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Posts published in “Entrepreneurial journey”

Learn from what others have to say about their journey as a business owner.

Episode 440: Why Going Viral is Bad for Your Business & 6 Tips to Stay Motivated as You Grow Your Blog with Tara Smithson

Megan chats to Tara Smithson about why going viral is often bad for your business and 6 tips that will help you stay motivated.

Episode 435: Modern-day Blogging Success – The Latest Strategies for New Bloggers to Succeed with Carmen Spillette

In episode 435, Carmen Spillette teaches us the latest strategies to grow our blogs and gain success, especially if we’re just starting out.

Episode 434: Imposter Syndrome – Why do We Suffer From it and Tips to Overcome Feeling Like a Fraud with Amy Reid

In episode 434, Megan chats to Amy Reid about imposter syndrome, what causes it, how it affects our businesses and how to overcome it.

Episode 427: You Will Never Have Enough Time to Do it All and Other Lessons from Academia that Apply to Blogging with Joanne Stekler

Megan chats to Joanne Steckler about lessons she learned as an academic medicine and how she has applied those to grow her blog.

Episode 423: How to Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur (+Why Multiple Income Streams Help) with Nicole Liloia

Megan chats to Nicole Liloia about how we can avoid being burned out as an entrepreneur, including tips for building multiple income streams.

Episode 417: Overcome the Hesitation to Talk About Your Food Blog – Being a Confident Blogger Every Step of the Way with Vinessa Rae

Vinessa Knabbe teaches us how to be confident food bloggers, talking about our jobs without hesitation, regardless where you’re at.

Episode 409: The 5 Stages of Building a Profitable Business (+How to Talk Confidently About Your Job as a Blogger) with Laura Tobin

Laura Tobin teaches us how to treat our blogs like actual businesses, and getting into the right mindset with confidence.