is so amazing, because I think most people would answer that with like, Okay, well, you’re gonna want to start with your theme, you know, like something more tangible as far as your website goes. But you started with having the courage to just ask someone for help and to know, you know, who to ask who to go to, I guess. And once that happens, don’t you feel like you just set this amazing ball in motion of just good things coming to more help coming to in different ways? 

Teri-Ann Carty  22:44

That’s it, and I think that that’s, that’s how it started. That’s how it all started for me. Like I just needed to surrender and ask for help. And, you know, it started with my sobriety. And without my sobriety, honestly, I would not be even having this conversation. I know that for sure. And so if you don’t ask for help, then you stay stuck. And the whole way that we move forward is through motion, you know, and an action. And so that’s, that’s what I’ve done. I’ve just said, Okay, I surrender. Who do I have to ask for help. And amazingly, the little angels do appear, they just start to, you know, give you that information. And then you take what you want, you leave the rest, and you find your way, eventually you will find your way. And trust me, like even the smallest bloggers if you want to start this you can I know you can I have faith in you. Because if I could do it, so can you.

Megan Porta  23:44

Beautiful. And you’re you’re so right, those angels do show up when you take action. But you’ve got to have the courage to do that. And I think for a lot of people asking for help is probably the first thing that needs to happen. 

Teri-Ann Carty  23:56

I guess the hardest thing to it really is because some people see asking for help is a sign of weakness. And it’s actually the biggest sign of strength, right?

Megan Porta  24:06

Oh, yes. And do you feel like you’re asking for help with your sobriety helped you make progress with your blog? 

Teri-Ann Carty  24:14

Absolutely like it, there’s no question about it. Like if I hadn’t asked for help 12 years ago, to get sober and be able to put one foot in front of the other. And the action in order to do that putting one foot in front of the other, then there is no way that I would have ever had the courage to take myself on a year sabbatical by myself to like six different countries in the world. There’s no way that I would have had the courage to quit a wonderful job that I was really really good at and decide to become a full time yoga teacher who has now has a you know, full time yoga company and a full time business where I develop beautiful recipes and gorgeous photography like all of these things. Like I had to ask for help along the way, or I, you know, I don’t have any formal training in photography or videography, I’ll never forget when, you know, Instagram decided to pivot as it did in a massive way from a beautiful platform where we would share our gorgeous photography to a video platform. And it was such a major pivot for so many of us food photographers, because many of us had never used our cameras for anything other than still photography. And here, we are now having to pivot to what now we’re taking videos with our phones. And then for I know, for myself, I couldn’t do that anymore. I was doing that for a long time. But I wanted things to be beautiful. So I switched to my DSLR. And then I was like, Oh, the DSLR is not working. So now I’m going to switch to a mirrorless. So it’s just like, you learn as you go, you ask for help as you go. And, you know, that’s how it all goes.

Megan Porta  25:59

Yep, that’s the journey, right? 

Teri-Ann Carty  26:01

Yup, it is.

Megan Porta  26:02

So sometimes, asking for help means investing money. And a lot of bloggers I mean, not to like point fingers or anything at all, because this is just a hard thing. It’s hard to invest money when you’re not making a lot of money. Does that make sense? So so how do we ask for help in that way? You know, like, what’s the balance there? Do you have any thoughts on that? 

Teri-Ann Carty  26:29

Well, that’s a good point. And because all of this costs money, like even if you wanted a, let’s say, you needed a Google analytics person, or you needed an SEO person, or you needed this person like they are everybody costs money, everybody’s time is worth something, right? So I was really lucky that I was able to find somebody that was not extremely expensive, and that I had the ability to be able to pay her a little bit of money to start this process. So I would look maybe even when you’re when you’re first starting out, and you really need somebody to help you build your site, you can go to different schools, and you can go to different colleges, you can go to different, like marketing departments in these different schools and ask people, like, ask students for help and sit down with them. And you might be able to find a really hungry student that really, really wants to build websites. And they’ll do it for a relatively cheaper price. And I think that that’s, if I had to do this all over again, back 10 years ago, and I know what I knew. Now, that’s probably where I would start, I probably wouldn’t go to somebody who builds websites, because somebody who builds websites, is going to have a certain fee. So I would start with people that are just now we’re just starting to learn themselves, but are extremely hungry. That’s probably my best piece of advice that way.

Megan Porta  27:58

Yeah, I think that’s really good advice. Because it’s true, even when it comes to things like web stories. If you go to somebody who just creates web stories, you’re gonna be paying more than if you find someone who’s more of an all encompassing assistant who can learn how to create web stories for you. Right? 

Teri-Ann Carty  28:16


Megan Porta  28:17

Yeah, that’s kind of my train of thought when I hire people is like, are you organized? Are you kind? Are you adaptable, and I have certain qualities that I look for. And I know then that they can learn pretty much anything. And that’s been my strategy, and it’s worked really well.

Teri-Ann Carty  28:38

And you also have to, I think the other thing for me anyway, that is important is that you also have to have the same sort of, like, when you said kind, I think that you have to kind of be aligned in your own values, like I wouldn’t work with somebody that I don’t personally think is is a good person, you know, like, I would like to know that the person that I’m working with has the same values as me that we have the same kind of work ethic as me that we align on a lot of different things just be out of the gate before I put all my eggs in their basket. Does that make sense? 

