In episode 348, Megan shares important takeaways from current Eat Blog Talk mastermind participants on how you can achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

We cover information about how a mastermind will help you stop spinning your wheels. Listen on if you’re working harder than ever but not reaching your goals, you can’t figure out how to reach the “next level” and your goals don’t seem attainable because there’s help!

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  • The size of a group is important to bring in enough diversity but not be too big that not everyone gets attention and time to have the hot seat.
  • Investing in yourself is important and a mastermind offers that opportunity.
  • It’s important to know what a mastermind includes: consultations, goal setting, expert sessions, hot seats because there’s a lot of value packed in there.
  • A mastermind can be a group of like minded people that want to see you crush your goals while you’re working together and spur other goals on.
  • People within a blogging group bring transparency and a willingness to share the nitty gritty with members.
  • Friendships, personal and professional can come out of the group.
  • When you’re ready to ask for help and receive it, a mastermind’s a great place to go.
  • You can accomplish exponentially more in a few mastermind sessions with other bloggers than you can on your own.
  • By joining a mastermind, you’ll learn from others the value of investing in yourself and your business with profits. It’ll show you how others have sped up the process of growing because they started out that way.
  • Joining a mastermind can help you avoid burnout.
  • Having a group to go to that you can ask specific questions to, you can laugh and cry with and you can get help quickly from is valuable.
  • Mastermind’s offer so much support and it’s a broad support but also a very specific support to you and your blogs needs that you can’t find everywhere.
  • When you have a fresh set of eyes on your blog but from another blogger’s perspective, that can be very helpful.


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Megan Porta: Food bloggers. Hey, welcome to Eat Blog Talk. Thank you so much for tuning in today. You are listening to episode number 348, and it’s just going to be you and me today. It has been a really long time since I recorded an episode without a guest, so this feels both strange and also mostly just really exciting.

In this episode, we’re going to dig into a few case studies that my team has been working on for the past few months. You will hear from a few bloggers, my favorite bloggers who have been seeing massive growth and transformations in their businesses and in their lives after investing in the Eat Blog Talk mastermind program.

These bloggers are all members inside the E B T Mastermind program currently, and I adore all of them. Most of all though, I’m just so excited to watch their explosive growth and successes as time has gone on, and I can’t wait to share about it with all of you. 

Before we get into their stories, let’s chat about what’s been going on at Eat Blog Talk for just a few minutes since it’s been so long since we chatted with you and me. Earlier in 2022, I made a conscious decision to focus on the few things that were working really well here at Eat Blog Talk, and those things are the podcast, the mastermind program, and the in-person retreats. These three parts of the business have become my sole priorities, and having that laser focus has really paid off, not just for me and my business, but for the people that I’m serving.

The podcast has been growing exponentially, thanks to all of you loyal listeners for tuning in regularly. Thank you so much for doing this. Stay tuned for more amazing episodes to come. We have some really great guests lined up to finish off the year and go into 2023. 

Don’t forget to share the podcast with friends who would benefit from hearing the episodes, whether they’re food bloggers or entrepreneurs, or just people looking to expand their mindset. Also, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review. That adds so much value to Eat Blog Talk. 

You may have seen my Instagram reels and or TikTok videos about recent in person retreats I’ve hosted, and that have also just been wild successes and so much fun. I always knew that intimate in person events were where the magic was at, but I really had no idea just how amazing these retreats would be until I experienced them.

So whether you’ve never been to a retreat before, or if you have been to one or two and just want to experience another one, come join us. I just announced the next retreat dates and you can find all of the information and fill out an application at 

Perhaps my favorite part of my job, if you even wanna call it a job, I love my job so much, is the mastermind experience that has evolved into absolute magic for both me and my members. That is what we are going to focus on today. I’m going to take you through a few bloggers’ journeys within the group, from what their pain points were that caused them to invest and take the leap into joining the Mastermind program, to what results and successes they have found. Some of them even have advice for you if you are on the fence about joining. They are just here to encourage you to take the leap if you’re in the right place for it and if it sounds like a really good fit for you and your business. 

