All those big dreams you have for your business that keep eluding you?

Let’s make them happen!

In the process, we will unlock the power of TIME which will open the floodgates for all kinds of success!

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You might be able to relate to all or some of the following struggles:

  • You have dreams for your life and business, but you don’t achieve them because you’re not sure where to start or you get easily sidetracked or discouraged.

  • You feel like you never have enough time to get everything on your to-do list accomplished and it gives you a headache to even look at your to-do list.

  • You procrastinate on all of your important work, leaving your calendar a mess of incomplete tasks.

  • Your goals are not clearly defined and most of the time you don’t even know what you’re working so hard for.

  • Your list of projects keeps piling up and you can’t seem to get them done no matter how hard you try.

  • You are constantly BUSY yet you never actually accomplish what you want to accomplish.

  • You’re often frustrated about how you spend your time and you feel like your wheels are spinning.

  • Your days are filled with distractions and you have a hard time saying no to all of the noise that surrounds you.

TIME is the thing we all curse when our to-do list is threatening to strangle us. It’s so easy to do.

But TIME isn’t the problem.

The problem is that we react to the time that fills our days instead of working WITH time to create the life we want.

Our “time” issues are actually not time issues because..

There is ALWAYS ENOUGH time to accomplish the things we want to accomplish.

Let’s unlock the power of TIME so your big dreams can be achieved!

Start with a dream. Something that really lights you up.

Next, follow a series of steps that helps you WORK WITH TIME and that ensures your dream will come to fruition.

Fulfilling this vision will ensure you are spending time on all of the right things because if you don’t.. the vision will die. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. EMOTION – Before anything else, you need to tap into emotion.

  2. VISION – Thanks to emotion, you are now connected with a vision that lights you up.

  3. DETERMINATION & FIERCE DESIRE – Having an emotional connection to a specific vision engages a fierce desire and determination to succeed.

  4. PLANNING – A fierce desire to fulfill a vision prompts putting a plan into action. Track your progress using a goal tracking sheet and create an effective calendar that gets reviewed every week.

  5. DISCIPLINE – In order to stick with the plan, you’ll need to employ strategies that keep you going and this is where discipline comes in. Good habits, protecting your time, staying focused and creating systems in your life will help you get through this phase. And it is VERY important that you get through this stage because it is the hardest layer to get through. This is where many people give up.

  6. PERSEVERANCE – If you face failure too many times or lose sight of your dream, it can be so easy to step off the path you initially set out on. It is such a shame to give up now, though, because if you can pick yourself up and keep moving toward your dream, the next step is.. 

  7. SUCCESS! You have made it through all of the steps and you have fulfilled the vision you had for your life or business. You have a new understanding of and appreciation for TIME because you figured out how to use it as a tool to help you succeed. Not only did you work with time to bring your dream to life, you also set habits and systems in motion, which strengthens your discipline muscle and sets the stage for future successes.

In the Always Enough Facebook Group, we will focus on Steps 1 & 2 (CONNECTING WITH EMOTION TO INSPIRE VISIONS AND GOALS):

  • You will do mindset work that will help prep you for all of the awesomeness to come!

  • You’ll learn how to trigger positive emotions that will help you take action.

  • You will create and analyze a time log, which will give you a thorough understanding about how you are currently spending your time.

  • You will create visions for the next year and goals for the next quarter.

  • You will have access to other group members for direction, community and accountability.

  • This course lasts 4 weeks and takes place inside a private Facebook group. Megan records one live video/week within the group to walk you through the week’s instructions and homework.

  • You have access to other group members for accountability and community purposes.

  • Participation requirements: You should be able to watch each of the 4 videos and also do the homework given in the videos. Bonus: interact within the group with other group members to ask questions and receive support and encouragement.

After the Facebook group ends, you have 2 options!

  1. Take the information you have learned and run with it! Put your action steps into a calendar and watch TIME open up before your eyes!

  2. Purchase a 1-hour PERSONAL BRAINSTORMING SESSION with Megan where you will get the following:

    • You’ll get help refining your goals and action steps.

    • Megan will set you up with a goal tracking template and advice about how to incorporate it into your weekly calendar.

    • You will receive additional support and guidance that will set you up for success!

    • After the call, you will have direct email access to Megan for 1 month so you can refine your plan, ask questions and seek guidance and encouragement.

Reserve your spot today! We’re excited to have you as a part of the Always Enough family!

Please always feel comfortable reaching out to me with any questions you have about the group!

14-day money back guarantee!

If you do not find value inside the group, I will refund your payment IN FULL within the first 14 days.

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Melissa from Mama Gourmand:

“I joined the Always Enough group because I’m great at ‘visioning,’ but wanted to hold myself accountable for following through. Thank you for giving me the tools to not only hone in on what I need to get accomplished, but how to execute my plan of attack efficiently!” 

Jessica from Jessica Gavin:

“With big goals for the new year, I needed to figure out a more efficient way to grow my business and spend more time with my family. Under Megan’s guidance and support, she has provided really simple techniques and tools to make time for the things I want in my life. She helped me conceptualize my visions into workable short term and long term goals and action steps, then block specific chunks of time each day to move things ahead. She’s taught me the importance of intensely focusing on each task, and protecting my time. I’ve gained control back in my life, and achieved the balance I’ve been searching for. I wake up feeling energized and looking forward to each day!”  

Bernie from A Gouda Life:

“Since joining The Always Enough Group I’ve been more productive than the last 5 years I’ve been in business! I had a bad habit of procrastinating, working without a set editorial calendar and wasting precious time personally and professionally! Megan’s top notch tips for getting the most out of the time we have were incredibly helpful. I now work smarter – not more – and get more done. 

Elaine from Small Farm Big Life:

“The Always Enough Course has really opened my eyes to how much time I was wasting while I thought I was multi-tasking. Once I began using the time tracking app I could really see where I needed to make changes. I was spending way too much time on social media! Learning this has really helped me to work smarter in my business and everyday life. I’m so mindful of completing tasks before moving onto another task and doing things during my workday that really help my business.

I had set up a goals and vision calendar for 2020, but Megan helped me to break that down into more manageable and achievable pieces. I look at the calendar and what I’m going to do to achieve my goals and I don’t feel overwhelmed by them now!

This course is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to fine tune how they are spending their time and energy. I’ve had so many little epiphanies!”

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