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Join me for a Top 10 list of what I learned in 2020:

  • #10 Email lists are important – Sara Nelson helped pump Megan up! When Megan finally decided to take the plunge and create a Welcome Series, she connected with her readers and had a chance to share so much with them. Invest time to value and appreciate your audience with a series of your own.

  • #9 Mindset is everything! July 2019 was a very stressful year in the history of Megan’s blog but Megan began to make space to do all that she needed to do. Mindset plays a vital role in life; it is everything. So much of what we accomplish happnes when we shift what we believe. 

  • #8 Connecting with like minded entrepreneurs is worth a million dollars. Reaching out to those I admired, going to conferences, establishing partnerships, starting a podcast and connecting with people opened up doors for my personal and professional life.

  • #7 Having the right people supporting you is key. Who we have around us in our inner circle plays a huge impact on who we become. Do you have supportive positive people in your life? Are they your biggest cheerleaders?

  • #6 Taking the path of least resistance is not always a bad thing. Sometimes resistance isn’t necessary. We can accomplish things in a streamlined, efficient way that opens up time and space for us. Just because you have always done something in a specific way doesn’t mean you should continue. Taking the leap to the easier way might seem scary, but it can be so worth it.

  • #5 Sweating the small stuff is pointless. There are a lot of things to sweat in the food blogging world! My world is not going to end when bad things happen. I love my blog dearly but my blog isn’t everything. The frustrating times are important pieces of the puzzle but I need to keep my focus on what’s important and the bigger picture. 

  • #4 Some seeds have a long germination period. You can work and work and work and it can get frustrating when you expect a change and growth and there isn’t any; but its important to remember to give these things you’ve chosen and invested in some time and love.

  • #3 That very next step is the most important one. You don’t need to see the full picture in order to start something. 

  • #2 EAT with HEART. We are reminded that Google has a lot of power and if we want to tap into their magic, we have to have a very clear understanding of what our user wants. These acronyms are so applicable to us food bloggers. The UX is more important than SEO and it helps me to create an experience for my audience with every word I write. 

  • #1 Time is mine! I had to dig deep and figure out how to increase productivity to tackle all the goals I had set for myself and be able to work on them. If you are interested in this topic, join us in the Always Enough facebook group to take back your time and let 2020 be a year of enough time for you to do all that you want to focus on.

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