It’s one thing for me to get behind a microphone and talk to you about how awesome everything is that I’m doing. Of course I’m going to say that, right? Because it’s my business, it’s my creation. But to hear other people talk about how positive of an experience it is being in the Mastermind program, I think that’s a whole different story. So I really hope that you are encouraged by what these bloggers are going to say. As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions at all. I will preemptively tell you if you want to apply to be a part of the 2023 Mastermind program, you should apply now because I am going to raise the prices toward the end of this year. So get in now at this current pricing. For more information about the whole group experience and to apply, go to

The first case study here that we will highlight is Kim from She is amazing. You should go check out her Instagram feed. It is topnotch. You will just be blown away by her content there and her website’s gorgeous too. Here is what Kim says about deciding on the Mastermind program, that it was a good fit in the first place, and then also she talks through some of her reservations or what was holding her back that she eventually just overcame and decided to take the leap anyway.

Kim Ho: So a bunch of friends said that they had heard good things. I really liked Megan’s podcast. I started to listen to it much more and realized I really liked her. I really liked her approach. I really liked her guests. I liked the value of the content that she provided because it was very tangible.

Then after talking to her I was sold she’s great to interact with. I liked the size of the group. My reservation was the cost, of course. It’s an investment and so I just had to think about if it was something that I was willing to do. I did have reservations about the level of expertise of the other group members. I wasn’t sure, because I hadn’t met them. Would they be way too experienced for me? Would I be much more experienced than them? Would we get along? Would they be transparent? Would they be willing to share? So those things I’m always cautious about and that all went away after the first meeting.

But yeah, I think that the cost was probably the biggest thing for me. But I’m a big believer in investing in myself and investing in things that are gonna grow my business. It’s been so worthwhile in terms of a return on investment and a good use of my money to grow. 

Megan Porta: One of my absolute favorite parts of the Mastermind is watching members set goals and then achieve them even faster than they thought possible. That is not just a cheesy line I use on the landing page. It is true. When you set a goal and have this accountability that is so involved and immersive like we do in the Mastermind program, you achieve your goals really fast. So Kim is going to talk through one of the goals that she set when she started the Mastermind program and how she achieved it way more quickly than she anticipated.

Kim Ho: I had set the goal of being qualified for AdThrive by the end of this year, and I qualified in June which is only halfway through the year and I’m in now. So I’m going through my first full month with them. So that for me was like a huge win just to be able, not to just qualify and get into the ad network, but just to have reached that milestone that I set for myself and that it’s directly related to. My overall goal was just to increase traffic. The only reason I got in there is because I met the traffic goal. I exceeded the traffic goal actually and have been able to maintain that. So that was a really great achievement for me. 

Megan Porta: Can I just mention that it is really fun to hear my mastermind members talk about the Mastermind group so positively? I did not conduct these interviews, so it has been really fun to listen to this audio and to hear all of the things that come out of their mouths that are so positive and it almost makes me cry. But here is another awesome answer from Kim when she was asked what about the Mastermind groups surprised her? 

Kim Ho: I think just that transparency and willingness to be open and sharing for the pure benefit of somebody else’s success has been a big surprise to me. I know, like for me, that’s a big part of who I am too, as I’m very much interested in helping other people succeed. Selfishly, I’m in this for me too. That’s why I joined. But it’s been very equal. There’s just a very equal amount of giving and taking, sharing and sharing for other success. So I shouldn’t be surprised by it, but I guess I am that just because other people are so willing to share what has worked for them purely to help other people succeed.

The second thing, that I’ve developed such good friendships with people. So I’m a big connector. I love one-on-one relationships and very small groups. I’m not good in a big group. I’m much better one-on-one. I really like to get to know people. For the most part people that I wanna get to know so I’ve really developed some great friendships. Megan and I actually went to visit Monica in New Mexico. Stayed at her house for a few days. It’s just been so nice to be able to develop these deep relationships with people who are from all over the country and from all different backgrounds and have this one thing in common, but have developed these relationships that will last much longer than the membership and the Mastermind. I’m thrilled about that because it’s so meaningful to me, the relationships more so than the helpful tips and tricks. Wow, that’s very important too. The relationships are what will stay with me. So it’s been a big nice surprise. 

