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Episode 117: TikTok and Massive Growth on Any Platform With Yumna Jawad

Blog Title: Feel Good Foodie

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About: Currently raising her family in Michigan, Yumna is the home cook, recipe developer, and inspiration behind Feel Good Foodie. She creates nutritious, delicious, and family-friendly meals, sharing her enthusiasm for natural ingredients and clean eating. Yumna experiments with new tastes and textures, providing healthy alternatives to everyday staples that make you feel good.

Notes from Episode #117:

Fun fact: Yumna is an artist! She took an art class and developed those skills years ago which has helped her as a food photographer today.

Tik Tok is a 100% video platform that engages its audience. A mininum of 5 seconds up to 60 seconds. They can be polished or spontaneous.

You can use music or voice overs and they are created right within the app. Special effects are even an option!

When Tik Tok came out, she didn’t see the platform as releveant to food bloggers. However, her thinking has completely changed.

It’s a young platform so you can capitalize on the attention it’s getting. It’s a larger reach for you if you get your audience’s attention that has nothing to do with your following on other platforms.

With Tik Tok, the discovery is coming from within the app so you can grow organically vs how Snap Shot made you bring your following from IG to Snap Shot. Tik Tok doesn’t have that requirement.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is – dentist, dancers, food bloggers! People are engaged in all kinds of videos.

Tik Tok won’t replace Instagram but it is competitive. All ages and genres are getting onto this app. A huge shift happened during Covid stay at home period because families were getting online and people had time to get creative. The demographics changed and more people are enjoying it.

Tik Tok is fun because you can save a video on your phone and you can share them or share a link with someone else without even having an account. This is a good way to share with kids because you can have them see age appropriate content without letting them have access to everything on the app.

Instagram is probably watching Tik Tok carefully because it’s taking people away from their platform.

Tik Tok is valuable right now though for the food bloggers content. It is a different way of making content. Here’s a little of what you’ll get:

  • It’ll make you get behind the camera and talk to your audience about a kitchen or cooking hack.
  • It pushes you outside your limits
  • Lets you have fun and create interesting content that captures a new audience
  • Makes you think creatively about problem solving and entertaining in a different way

In the next wave of how we’re creating content, the way that we’re creating and consuming content is so vital and it’s an essential skill for us right now.

Brand sponsorships are minimal within Tik Tok right now because its in its baby steps. Reputable Brands are starting to get on board and take notice of this platform, building awareness or checking it out.

Some influencers are using this platform to hold Master class of some service or a sale of an e-book, etc.

Tik Tok users are super engaged! They follow you, ask questions and share! You need to build repoire as an influencer

Tik Tok values:

  • Retention
  • Sharing
  • Completion (watching a full video/rewatch)

After 24 hours, your content doesn’t die, unlike other platforms where the algorithm forces them to die.

Knowing your audience and correct audience is important. For example, Hands n Pans isn’t acceptable on YouTube. So you have to be discerning how people consume the material on whichever platform you use.

How do people fully consume your content?

A thoughtful caption? A carousel of videos? Do you have a signature thing you do that your audience comes to know?

Hook your audience in the first 2-3 seconds of a Tik Tok video to keep them checking out that video PLUS checking out your next new piece of content.

Be YOU on any content you share. Share YOU on the app.

We’re a package deal as a Brand of our own so we can’t just pick one platform of social media to share on. We have to be there on all of them to be there for multiple audiences and grow our audience well.

Mindset + Putting In The Work = Successful Blogger

What should we not be doing on Tik Tok (rookie mistakes) – Tik Tok isn’t just for singing and dancing so don’t do what everyone else is doing. You already know how to create high quality content so stick to that.

Be Fast – Quick – Fun on Tik Tok.

Stay in your niche. You are a niche.

You can see trending topics on the home page. So get on those!

Voice over, Hashtags and Captions are ways that Tik Tok uses to pick videos to share on the home page.


Megan started her food blog Pip and Ebby in 2010 and food blogging has been her full-time career since 2013. Her passion for blogging has grown into an intense desire to help fellow food bloggers find the information, insight, and community they need in order to find success.

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