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Posts published by “Megan”

Megan started her food blog Pip and Ebby in 2010 and food blogging has been her full-time career since 2013. Her passion for blogging has grown into an intense desire to help fellow food bloggers find the information, insight, and community they need in order to find success.

136: 6 Ways to Tidy Up Your Blog for a Better User Experience and Increased Organic Traffic with Megan Porta

If our sites are a mess, the clutter carries over into our minds. A tidy website equals a tidy you, which makes you much more efficient and capable.

Episode 134: Tackle the Mid-Life Pivot with Grace and Purpose with Marye Audet-White

“I am a firm believer in the more you give, the more you get. I feel like people were meant to be streams, not pond. So a stream is constantly flowing. There’s constantly water coming into it and constantly water going out of it into the Gulf of Mexico or wherever. Right. But a pond is just still, and that water gets stale… I want to support life.”