Megan Porta  29:14

It does for sure. That is probably number one for me is the kindness. Oh, ha piece. And if that doesn’t line up, then none of the other things matter. I don’t even go there. Yeah, exactly.

Teri-Ann Carty  29:26

It’s like it’s really good. It’s like, like anything, any sort of relationship that you have, right? You have to have a baseline. And if your baseline is not kind of copacetic, and you can’t see one another through that baseline, then it’s kind of a non starter. So yeah, and there’s so many other people out there that will connect with you and will be able to do the work that you need them to do at that at that time in your life. And I think that, you know, we all go through these stepping stones where we’d have to start somewhere. And that was for me, I started somewhere and it was an actual it was a student of mine at the yoga studio, who built my first website. And then the second person that built my website had been a fellow teacher that had decided that she didn’t want to teach yoga anymore. So she was now building websites, but she helped me with my second website, you know, so that they’re stepping stones, you’re not going to go, you know, unless you’re flush with cash all the time, you’re not going to go to your node to the to the top person you’re going to, you have to start small. 

Megan Porta  30:29

Yeah, this is such an important conversation, I really just appreciate you sharing your story. And bringing all of this to the table. It’s something that all of us need to hear no matter what stage we’re in, honestly, like, even if you’re an advanced food blogger, you still might have a hard time releasing, control and surrender, surrendering some things in your business. And if you’re a brand new food blogger, you probably have this in your mind as well. So I think all across the board, it’s really important conversation. 

Teri-Ann Carty  30:59

Yeah, releasing control was and releasing the expectation and the pressure on myself to know all of the things that I was supposed to know. Like, you know, I wanted to ask people that did have the answers to the questions that I was asking. Because, I mean, I could just, like run myself into the ground at home, just being super frustrated, and then not having any time for my photography, or anytime for recipe development, and just trying to figure out the back end of a website. Oh, my gosh, like, I can’t even tell you.

Megan Porta  31:37

Yeah, it can be a lot, right? Yeah, definitely. I’m kind of in the spot right now, where I just feel that because I’ve got so many different things going on, not just the blogs, but events and podcasts. I need so much help right now. And I’ve never been outsourcing more than I have been currently.

Teri-Ann Carty  31:58

For you. Good for you. That’s awesome. I’m sure it does.

Megan Porta  32:03

Yes, in finding those right people. Like you said, it’s more of a journey than like, oh, I need to go find that perfect person who’s going to be with me forever. Just start with where you’re at and build from there.

Teri-Ann Carty  32:16

Yes, that’s it. Exactly. And, you know, I certainly did not have 1000s and 1000s of dollars. Like I’ve gotten quotes from web developers before, who are my friends that I was like, Wow, I can’t I can’t even go near I can’t touch that. So you know, you find the people and those people will show up in your life like those little angels, they will show up in your life. You know, if you are open to receive that kind of energy if you’re open to receive the gifts that people will give when you’re when do you kind of need them the most.

Megan Porta  32:50

Beautiful Is there anything else you want to touch on Teri-Ann before we start saying goodbye? 

Teri-Ann Carty  32:55

Well, no, I think that’s that’s good. I love what I do. I love sharing my story. I love sharing recipes. And I I hope that you know, I just keep I hope that I can keep doing this for ever. It’s great.

Megan Porta  33:14

Yes, well thank you so much for this but an important conversation Do you have either a favorite quote or words of inspiration to leave us with today?

Teri-Ann Carty  33:21

Please don’t give up. Please don’t give up you. If I can do it, you can too. I mean that is the biggest words of inspiration for anybody. You know, you can rise up from the darkest places in your life. And when you are ready to surrender, ask for help. You can accomplish whatever it is that you have your dreams and all of that you can live your dream. So

Megan Porta  33:48

Beautiful. Thank you so much for that. We will put together a show notes page for you Teri-Ann if anyone wants to go look at those you can head to eatblogtalk.com/TerryAnnCarty and that’s T-E-R- I-A-N-N C-A-R-T-Y tell everyone where they can find you because they definitely need to go look at your beautiful blog. 

Teri-Ann Carty  34:10

Oh, that’s so sweet of you. I kept things really simple and this was something that maybe we can have a conversation with off air but I’ve never changed my name. I wanted to keep it the same on all of my platforms. Like I never came up with a fun name for my website. So I just kept it Teri-Ann Carty and so that’s where you can find me everywhere. You can find me Teri-Ann Carty on Instagram Teri-Ann Carty on Facebook, Teri-Ann Carty on Pinterest, and I think it’s tacarty on Tik Tok and then my blog is TerryAnnCarty.com. So I kept it real simple for people.

Megan Porta  34:51

Yeah, no, I think that’s great. And it’s simple. Yeah, like you said simple and you don’t need to worry about other people taking it because 

Teri-Ann Carty  34:52

Because it’s me. 

Megan Porta  34:54

Yeah, it’s you, everyone, I encourage you to go look because I promise you’ll be like, oh yeah, this is beautiful and you will be inspired 100%. So thanks again Teri-Ann for being here. And thank you so much for listening food bloggers. I will see you next time. 

Outro  35:18

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Eat Blog Talk. Don’t forget to rate and review a blog talk on your favorite podcast player. Thank you and I will see you next time.

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