Megan Porta: Here is the last little bit from Kim, as she is giving you some encouragement about why you might want to consider joining the Mastermind. So here are her final words. 

Kim Ho: It’s more than just the mastermind that you get. The relationships are important, but the expert calls the connections to other resources. This group is well connected to technical support teams and Foodie Digital and they have recommendations for people to go to and people not to go to based on their own experience. There’s also the podcast. Several members of our group have been on the podcast. I have to have my application open. To be able to participate in things and have this be a starting point for so many other aspects of blogging has been really helpful too.

Megan also had us, she has another mastermind, so we joined together. We’ve been together twice now. So that’s also been great to meet other groups of bloggers and hear what’s been successful with them. I’ve connected with a couple of them individually because of things I heard them say and I reached out and we now have a connection. There’s just so much more than just the weekly calls that are really helpful. Megan has the in person retreats. There’s a whole portfolio of activities that you can take part in, it’s not just the mastermind that you get. 

Megan Porta: This next case study is with Carrie from Talking Meals. She is amazing, and just hearing her talk in this next little bit, you’re gonna fall in love with her. She’s one of my favorite bloggers ever. There’s a really cool success story about Carrie that I am going to share at the end of her case study here. It’s a PS, the success that happened after the case study was recorded. So I’ll share about that in a little bit. For now, here is Carrie talking about what prompted her to look into the Mastermind and sign up for it and how she got over that investment worry.

Carrie Tyler: When the stars aligned for me, I was at this low. I just had zero motivation. I really didn’t want to, I didn’t wanna give up, but I didn’t know how to go forward either. I didn’t know what to do to help me to focus on the right things. At that time, the doors of her mastermind were open and I heard about it. I had no idea how much it cost. But it was that moment that I was willing to ask for help. I think, for whatever reason at that moment, I was just feeling low enough that I needed help and I was willing to ask. Then I don’t know, just something about Megan and just the belief that being part of this group was gonna help me was what got me over the money hump in terms of investing to join the mastermind. 

Megan Porta: Here’s Carrie talking a little bit about what her goals were. She had very specific traffic goals that she wanted to achieve, and she knew that the Mastermind could help her. So she talks a little bit about that here.

Carrie Tyler: Even though you hear bits and pieces all over the place in the communities, on podcasts. It was like it was too big for me. So my primary objective in coming into this was just to have these other bloggers help guide me to focus on the right things, specifically as a starting point with search engine optimization and how to improve my blog posts so that I was being seen by Google. But the actual number goal for me was like doubling my traffic. Which was huge and feels so utterly unattainable. But now I start to see, through setting my goals with Megan and then working with the others in the group, it’s so clear the things that I was doing wrong and the things that need fixing, that within a couple sessions of the Mastermind, I feel like I learned more than I would’ve in an entire year. You can only glean so many insights from hearing about it from other bloggers. So yeah. I felt like I did as much as I could on my own and I could have kept doing it, but that’s why I say that I learned more in just a couple sessions than I would’ve in a year. I was just spitting my wheels. 

Megan Porta: Fast forward about eight or nine months after this was recorded, and I can tell you that Carrie has surpassed her goal of doubling her traffic and she has actually tripled her traffic. Excited for her. I’m smiling from ear to ear. Okay. Now Carrie talks a little bit about the investment piece of it and how it was really hard for her to get past that mental hurdle of I have to invest money in my business in order to grow. So she talks a little bit about that here. 

Carrie Tyler: I’m frugal by nature and I’d spent my whole career working with a nice, healthy salary for a big corporation, and so I felt very independent and I was contributing to my family because I had the salary. So I was determined to make a profit, but my thinking was all fuzzy, so to speak. Yes, I might have been making a profit, but it was so teeny tiny because I wasn’t investing to actually grow the business. So I wasn’t making enough revenue and so I was just trying to hold on to every single penny to make a profit. But yet, I wasn’t growing and so my revenue wasn’t growing. So yeah, the cost was a huge thing for me and I had to just mentally get over that hurdle.

