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Episode 094: Create Work-Life Balance With Routine And Structure With Sarah and Laura

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About: Meet Laura & Sarah – best friends, life partners and the creative duo behind Wandercooks. As cooking-obsessed foodies, they love to cook, photograph, write and create videos for each of the recipes you’ll find on this site.

Notes from Episode #094: Creating Routine and Structure While Working From Home and Balancing Two Businesses.

  • Fun fact: When Sarah and Laura met, they challenged themselves to make a different meal every night for six months. Also, Laura will do the prep in cooking and Sarah will cook!
  • After their 6 mo cooking challenge, Sarah and Laura returned from a year abroad and didn’t want to go back to corporate working life. They wanted to experience what other people were cooking. SO they quit their jobs and sold their houses and headed overseas with a one way ticket. 
    • The first 3 months were planned out and from there the journey took them to wherever it led. They went through southeast Asia and Europe. AirBnB was just starting out so they used that a little but they couch surfed as well. This really allowed them to share hospitality with their hosts by cooking for them and get to know each other over a good meal.

  • Sarah and Laura learned to embrace new ingredients and weave them into their own recipe content. 

    • The first time you taste an ingredient makes you curious and makes you think about how you can use this and create something yourself. 

  • Over the last 5 years, Sarah and Laura have refined their routine and structure to be able to successfully run both businesses from home while maintaining an ideal lifestyle balance.

    • Laura gets up early and starts with yoga and meditation. They come together for breakfast and read. Non fiction, fiction, or self-help. Then they begin work in a separate space. They keep the space they work in clutter free. They have it simple with a candle, a plant and maybe some music playing in the background to make the environment pleasing to work in. 

  • They have a main to do list that has everything in both businesses. Then they write on a to-do list for that day one thing each they need to accomplish. 

  • Establishing boundaries with work and personal time is important for self-care. They tend to close up shop at 5p unless they are in a flow or are under a deadline. They try to keep each other accountable to closing the computers and having time together that doesn’t involve work. 

  • Self-care can be done throughout the day.

    • You can take small breaks throughout the day to help you keep your energy up. Stop, take a walk and enjoy fresh air.

    • Creativity is inspired when you let your brain reset and then head back to work. It brings that element of holiday feel to your day. You can work harder when you come back. 

  • Sarah and Laura enjoy baking on Sunday so throughout the week they can have a treat while they are working. 

  • They have a fun tradition of having a celebration dance together around their desks when they experience a “win” during the week, big or small. 

  • It’s a small tweak to the mindset to make the choice that you can treat your life like you’re on vacation and enjoy the life you’ve created at work too. 

  • Monday mornings they’ve incorporated a brain storming/problem solving session into their routine. They go someplace new each week so they aren’t in their work space and can get creative.

  • Quarterly they like to book a trip away for a “think weekend”. They can go away together and focus on whatever business they need to work on. They bring snacks and work throughout the day in this tucked away location. They get back refreshed and ready to work. 

  • Advice to keeping on task: Don’t drink too much coffee; enjoy more tea and water so you can avoid the afternoon slump. 

  • A benefit of working for yourself is that you can take a timeout to do yoga and reset your day if you aren’t feeling well or just need a mindset shift. 

  • Keeping these strategies in place keep our energy up, keeps us focused and productive without getting burnt out.

  • Sarah and Laura’s advice: Be easy on yourself and to listen to yourself. You know when you need to stop. Take that moment to check in with yourself throughout the day. 

  • Favorite quote: “Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can.”

Helpful references from the episode:

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