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Posts published in “Monetization Strategy”

Tricks and tips for how to strategize making money with your food blog.

Episode 468: A Hyper-Niche Blog is More Valuable Than You Think (+How to Make an Income From it) with Emily Rhodes

Emily Rhodes from Steam & Bake teaches us the value of a hyper-niche blog – how to pick a niche and make an income from it.

Episode 406: How to Launch a Meal Planning Membership with Your Existing Recipe Content – New Revenue Streams for Your Blog with Liam Smith

In episode 406, Megan chats to Liam Smith about how food bloggers can launch their own memberships to create a new revenue stream.

Episode 383: Make a Full-Time Income Creating Recipes, Videos and Photography for Food Brands while Blogging with Sarah Holt

Sarah Holt teaches us how to make a full-time income creating recipes, making videos and doing photography for food brands while blogging.

Episode 350: Reenergize your Creativity for Blogging (+ the Process of Writing a Cookbook)with Alyssa Brantley

In episode 350, Megan chats to Alyssa Brantley about the process of writing a cookbook and how it can re-energize your creativity for blogging. We cover information about determining your biggest hurdle to creating a…

Episode 241: Personalizing Your Pitch to Land Brand Deals within Your Niche with Kim Cauti and Chelsea Vetre

We chat with the bloggers Kim and Chelsea about the importance of personalizing your pitch so you can land lucrative deals within your niche.