Megan Porta: For every Mastermind member who comes into the group, I offer a 90 minute goal setting and planning call. I have found these calls to be so extremely helpful for members. I had no idea when I started doing them, how helpful they would be. So Carrie talks a little bit about how helpful her call was and how it structured her first part of the year. A little teaser, the goal that she talks about in this little snippet actually ended up happening. 

Carrie Tyler: Megan spent an hour and a half with me setting some realistic goals and drilling those down into three month goals that I can actually action for my business. So I’m really excited because having someone else do that with me and getting it in writing, validated it. So my business, I have the blog, but then I also have another aspect of my business, which I haven’t talked about at all, but I do meal delivery. It’s my ear on the ground, like really hearing from my customers and talking with people about what their needs are. But, it’s eating up my weekends. It’s completely time consuming and has prevented me, I think, in a lot of ways from growing my blog and focusing on it. I have now put in writing as one of my goals to work my way out of that side of the business by May. That is just having that goal set now, working with Megan to have that set, is just like hugely freeing. So that’s been a big change for me. 

Megan Porta: Carrie has some final words for you guys, a little bit of encouragement to not get hung up on the investment, but instead look at what you were going to get from it. She has some really encouraging words to leave you with, and then we will get to the next case study. 

Carrie Tyler: Take the leap. So run the numbers if you have to run the numbers. The price tag is minimal compared to what you will get back from the group. I just would tell people to take the leap because the motivation and the support that I’ve gotten from the women in the group has been invaluable and has just re-energized me. But run the numbers, because I think if anybody actually took the time to just take the price tag outta their head, but put it on paper and look at, when they could get a return on that investment, they would see that it’s not such a crazy number. At least if that was their holdback. If their holdback was just the fear factor of it, then again, it’s that if you don’t put yourself out there, you’re never gonna grow. You have to get uncomfortable. If we stay comfortable, then we’re never gonna change. 

Megan Porta: I have to brag about Carrie for just a second here because like I said earlier, eight or nine months have transpired since this was recorded. Since then, not only has she tripled her traffic, but she has also started a second niche blog that is doing so incredibly, I believe she’s getting numbers like 10K page views within the first two months of launching. Something along those lines. It’s something astounding and amazing. She is also starting a new coaching program about food blogger brand positioning. Her expertise lies in marketing and brand positioning, so she’s going to be launching that soon. She’s doing so many great things. Her business is absolutely taking off, and I am just so excited for her. 

Okay, next case study. These are two of my favorite bloggers. They are a blogging couple from I had the honor of meeting them both in person last year at the Tastemaker conference. They left an impression because they were so kind and they were just oozing with drive and motivation and they just wanted to crush it, I could tell instantly in their business. Britney and Terrence are amazing members inside the Eat Blog Talk Mastermind and here in this clip they are sharing about how they got to the point where they just knew they needed something more. They talk about their pain point where they were just working really hard, getting burnt out, and just stopped and looked at each other and said, we need something else. We need something to help us. So here’s them talking about that.

Britney & Terrence: The growth was stalled and our and getting a little burnt out. Because our solution to our stall in our income and our traffic was like, okay, let’s just do more. Work harder, do more, make more content. Right? So let’s just keep throwing posts up and just putting everything all over social media all the time and do more and more. We weren’t bringing on anyone to help us with this. We were just burnt out and it was still stalled. We were working more than we ever had. Burnt out more than we ever were. And we were still stalled.

Megan Porta: I have to add this little snippet of audio because, Oh, I just love how excited Britney and Terrence get about their monetary goal. They have a financial goal for their blog to make a certain amount of money, and then they end this little snippet by saying that they think they’re gonna do it. So I just love this little bit. 

Britney & Terrence: My goal has always been for by the time he turns 50, which is this October, that we will be making 60K annually. That was always my target because we did not have high paying jobs before this. So that was more than either of us had ever brought in a year, together. So I knew it would be something that even with taxes and everything, we could cover our expenses and then some, and even replenish our savings a bit. I think we’re gonna hit it this year.

Megan Porta: If that isn’t awesome enough, listen to this next story that Britney tells about one of her first ever hot seats. I think it actually was her first hot seat. A light bulb moment that came from that and then what has transpired since. So listen to this.

