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Episode 094: Create Work-Life Balance With Routine And Structure With Sarah and Laura

In episode 094, we chat with Sarah and Laura, of Wandercooks, about the importance of creating boundaries and balance in your personal and work life when you work from home.

We cover information about establishing physical boundaries as well as time, how important self care is throughout the day and what that looks like and having a “think retreat” to rejuvenate and plan your business.

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BIO Meet Laura & Sarah – best friends, life partners and the creative duo behind Wandercooks. As cooking-obsessed foodies, they love to cook, photograph, write and create videos for each of the recipes you’ll find on this site.


  • Embrace new ingredients and weave them into their own recipe content. A new ingredient makes you curious to create something.

  • Incorporate self care into your routine.

  • When you work with a partner in the same space, carve out your own work space to be productive.
  • Create a main to do list that has everything in both businesses. Then write on a to-do list for that day that needs to be accomplished. 

  • Establishing boundaries with work and personal time is important for self-care.

  • Have an end time to your day that you stick to.
  • Keep each other accountable.  
  • Take small breaks throughout the day to help you keep your energy up. Stop, take a walk and enjoy fresh air.

  • Creativity is inspired when you let your brain reset and then head back to work.

  • Go someplace new each week outside your office to get inspired, have a meeting, creative planning.

  • Book a trip away for a “think weekend”. Go away and focus on whatever business they need to work on. It helps to become refreshed and ready to work again. 

  • Avoid the afternoon slump with healthy food/beverage choices. 
  • A benefit of working for yourself is that you can take a timeout to do a mindset shift. 

Resources Mentioned

Morning Yoga –


Book – Boundaries by Henry Cloud

Bill Gates’ Think Weeks


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