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Posts published in “Content Strategy”

How to think through, plan, and develop content for your food blog.

Episode 469: How to Plan and Execute a Schedule and Content Calendar to Take Extended Time Off with Callan Wenner

Megan chats to Callan Wenner about how she scheduled and executed a content calendar to take extended time off from blogging.

Episode 451: How to Make Recipes More Nutrient Dense – Tips From a Registered Dietitian with Wan Na Chun

Megan chats to Wan Na Chun about how we can develop more nutrient dense recipes, giving our readers healthier options without specific diet talk.

Episode 450: Creative Ways to Repurpose Content on Social Media (+What to Do If a Post Goes Viral?) with Rebecca Eisenberg

Rebecca Eisenberg teaches us practical and unique ways to repurpose our content on social media, including what to do if our content goes viral.

Episode 411: Up Your Writing Game – What I’ve Learned From Writing For a Magazine and Working With An Editor with Sabrina Currie

Sabrina Currie teaches us how to up our writing game by focusing on clear blog writing, providing accurate information regarding our recipes.

Episode 396: Different Ways to Leverage AI Writing Tools Like ChatGPT for Your Food Blog with Marley Braunlich

Megan chats to Marley Braunlich about different ways to use AI tools like ChatGPT to streamline writing and become more efficient bloggers.

Episode 393: What Should Bloggers Know About Nutrition – Providing Accurate Nutritional Information for Recipes with Chrissy Carroll

Megan chats to Chrissy Carroll about nutrition considerations for bloggers, especially within the wellness niche.