In episode 034, we talk with Morgan Wieboldt about how food bloggers can use Google search console to create valuable content your audience craves!

We cover information about creating an effective editorial content calendar, efficient ways to navigate search console and why you need to build cornerstone recipes based on queries.

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Morgan is a mom of two boys age 5 and 3 who writes the blog Morgan Manages Mommyhood where she shows moms how to make being a mom easier and being a kid memorable through hidden veggie recipes and fun kid food. A hardcore nerd for life, she fell into a love of analytics, SEO, and productivity and now teaches bloggers how to create content more effectively through keyword research and editorial planning


  • It’s important to create content based around what analytics share vs what sounds like a good idea.

  • Dig into your analytics to find what has worked and what isn’t. Learn what Google says you can be an authority on. Use that to start creating content, use research to put a plan in place.

  • Create content with keywords in mind. Simple changes in your planning methods allow you to create content your readers want in a way Google will recognize and rank.

  • To appear as authority on content about a topic, you must create cornerstone content. Create content that you want to appear in a Google search for your niche and answer them within your posts.

  • Join facebook groups and reach out to friends/moms, then create content answering questions about those needs.

  • Get on board with batching! This makes life so much easier because you’re productive, stay consistent and not switch mental gears throughout the day.

  • On Google console, begin on the left side of the screen where it says Search Results or Performance – start here. A line graph appears. You can set it to different times at the top of the page.

  • You can entice people to click on your link by changing the title and meta data

  • You can look at analytics for your overall website and a specific page within your blog.

  • Check out the queries, sort by position. Look at posts that are 11th position and these are low hanging fruit. Refine that content to help move it up in search results.

  • Google said you can only rank 2x per page per domain. Instead, branch out and offer similar style recipes and ingredients. Google may update as early as 6 weeks after changes are made but leave any post alone for at least 3 months to let Google scroll.

  • If anything says ERROR within Google Console/Analytics, then you want to fix that. ASAP. Yellow warnings aren’t a worry. 

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