Britney & Terrence: Let me tell you a story. Okay. We were like, what did I write down? Haphazard seo? Yeah. Or that’s how I would describe our SEO strategy. It was haphazard. I didn’t really know what I was doing or if I was doing it correctly. I saw that a post that had been number one was just falling off a cliff. My first hot seat, I joined RankIQ and I had actually asked them to walk me through how to use it and share my screen on Zoom call, which was so helpful. But on the call someone asked me to open Google Search Console, and this is something I’ve heard of. From everyone. For how long have I been blogging? A long time. Like dwarfs and woodlands. It’s just kinda that I’ve heard of them, I’ve never actually seen them. But I knew that I did not have it set up because every time I went in there it got confusing and overwhelming and I went in and they were like, oh. I feel like the general consensus of everybody was. Why’s it all red? It was not set up properly. It was all red everywhere. It looked like I got like an F on a test. So bad. It was such a vulnerable moment for me because you get that imposter syndrome and you’re like, See, I’m not who I think I am. There’s red all over my Google search console. They were like, Okay. So it’s okay. I remember Kara being like you have BigScoots hosting, just send them a support ticket. They gave me very clear instructions, because you were a huge part of this, very clear instructions on how to fix it. Then somebody else actually from the group, Jen jumped on a separate call with me to walk me through the whole thing. Now it’s like my best friend. Even if you know how to use it now. We use that thing all the time and it has been life changing. 

Megan Porta: Isn’t that amazing? One call and so much can come from that as far as totally transforming your business. I love that story and I love it every time Brittany tells it. Okay, so this next little bit, they posed the question, what has surprised you about the mastermind group? So here is what has surprised Brittany and Terrence in a good way. 

Britney & Terrence: We’re such good friends. Maybe we should ask them. But I feel like we’re friends. I feel like even when we’re on calls with different groups or something, we have these little inside jokes and we get so much done, but we laugh and really enjoy each other’s company during it. I’m gonna get choked up because the support, just this simple fact of having people there to support you, has been like transformative. Because you do feel so lonely being a blogger. You do feel so isolated sometimes. So having somebody like who knows your goals, be like, Hey, I see you’re doing this great job. Even more than the advice that has been, I can’t even measure how valuable that’s been for me, personally. Not only that, but the similarity of problems. So being able to say Oh, wow, were you mean we’re not alone in this? Oh, you go through that too. How do you fix it? Then you get three to four different options of how to fix an issue. Whether it’s business related or with regard to personal life burnout, whatever. Oh, and also what surprised me was, I feel like you go into this only seeing what’s wrong with your business. That’s like such a thing about the vacuum too. You’re only focusing on what is wrong with your business, but then you go into it and you get help with those parts that you think are wrong, but then it illuminates what’s going right. One of our first calls, we talked about Pinterest and I just had completely downplayed everything that we had accomplished on Pinterest in the past two years. We went from 6,000 followers to 45,000. I was giving people advice that I didn’t even know that just lived inside my head. Those people actually came back to me and said, Your advice really helped. Thank you. I’m like, It did? You serious? But it just makes you feel competent. Which is helpful. Confidence is helpful. Confidence and competence.

Megan Porta: Brittany and Terrence have not been in the mastermind program very long. It’s only been, I would say less than six months. Very quickly they saw big results in their business. So they talk a little bit about that here.

Britney & Terrence: We have had July, and now looking at August, we’re gonna have the two biggest months we’ve ever had in terms of income. Last month we got paid from Pinterest Rewards, which is something that this group helped us get into and really helped us focus on. We got a check from them last month that is more than your teacher salary.It was a little bit more than my monthly teacher salary. So from one social platform. Blowing my mind. Which is blowing our mind. Also not saying much about, again, the education system. Having that group to celebrate with was huge because otherwise we’d probably, I’d be like, Oh, it was a fluke. Move on. Then that’s how you sabotage your own success. But we had this group to go to and say, Hey, this is what we did. Just their support. That is a great thing about the group. They don’t let you sabotage your success. Yeah. They’ll be like, Do you realize how great this is? Yeah. Because my brain just wants to downplay it and be like, Oh, it’s just fleeting.

