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What To Focus On During These Tough Times

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Notes from Episode #082: Where and How To Focus During Tough Times

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  • We’re all going through concerns for our safety –

    • Worries about the virus for ourselves or families or other health concerns that we face in addition to this. 

    • Enough food to feed

    • Jobs & finances when this all is over

  • These are traumatic situations to be going through! During the toughest times of life, Megan found that she was strong and helped carry the load. It was after the trauma and scary stuff was done, that Megan crumbled. The aftermath was the hardest part. 

    • With this is mind, self-care is important now, more than ever. Be gentle with yourself. Catch up on reading, finish projects that are sitting around and spend quality time with family. Breathe in fresh air and appreciate the people in your world. This is so much more important than all the things that are going on in the world. 

  • Episode 078 is a great episode to spark some self-care ideas!

  • Motivation has been tough this past week. You might feel depleted and unmotivated too. 

    • Your body might be telling you to recalibrate. You’ll get the surge of motivation again, but take time for you and your family!

    • The “normal” work day isn’t the norm now, so it’s important to remember you can’t do things like you did pre-pandemic. 

  • All non-relevant content on your editorial calendar from before should be pushed aside right now. Don’t frustrate your audience now with those recipes right now. You’ll be able to use them again down the line. 

  • What is relevant? Ask your audience! You can provide a lot of information and content without even creating new content. 

    • Go back to the basics if you don’t know what to do. Think of the people who never use their kitchens that all of a sudden are stuck at home. There are people needing this information. 

    • Cover the basic of basics. 

    • Put together pantry staple recipes. 

    • Go over how to use your microwave, how to make pasta. 

    • Share ingredient substitutions

    • Direct your attention to kids and doing things in the kitchen with them for your audience’s enjoyment. 

    • Show how to use up items in the pantry and freezer that are leftover and be turned into snacks and meals. 

  • Glance at your analytics. How have things been changing how your content is being consumed? Study how your analytics have changed and what is being viewed. Be inspired by the change in what it shows you so you can adapt. 

  • Remember, this is your current audience and new audience members who need solutions from you.

  • Remember we are all short on groceries. Let this be an opportunity to show how we are like them in that we don’t have a crazy store room of amazing ingredients to pull out but we can be inspiring in the kitchen in this crazy time.

  • Deliver positivity and laughter! Socially engage with your audience because people are craving interaction! 

  • Other work opportunities:

    • Tweak your home page.

    • Focus on one social media platform and really grow it. 

    • Work on some SEO work you’ve put off until now.

    • Use Google analytics to dig into those posts people are now viewing. 

    • Create new pins for Pinterest

    • Check out the “experts” recommendations on what’s to come. 

  • Be careful about wording in your content. Let’s not contribute to the fears rolling around. “Covid” and “Virus” are negatively impacting RPM’s but quarantine and crisis are less fearful. 

  • Don’t be afraid to remind friends and family about your content that’s already there on your site!

  • If you need to step away from your blog for your mind and body to have a break, then come back and remember you’ve got this!


Megan started her food blog Pip and Ebby in 2010 and food blogging has been her full-time career since 2013. Her passion for blogging has grown into an intense desire to help fellow food bloggers find the information, insight, and community they need in order to find success.

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