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Posts published in “Business strategy & tips”

Advice on how to grow your food blogging business.

Episode 371 : 3 Strategies to Help you Find the Perfect Niche for your Blog in order to Increase Traffic and Income with Vanessa Mota

In episode 371, Megan chats to Vanessa Mota about how to niche down, finding the ideal topic for your blog to increase traffic and income.

Episode 369: Two Ways to Protect a Recipe – What Bloggers should Know about IP Protection and Internet Law with Maria Spear Ollis

Megan chats to IP specialist and attorney, Maria Spear Ollis, about protecting our recipes and images online.

Episode 368: 10 Strategies for Sustainable Side-Hustling (+ What is Your Ideal Work-Life Balance?) with Meredith Kruse

Meredith Kruse teaches us 10 strategies for sustainable side-hustling and don’t have to quit our full-time job to be successful food bloggers.

Episode 365: Win-win Strategies for Brand Partnerships – Contract Negotiation and Building Long-Term Relationships with your Ideal Brand with Kristen Bousquet

Megan chats to Kristen Bousquet about how food bloggers can successfully work with brands and build long-term relationships.