Megan Porta: Brittany and Terrence, this last little bit almost made me cry. I’m not gonna lie. But here is Brittany and Terrence telling you, other food bloggers who are listening, why they believe that this is something that you should really consider. Why joining the Eat Blog Talk Mastermind will benefit your business. Yes, but also will help your mindset and help your growth as an individual.

Britney & Terrence: If you feel isolated. If you feel like one of the main things, Ooh, I’m gonna cry. One of the main things that’s holding you back in business is your own struggle with believing in yourself and your own struggle with believing that you can do this, especially if you’ve had success and you’ve been working at it for a while. I think you need to do it. I think it’s the biggest thing that can change the trajectory of your business. And your mindset. It’s not just, yes, you learn these things, but you gain a sense of community and support and just accountability and you start to believe in yourself more and you start to be able to borrow these other people’s belief in yourself so that you can build yourself up while you’re getting there. Yeah my whole attitude has changed and when we get off these calls, I feel invigorated. I feel excited to get back to work. I feel like I’m not in it alone. I don’t know if I could have kept going if I didn’t have that. Yeah we just love it. We love it so much. I would sit here and talk to you about it for hours on end if I didn’t see a timer going. But again, it’s nice, if I come across something that I don’t understand and she’s busy or can’t explain or doesn’t want to, I can throw that question into the group again, get a bunch of responses and a lot of information. So it’s having that at your fingertips at all times, and that’s really helpful.

Megan Porta: Next you get to hear from one of my favorite food bloggers and a good friend Barbara. She is from the blog Butter and Baggage. In this clip she talks about what prompted her to seek out the Mastermind, what problem she was having in her blogging business, and I’ll let her take it from here.

Barbara Curry: I needed just some direction on how to, what to work on my side because there were a ton of recipes on there and a lot of them just weren’t consistent with what my brand was, but I was just throwing everything up there. I was just all over the place.

Megan Porta: Now, Barbara talks about some of her hesitations about coming into the group and how all of that was diminished once she was in.

Barbara Curry: I was a little nervous because I’m like, Oh, is everyone gonna know more than I do? I’m not gonna have anything to contribute. So I was nervous about it. I’d never been in any groups and I went to Everything conference, and everyone was talking about things that I just felt intimidated by, that I didn’t know. I didn’t even know what the words were that they were talking about or how to, they were doing all this stuff. I’m like, Oh, I’m not doing that. I think there was that little, that fear that, Oh, I’m not a big enough blogger for this group or I don’t know anything. I don’t have anything to share. Then I joined this one with Megan and it was, everyone was just so supportive and it was just positive. It didn’t matter if you had 10,000 or a hundred thousand views or followers or whatever. Everyone was just willing to help everyone out and it was such a positive thing and I just loved being able to actually contribute and help people and give them advice and support each other. It was just night and day. It was. I said, I just realized you have to decide who you’re gonna be around and who the people that are gonna be around you. Everyone that Megan brings in seems to be the same positive, encouraging, doesn’t matter where you are in your blogging journey. Doesn’t matter what kind of questions you’d ask. One of my hot seats, I’m like, ok, I just have all these little questions about, how do you do this on Google Analytics and which button do you push here? My hot seat was just all these little questions that, I know I could figure this out in between me, two hours to go on YouTube or whatever and figure this out. But I have got someone whose group has done it before and they can do it. It’s no question. It doesn’t matter what the question is, it’s not the stupid question and everyone is very supportive. 

Megan Porta: Here are a few of Barbara’s favorite things about being in the group, some things that she has gotten out of it.

