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I am a retired Chiropractor turned blogger and cookbook author. My goal is to help people with food related allergies and sensitivities to resolve their health issues with proper diet and stress management. Cooking should be fun and stress-free so I use the latest resources available, i.e. cooking gadgets like pressure cooker and air fryer for simpler but delicious recipes.


Notes from Episode #069: Health Trends

  • Fun fact: Karen plays the piano and has since she was very little. She doesn’t practice a lot these days but still tries to keep her skills up a little so she doesn’t lose all her knowledge and skills.

  • Her first blog wasn’t related to food – it was an environmental food related blog and she ended up switching to a food blog when her kids exhibited food allergies. 

  • Talking about topics that affect you personally show through in your writing and make you come across authentically to your audience.

  • You become an authority on a topic like a health trend or lifestyle if you’re living it and sharing it. 

  •  We can’t be 100% of one specific food trend even if we are following it pretty closely. So if you have a blog that shares one of the many health trends out there for people to follow recipes, you have to remember that you are a human and you and your audience all share similarities but you can’t be everything to everyone. Each person has their own unique issues or sensitivities with food. Some people have medical conditions that prevent them from eating certain foods while others just are adopting a healthier lifestyle. If you tried to reach everyone, you’d never be successful. So you can just be yourself and offer as close to what you want to live yourself and those who follow along with grasp that.

    • 80/20 rule is a good way to think of it – 80% of the time you stick to the healthy lifestyle you choose and share that type of content and then 20% of the time, share something outside the box. 

    • Make the facts clear to your audience in each blog post. You have people that follow you regularly but then you have people popping in and out of your blog and won’t know your history with food. So share things like: this recipe is good for this diet lifestyle but then modify if you are or aren’t affected by these ingredients. 

    • If you want to dabble in the world of health food trends, then you need to take the time to know your stuff. Don’t post keto recipes or paleo if you don’t take the time to know what’s allowed and how to prepare recipes for this audience. 

  • Be careful about reading labels when you begin a new healthy diet/lifestyle. You should be wary of the word “natural”. Most of the foods that are easy to buy and are prepared should be something you are reading the labels on. Often you can make it yourself or find a great simple hack that will fit in the lifestyle without compromising on flavor, unnecessary ingredients or things you don’t want to take in. 

  • Learn about the diet/lifestyle you want to adopt. For example: fruit isn’t equal – some fruits can be adopted on a lifestyle trend but only so much per day, a small percentage of your food intake. Other diets you aren’t eating fruit at all. 

  • Is your endgame or end goal to lose a bunch of weight? Because Whole30 and paleo don’t have a goal of weight loss. Be aware of the goals of a particular health trend. But often on the keto diet, you can see weight loss happen but you need to ask yourself why are you on this diet before you start.

    • This will help you shape what you eat and which recipes you follow and how to share content.

  • Awareness of food content is important for food bloggers. It is so important to be careful about what you are recommending. But if you want to expand your audience, learn about a health trend and offer more recipes that fit in that category!

  • Really, cooking should be fun. 

  • Favorite quote: ~Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

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