After recently feeling low and depleted, I started intentionally changing the language I use immediately after I wake up. Focusing on concepts like gratitude, love and inspiration before even getting out of bed, has helped me reframe negative thoughts and rekindle my motivation for work. If nothing else it has helped me be in a better mood the rest of the day. Try this and let me know what impact it has on your day!

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Before you get out of bed…

  • Say the word “Gratitude” and think about the first handful of things you are immensely grateful for.
  • Say the word “Wisdom” and envision yourself making wise decisions throughout your day.
  • Say the word “Abundance” and think of the abundant blessings in your life.
  • Say the word “Inspiration” and reflect on what inspires you.
  • Say the word “Love” and think about the things that make you feel love.

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EBT559 – 5 Words to Say Before You Get Out of Bed

Intro  00:01

Hey food bloggers. Thank you so much for joining me in this mindset and self-care focused episode here on Eat Blog Talk. One of the reasons I started a blog talk was to hold a space to talk about the importance of mindset and self-care. Being an entrepreneur can be a lot. If we are not taking care of ourselves, then getting actionable information about SEO Pinterest or whatever else is all moot. I will meet you back here every Wednesday to discuss various mindset and self-care topics. So you have the energy and space to tackle the rest.

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Hey, food bloggers have you always wanted to diversify your income with brand partnerships but don’t want to feel gross and salesy or maybe you’re just overwhelmed by all the advice out there about working with brands and don’t even know where to start. I’m Brittany Roche, a food blogger at and a blogging coach who focuses specifically on helping bloggers like you build a system for working with brands that helps them reach their business goals, but also feels natural and genuine to them. Whether you’re looking to make brand partnerships a consistent part of your monthly revenue or just want to have a solid system in place that you can pull out of your back pocket. Anytime you see your RPMs take a hit and you need to bring in some extra income. My three month goal and mindset based coaching and support program can help you break through your own mental barriers and start making it happen. If you have any questions about coaching or want to sign up just send me an email at [email protected] That’s Brittany with two T’s A N Y You can also sign up for my free weekly blogging email for brand work focus tips, ideas, motivation and support by going to Thanks for taking time out of this episode to listen back to you, Megan.

Megan Porta  01:46

Hello food bloggers welcome it to this self care and mindset focused episode of Eat Blog Talk. Thank you so much for being here. I so appreciate you listening to these episodes and hope you’re finding value from them. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about five words to say before you get out of bed each morning to have the best day possible. You know, those days when you get out of bed, just feeling off and I shouldn’t even say get out of bed, you wake up feeling off, or you feel down or sad or just feisty or anxious. I cannot stand those days, they’re not my favorite days, I wake up and feel like really, this is how I feel before I even get out of bed. This doesn’t seem fair. And if I hop out of bed right after that I can massively get in my own head and in my own way. And it can very easily spiral into just making my whole day fall apart just by having certain thoughts as I start the day, I will be honest, it has been a little bit of a challenging past couple of weeks, since we returned home from our vacation. Some minor and temporary health issues have popped up into my world, leaving me feeling just down, depleted honestly, I feel like I don’t have energy to get through most days. And I feel a bit angry because oh my gosh, it is summer in Minnesota doesn’t my body know how to behave in the summertime. This is precious precious time and I want to feel good. So most mornings lately I’ve been waking up to that feeling of dread. Like the day is going to disappoint me. So I began a ritual involving a lot of intentionality with what I think and say before my feet even hit the ground. Because as we know, or maybe we don’t know, but words and thoughts literally dictate our realities. Test it out. I encourage you to do that and see what happens because it is so true. If you wake up with a headache, for example, and have the thought that it’s going to be a crappy day, guess what, it is going to be a crappy day. If you wake up with a headache and direct your mind to other thoughts. It does not have to be a crappy day, you can totally turn it around. Words and thoughts hold more power than we give them credit for. They can make a day awesome. And they can turn a day into a complete disaster. It will benefit you to increase your awareness about the thoughts you think and the words you say and doing this exercise will totally help you do this. I remind myself this 10 times or more every day, thoughts and words hold so much power. So in this episode, let’s talk through five words to say before you even get out of bed in the morning. I’ve been practicing with these very words and they’ve helped me to turn the thought today could get rough into a decent or even a great day. Let’s give this the GWAIL acronym, which sounds a little weird, but whatever, I’m weird. So this makes perfect sense. So let’s get started. 

Megan Porta  05:19

Number one is gratitude. Now, along with saying these words, I found it beneficial to have some follow up thoughts after each word. This whole process, all of the words that you go through before you step out of bed should not take you more than five minutes. You can take longer if you want, but give yourself five minutes after you wake up. Even if you don’t have the feeling of dread or like, today could be a crappy day, even if you wake up feeling kind of good. Still say these words, and it’ll be even better. So the first word you’re going to say, is gratitude, which is followed by thinking about what are the first handful of things that come to your mind that you are immensely grateful for? There are a lot of things all of us can be grateful for at any moment. So those things should pop into your head and be really specific. Is it your spouse? Is it your kids? Is it the safe home you live in? Maybe an upcoming vacation, you’re looking forward to. Freedom to enjoy summer with your family. The 400 thread count sheets you’re laying in, the cozy cat snuggled up next to you. Time spent with loved ones recently, maybe you had a party recently, or a gathering. Maybe you have a fresh manicure or pedicure, or maybe you can see that it’s sunshiny outside. Or maybe you’re thankful for the rain. Maybe you needed rain in your area, and you’re grateful for that. Maybe you’re grateful for your health and how your body is feeling that day. Run through the main things that come to mind and give each one of them just a few seconds of attention. Really feeling the gratitude for each one. Focusing on gratitude first puts you in a place of true appreciation, start your day. 