Barbara Curry: I think it’s just like in the hot seats when you’ve got some idea or something that you’re running people by the group and they just give you ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of. Megan early on, I can’t remember if it was in our coaching or in this, but she just pushed me to try to reach out to a restaurant because I knew the owner and I was talking about it and she just reached out and saw if you can do the photography. It was just such a scary thing for me because I’ve never done photography anywhere but in my house. The thought of going to a restaurant and taking photos for them was just like, Oh, I can’t do that. But I just happened to run into this guy. I’m like, Oh, I’d love to take some photos for you and he’s like, Oh, okay. So I did. I’ve done like three shoots for them and it is so much fun. I love it. I never knew that I would have loved that. But if she hadn’t pushed me to try it, then I wouldn’t have tried something that now it’s my favorite thing to do now. I think that’s what I get out of it. Just brainstorming ideas. They’re trying to help me come up with some, this last time some clusters, some things that I could do, some content creation around and they just had some great ideas that I wouldn’t even have thought of. My blog is Butter and Baggage, but I have no posts on butter. They’re like, You need to have a post on butter, or like, how to soften butter. Which makes sense, but I just hadn’t thought to do that. You just keep other people’s perspectives instead of just looking at your stuff all the time. When someone else looks at it, they look at it with a different set of eyes. I hadn’t really done very many roundups, so I did a roundup post and I sent out to them and they’re like, Oh, I would try maybe this or add this. So just getting some feedback on it was just really helpful.

Megan Porta: I love Barbara’s response next that you’ll hear about. making the investment and acknowledging that it is a big investment in your business, but she also touches on why it’s such an important investment to make in your business. 

Barbara Curry: If you’re really committed to making this a business, you’ve gotta invest in yourself. I think this is the best way to invest in yourself. It does seem like a lot of money and then it is a lot of money. It’s a lot of money to pay. You’re like, what are you paying? What are you getting? You’re not getting an asset or anything, so it’s hard to put a value on what you’re getting. But in this type of business, just having the resources of these people that can give you advice and can help you along that journey is, I just think, more valuable than anything, any other investment you can make. We get those experts. What do they call them? The expert sessions where we get to talk to them just one on one. There’s just four or five of us talking to them. Then we get to pick their brain and so it’s not just the camaraderie and the advice and help from other people in our group. 

Megan Porta: This is something that we haven’t touched on a whole lot yet in this episode, but Barbara talks about the diversity within the groups and how people come in with totally different perspectives, totally different personalities, and how that benefits the group as a whole.

Barbara Curry: I think what’s nice about this group is that none of us are the same. Everyone’s blog is very different and all of us as people are very different. One person comes from a marketing background and so her questions are just questions that I would never even think to ask. So when someone’s on the hot seat, she will ask them questions. They’re like, Oh, wow. What a great thing to ask. So I think everyone has that particular skill that they’ve brought in, their life skill, whatever that happens to be. So it just makes those discussions. It’s not just like you’re peppered with questions when you’re in the hot seat. The kind of questions that you’re peppered with are just completely different. She’s one of the newer persons in the group, Carrie, who comes from a marketing background and I’m just amazed at the questions that she asks and they’re just the perfect question that should be asked that I hadn’t even thought about asking. So I think everyone’s background contributes to just this diversity and I guess that’s a good word for it. Everyone is different, but when you have such a diverse group, then it just brings different perspectives. 

Megan Porta: That is a wrap for hearing these bloggers talk to you about the amazingness that they found inside the Eat Blog Talk Mastermind groups. I know I sound like a broken record constantly getting behind the microphone and telling you how awesome they are from my perspective. So hopefully it’s a little bit refreshing and enlightening to hear from actual member perspectives. 

If you have any additional questions or reservations that you wanna talk through before committing to joining the Mastermind program for 2023, please reach out to me. I have so many members who are willing to talk to people like you, to just talk through exactly what you’ve heard in this episode. If this interests you, if you want to make big transformations in your business and in your life in 2023, get on the waitlist pronto, because I am limiting the number of spots that will be opening up in 2023. I’m doing this because groups of 10ish are ideal we’ve found for these calls. Two groups of 10 will be what we’re going to be setting into motion in 2023. 

Now, at the time you’re listening to this, it will be about mid-October, so you have a month-ish to get in on the current pricing. I am going to be raising the prices because the value is so immense, the pricing that we’re at now is a really great value for what you are going to get and what you are going to achieve in 2023. So get in while it’s hot. Go to You can read through more details on that page. Click the button link to go to the form where you can apply. From there, I will get back to you and let you know if based on your answers, you’re a great fit, if I think you’ll be a great fit, and then we can schedule a call. 

I’m so excited for 2023 and to just watch so many of you take off with your businesses. Have a great day everyone. Thank you so much for listening. I love you guys. I’ll catch you next time.

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