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Episode 103: Managing Anxiety In Times Of Stress With Deborah Thompson

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About: Deborah is a professional chef turned food blogger. She began her first blog about 4 years ago and really struggled to gain traction. She didn’t know who her audience was, who she was creating for. Deborah just kept moving forward because giving up just didn’t “feel right”. Then she came up with a niche and has been able to grow. Deborah discovered that motivation and dedication becomes much easier when you know who you are creating for and why.

Notes from Episode #103: Managing Anxiety In Times Of Stress

  • Fun fact: Deb loves fresh strawberries but detests strawberry flavors. 
  • Managing anxiety – the holy trinity is the first set of things Deborah looks at when she recognizes she’s dealing with anxiety or stress. They are all important individually, but also they have to work together to be effective. 
    • Sleep 
    • Diet
    • Exercise
  • Be a master at catching your thoughts – you don’t want them to run away and get faster otherwise you get snowballed by negative overwhelming thoughts. 
    • This isn’t the way you normally think – take a moment to think about it; did this happen because you didn’t get a good nights sleep? 
  • Routine is important
    • Be intentional about getting up and go to bed at the same time daily
    • It sounds rigid but there’s no guesswork – forcing you to use the hours you have and be mindful rather than evaporate away your day.
    • Eliminate anxiety about wasting time on things you don’t feel like doing but know you need to do.
    • This helps to preserve your mental bandwidth.
  • The more room you make for routine in your day with blogging and work, the better it will be for your personal life.
    • The more you can automate your routine and your mind the less you’ll spend your energy on things that aren’t important.
  • Keep your eyes on your own paper
    • Comparison is the thief of joy ~Eleanor Roosevelt
    • There is nobody in the world like you so stop looking at other people unless it’s useful and helpful with mechanics.
  • Deborah doesn’t hop onto social media until at least 11am because this helps her manage her anxiety.
    • Your mind is in a foggy state and will latch onto any thought you give it when you wake up. If you’re prone to self-comparison and anxiety, then get yourself grounded for the day, complete your morning routine, then you can think about socials. 
    • Deborah likes to limit herself to 1 hour a day (and is a work in progress on this goal!)
    • Waste No Time app – set a time to write and then put the time waster apps in this app so you can’t go visit them during the selected times.
  • Social media – be online as a content creator vs content consumer, it changes how you spend your time.
  • We might be surviving this time of covid with seemingly little issues however our brain protects us and we might not see/feel the affects until after its over. 
  • Be prepared for what’s to come so you’re not taken aback – prepare mentally for taking care of yourself and loved ones after the “shelter in home” is lifted so you aren’t shocked. 
  • Megan has seen an equation happen in her life with periods of trauma : Every day spent in the midst of a trauma = 1 week of healing in the aftermath. This means we should prepare mentally and physically for this to occur so were not caught unaware.
  • A good way to connect and keep in touch with friends, coworkers or fellow bloggers is to comment on friends blogs. You can reach out via a posts or their IG pages to let people know you’re there. Support can come in many ways and they can be encouraged. It’s a quick way to touch base with people and not feel like you have to have a full blown interaction. 
  • Try to intentionally think in a positive way. What if this is the best thing to happen to us today rather than preparing for the worst? This helps you when thinking about things like a Google update, in regards to Covid, or anything that comes up unexpectedly. 
  • A hustle mentality came into play at the beginning of Covid and shelter in place. Deborah encourages you to mute people who make you feel like you are falling behind by not doing so many big things. This drives the anxiety up and that’s not something you should feel pressured into. Fall out of love with a hustle mentality.


Megan started her food blog Pip and Ebby in 2010 and food blogging has been her full-time career since 2013. Her passion for blogging has grown into an intense desire to help fellow food bloggers find the information, insight, and community they need in order to find success.

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