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Episode 111: Creating Food Videos With Veronika Grove

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About: Veronika’s Kitchen started in 2016, but Veronika began focusing on monetization in 2018. That year Veronika learned how to film Tasty Style Videos which began to be popular on Facebook and other social media. She began producing food videos for other bloggers later that year, while mastering technical knowledge and skills. It was a great way to earn extra income and make friends with a number of food bloggers in the industry. Veronika is now creating a course about Tasty Style Videos. This class will teach people how to film, edit, and monetize food videos from start to finish.

Notes from Episode #111: Fundamentals of Creating Tasty-Style Food Videos

  • Fun fact: Veronika is originally from the region where there are more redheads per capita than anywhere else.
  • Creating hands and pans videos are important because it helps you to entertain and attract your audience’s attention for recipes that a lot of bloggers are overlapping on. 
  • You can use props like maple syrup and different ingredients to make the recipe interesting. You can show realistically show off your recipe and help your audience see and smell it. 
  • The time is now to show off your best recipes right now. 
  • Trial and error helps you find your best way to stand out with video. You can stand out among other bloggers.
    • Veronika started out with her phone and a tripod. 
    • Capture hero shots
    • 1 camera angle, shoot overhead for a complete shot. Editing is easier in this format.
    • Multiple camera angles.
  • Followers will want to share your work and you gain traffic. 
  • Monetization –
    • Embed video into your own blog – Once they are on your site, you can set them to autoplay. Veronika gets 27% of her adthrive income from this. 
    • Sponsored posts – Brands want their own product in a video and you can charge money to make it for them.
    • Videos for other bloggers – help those who don’t want to invest in making videos or who need help creating them. There are unlimited options here. You can promote yourself in Facebook groups and on your own pages.  Put yourself out there. You can set up a page on your own blog that outlines your creativity, your knowledge in this area and steps how you will work together. Then others will also help promote you. You can set your own rules and create routine for yourself and people will follow your cues. Veronika made connections and networked a lot doing this. This helps you fine tune your own skills too. 
  • Strategy to promoting your recipes via video – 
    • High engagement rates with video vs photos
    • IG – Video engagement was 39% and 14% for photos
    • FB groups are where she shares her videos (groups) 
    • Always post new content to FB, IG, Pinterest and YouTube
    • Regular square videos work best but some people use text overlaid; there are different theories on this 
    • You can mix video and photos in a carousel 
    • Pinterest – videos vs photos – Veronika likes to put up 10 videos a week
    • Prepare videos in horizontal, square and IGTV
    • Take screenshots of videos so you grab the process shots while creating videos and don’t double up your work.
    • Veronika is trying to create 2 videos a week from her own content.
    • FB is trying to promote videos 3 minutes or longer which is difficult for food videos and Veronika hasn’t done.
  • If you’re updating your content on your blog, you can refresh your audience with your video again. Add new videos or new process shots because engagement is partly entertainment and ease of understanding how to quickly put a recipe together. 
  • If you have a video that you aren’t super proud of and made when you were first learning how to make videos, but they are still doing well, then leave it until that post isn’t continuously giving you traffic. 
  • If you’ve never made videos before, you should definitely give it a try. 
  • Long videos bring more value and FB seems to share more but Veronika doesn’t have personal experience with this to give analytics. 
  • Quote from Oscar Wilde – “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Remind yourself that you have your own blog, your own way and shouldn’t try to be like everyone else. Try to find your own voice, what you like. If you like videos, make them. Just be yourself.


Megan started her food blog Pip and Ebby in 2010 and food blogging has been her full-time career since 2013. Her passion for blogging has grown into an intense desire to help fellow food bloggers find the information, insight, and community they need in order to find success.

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