Megan Porta  05:19

Number two, wisdom. Next, say the word wisdom and envisioning yourself making wise decisions throughout your day. What things specifically need clarification in your life or your day. Maybe it’s work projects, home projects, this week’s to do list or today’s to do List, how to handle kid behaviors. Maybe there are relational issues you’ve been dealing with with loved ones that need to be sorted out. Think through those top things that come to mind and say the word wisdom or think the word wisdom after each topic, you are seeking clarification about. 

Megan Porta  07:48

Number three abundance. I love this one because of something I heard on a podcast a while back. I remember the podcaster. And I’m so sorry, I never remember the names of who said certain things by there in my brain, where they came from. So I wish I could give everyone the attribution they deserve. But I do not remember who said this. Whoever this was, I remember them talking about having that feeling of lack in their lives. And then just stopping and taking inventory of everything around them and seeing so much abundance literally everywhere. And this podcaster gave the example of looking at a single tree in the summertime. What do you see when you see a tree you see leaves, you see so many leaves. It’s kind of miraculous how many little leaves can grow on one single tree. It’s so abundant. And then if you look at all the trees in your neighborhood and see all the leaves that accumulate between all of those trees, it’s kind of crazy. Now, look at the ground. Oh my gosh, the blades of grass are endless. There are so many blades of grass, in your front yard, in your backyard, in your neighbor’s yards and think of all the yards in your city and in the country and in the world. And if you’re near a beach, look at all the grains of sand on a beach. It’s astounding honestly. There truly is abundance absolutely everywhere in the world around us. Sometimes it just takes us topping and seeing all of that abundance to remind us that there’s abundance in our lives too, specifically in our worlds in our bodies and our lives and our families and our homes in our minds. So say the word abundance and think of the abundant blessings in your life. Again, it gets specific. Maybe it’s money in your bank account, even if it’s just one cent in the green it’s abundant. Clothes in your closet shoes in your closet. Love in your home, food in the pantry, gas in your gas tank projects on your to do list even if you feel overwhelmed by them. There are abundant projects that you can work on. Friends, you love dog licks or tail wags you get each day, there’s so much abundance in your life. So think through each of those top things that pop into your mind. And think or say abundance after each one. 

Megan Porta  10:16

Number four inspiration. Inspiration is one that seems to elude me when I’m feeling down or stuck or out of sync with my soul. So this is a really important one to start with the day with, at least for me, say or think the word inspiration followed by a few things you feel inspired by, in that moment, if you don’t feel inspired by anything, and this definitely happens for me, I get in spots where I just don’t feel inspired by much of anything. Then just sit with the word and ask for inspiration to find you today. Maybe you’re inspired by a specific content cluster or ingredient on your blog that you’re really passionate about exploring in the kitchen. Or maybe it’s art you want to create or something you want to say to a loved one. Maybe it’s planting flowers in the garden or just up keeping your yard. Maybe it is walking in nature with your dog, or planning a trip, or spending time with your sibling this weekend. Whatever it is, put it in your brain. I feel like I have some pretty off the wall inspiration this time of year every year. Based on the way my husband looks at me after I talk about each one I see in his eyes. And it’s a little bit odd. But I’m going to tell you a few of them to show you that inspiration can come in many forms and from odd places but to just run with it. Okay, no judgement. That’s a preface to this next little section. Milkweed, which grows in our yard monarch eggs are laid on milkweed which grow into caterpillars, and then monarch butterflies. Harvesting and growing Monarch caterpillars into monarch butterflies lights me up inside. I don’t know why, I love it. Every time I see the milkweed start growing in our yard I get so excited.

Megan Porta  12:09

Also, we have mulberry trees in our yard. This lights me up too. I love plucking the mulberries off just taking the time to do that and wash them and put them in baked goods. I don’t know why. But this really inspires me It lights up my heart. Going to farmers markets in the summer, it really lights me up to if you just even say those two words, I get really excited, like yes, let’s go let’s get some fresh veggies. I love grabbing fresh vegetables and planning out what I’m going to do with the ingredients, cooking them, eating them, adding them to dinner, whatever it just lights me up. Also tidying up our yard. I love walking around our yard and making it just nice and tidy, pulling few weeds here and there. Also planning and hosting parties with friends or family members. Sitting in my backyard and just gazing at the sunset on a lovely summer day or planning vacations for the coming year. All of these things are so inspiring for me. So when you feel that twinge of inspiration, even if it’s something really off the wall, be sure to follow through with it. At the very minimum, write it down in your journal or in a notebook so you don’t forget about it and you don’t leave that inspired feeling behind. Because it’s important. Those little twinges of inspiration are trying to tell you something. And it all starts with asking to see the inspiration to feel it. So start your day with the word. 

Megan Porta  13:37

And number five, love. Last but not least, and actually, probably the most important of all of these is love. If we do everything in the spirit of love as we move through each day, all will be well. Love is a word I say to myself repeatedly throughout every day of my life. I am not kidding you. When I start judging someone or maybe I start judging myself. I stop and I just say love. When I feel fear creeping in which feels like it’s a lot of the time or maybe I feel anxiety creeping into love. Love is the antidote for all bad thoughts. And therefore it’s the catch all reflex word to say when in doubt, making it the perfect last word on your list to say before you hop out of bed. Just say love. This encompasses so many things. It refers to the things you already love. it dispels fear, judgment, anxiety and worry. It’s a powerful word, say or think it with enthusiasm and you can top it off by thinking about a few of the things that make you bubble up with that love feeling. Family members, maybe the note or text you got from a friend yesterday, the grace your spouse or a kid or a friend had with you, the feeling you had while spending time with your loved ones or your children. Let yourself feel the love feels. End this morning ritual with the word love. 

Outro  15:04

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