In episode 082, Megan talks about the stress that enduring a pandemic can be on our minds and bodies and how we can handle that but more importantly, how we can move forward.

We cover information about the importance of taking care of yourself, first and foremost by being gentle with yourself, continue to deliver relevant content and stick to the basics by meeting people where they’re at.

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  • These are traumatic situations to be going through! During the tough times, realize you are strong and can helped carry the load. After the trauma and scary stuff is done, you might find is the hardest part.

  • Self-care is important now, more than ever. Be gentle with yourself and your family.

  • The “normal” work day isn’t the norm now, so it’s important to remember you can’t do things like you did pre-pandemic. 

  • All non-relevant content on your editorial calendar from before should be pushed aside right now. What is relevant? Ask your audience! You can provide a lot of information and content without even creating new content. 

  • Go back to the basics. Remember, this is your current audience and new audience members who need solutions from you.
  • Glance at your analytics. How have things been changing how your content is being consumed?

  • Let this be an opportunity to show how we are like them in that we don’t have a crazy store room of amazing ingredients to pull out but we can be inspiring in the kitchen in this crazy time.

  • Deliver positivity and laughter! Socially engage with your audience because people are craving interaction! 

  • If you need to step away from your blog for your mind and body to have a break, then come back and remember you’ve got this!

Make Self-Care A Priority!

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