In episode 093, we chat with Diana Edelman of Vegans, Baby, about establishing your brand in the community while growing your blog as well .

We cover information about looking for an unmet need to and filling it, the importance of being accessible and consistent and go through a brainstorming session about what service you provide online and see how that can be shared in the real world.

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Diana launched Vegans, Baby in 2016, offering the only comprehensive guide to vegan dining in Las Vegas that includes an interactive map of local restaurants with vegan choices, dining and lifestyle directories, guides, news stories and more. Over the years, Vegans, Baby has expanded and includes a vegan dining month in Las Vegas, Portland and San Diego, vegan events and curated, chef-driven dinners at the James Beard House and in Las Vegas. Diana offers local and international food tours, restaurant consulting and authored the Las Vegas Vegan Food Guide.


  • Food blogging can help lead to so many other avenues for your business to grow into.

  • The key is to find out where there’s a need that isn’t being met because you can fill that demand. 

  • Find something that will make you stand out but that you are passionate about at the same time. The less competition you have, the easier it will be to stand out. 

  • You and your “why” are unique. Find non-invasive ways of weaving that through posts. Stand out with what you’re sharing.

  • You have to show up, be accessible and consistent. You have to engage and be relatable otherwise your audience will move on.

  • Know what you do and show them what you do. You have to do this in 500 different ways. Tell it to the people in the back.

  • Don’t expand into something you don’t do. Stay on brand. 

  • You are where you are because of the people that support you. Have a gratitude mindset.

  • Beyond food blogging – there are ways you can get involved in your community and create partnerships and establish your own brand.

  • Even being online, it’s important to build relationships. Connect with restaurants, distributors, like minded people.
  • Engage online with others that you want to potentially meet, network, partner with. Connect with markets that are similar to yours and connect through social media platforms.

  • Don’t look for people to hire you, look for partnerships to nurture. 

Resources Mentioned

  • Diana has gotten to where she is with the help of others. So if you have any questions, reach out. She will always try to be helpful.

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