In this episode, Andrea Liebross teaches us an easy, 5-step process to think big, do big things and take big leaps in our life and business this year.

We cover information on the method Andrea developed around the acronym TRUST to help you become a bigger thinker and push yourself beyond your comfort zone to get closer to your true potential.

Listen on the player below or on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast player. Or scroll down to read a full transcript.

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Guest Details

Connect with Andrea Liebross
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Bio Andrea Liebross is a business and life coach specializing in working with unapologetically ambitious women entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. A speaker and host of the Time to Level Up podcast, Andrea guides her clients to combine Big Thinking with solid systems that work together to unleash their success and find the freedom of time, money, and energy they crave. She is excited about the release of her book She Thinks Big: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and into the Extraordinary in the fall.


  • What ACTIONS would the Future You take today to bring you CLOSER to your GOAL?
  • Analyse your THOUGHT OPTIONS and adjust your thinking.
  • Give as much airtime to POSITIVE OUTCOMES as you would to negative outcomes. 
  • Do you have a SUPPORT STRUCTURE outside of your family?
  • Look for support from someone who will ask you the HARD QUESTIONS in a loving way.
  • TAKE ACTION following valuable advice.
  • Ask yourself, what is the WORST THING that can happen?

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She Thinks Big by Andrea Liebross


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EBT477 – Andrea Liebross

Intro 00:00

Food bloggers. Hi, how are you today? Thank you so much for tuning in to the Eat Blog Talk podcast. This is the place for food bloggers to get information and inspiration to accelerate your blog’s growth and ultimately help you to achieve your freedom, whether that’s financial, personal, or professional. I’m Megan Porta. I have been a food blogger for 13 years, so I understand how isolating food blogging can be. I’m on a mission to motivate, inspire, and most importantly, let each and every food blogger, including you know that you are heard and supported. 

Welcome to 2024 everyone. This is the new year. This is the year for you to grow and do big things and take big leaps in your life and in your business and level up, and so many other good things. And I’m just overflowing with excitement for you and what this year will bring for you. I couldn’t think of anyone better to invite onto the podcast to start the year than Andrea Liebross. She joins me in this interview to talk about this acronym that she put together, which will help you to be a bigger thinker. Andrea is from, and she also recently published a book called She Thinks Big, which aligns absolutely perfectly with the topic, obviously. Inside this episode, she talks through her acronym, which is TRUST, what each of those letters means, and how you can use this acronym to help guide you through your year in the best possible way. You are going to be so inspired by this episode. I loved everything Andrea had to say. I’m even feeling just extra pumped up and ready to tackle the future and my business. So I hope this does the same thing for you. This is episode number 477, Sponsored by RankIQ.

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Megan Porta 03:31

Andrea Liebross is a coach and speaker. She is also the time to Level Up podcast host and author of She Thinks Big, the Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and into the extraordinary. She is known for helping high achievers make the shift from overwhelm to freedom so they stop thinking small and start thinking big. She guides women to create their own secret success sauce by combining two ingredients, the right mindset and solid systems. Head to to access her podcast, her book, her Coaching, and to Take Her Productivity and Business Freedom Finder quizzes. Now, that’s 

Andrea, how are you? So good to talk to you again and have you on the podcast again. How’s it going today?

Andrea Liebross 04:18

It is going well. Thanks for having me back.

Megan Porta 04:21

Yes, so happy to have you here. I love this topic and I think we’re gonna have this published right at the start of the year, so it’s gonna be a really just inspiring, empowering topic to kick off the years kick. So thank you for being our 2024 Kickstarter.

Andrea Liebross 04:37

No problem. That’s quite an honor. I would love to kickstart the year.

Megan Porta 04:41

Okay. Before we get into it though, do you have another fun fact to share with us?

Andrea Liebross 04:45

Yes. So we, over the past, really honestly, three years have built a house and we are now almost, well, by the time you’re listening to this, I pray to God we’re in the house, we should be in the house by Halloween. And I’ve really realized that building a house is very much like building a business. So I think if you think about that, if anyone has ever done that, think about the similarities, then there are lots. So that’s my fun fact.

Megan Porta 05:13

Interesting. So it’s been going for three years. You’ve been building.

Andrea Liebross 05:17

We bought a lot in October of 2020. Oh, wow. So we’re moving in hopefully by November of 2023. So there you go.

Megan Porta 05:25

And just think how amazing it’s gonna feel right when you’re in. Oh, yay. Well, congratulations on that. And then also, you just wrote a book and we’ll talk about that in a little bit, but all of these new things popping up.

Andrea Liebross 05:38

All of these new things, the book is like, if someone told me writing, writing a book, publishing a book is like birthing a baby. And I would agree with that one too.

Megan Porta 05:47

After my cookbook experience, I completely agree with that. That was like my delivery was short and painful. So funny. Okay, so let’s talk about the topic at hand, which is big thinking. I think we all can get into the track of that smaller thinking, and then it just kind of becomes a habit, honestly. Like . depends on who you surround yourself with, and then you just keep thinking the same things over and over. And that small thinking is like your standard, right?

Andrea Liebross 06:22

It is. The small thinking is like the safe thinking. Yes. Right. It’s, it’s usually comfortable. It’s, it’s really based on where we are right now today in the moment. And even if we don’t, the interesting part about it, as I did this research, even if right where we are right now is overwhelming or we don’t even love it, it’s still the comfort zone. And that is really what I, but it’s kind of, to me, small thinking. It’s not pushing you out into something different, new or a change.

Megan Porta 06:53

Yeah. The comfort zone is very comfortable.

Andrea Liebross 06:57

It’s a hundred percent.

Megan Porta 06:59

So I’m curious to pick your brain on this a little bit. Like how uncomfortable do you feel like we should get? Because there’s uncomfortable that’s like unsafe and a threat to your life, but how uncomfortable do you recommend getting on a, like, just on a daily basis when you’re thinking like, okay, I am really safe, I’m really comfy, I wanna do something to push myself. How uncomfortable do we go?

Andrea Liebross 07:23

So what I like to say is, if we’re trying to, you know, think bigger right then, and not get, stay in this small thinking, we really have to access our future. You, so there’s the past, you, there’s the Present You, and then there’s the Future You. So on a daily basis, you’re totally in your present, you a hundred percent. Yeah. A lot of times we’re just trying to get through the day, right? So doing what’s what seems normal and, and comfortable. But if we’re gonna try to push ourselves, what we have to do is we’ve gotta go to the person who is a year from now, or three years from now, five years from now, that Future You, I call it Future You who has achieved their wildest dreams, who has created a business and a life they love, who has done whatever they’re thinking about that is not happening right now. So Future You, like I always like to say when I was writing this book, okay, I had to go to the future me, who had published the book, who had hit best seller, who had used the book as a vehicle to help thousands and thousands and millions of women who also had, had used it to help grow a business. Like all those things, I had to go to that future me and ask her, okay, what do you think I should do today? Or, you know, when and when the times are like, why am I doing this? Should I just throw in the towel? Okay, Future You, what do you think? Well, the answer usually is, no, you need to keep going. 

Or here’s the next best step, the future, you knows all of the answers, the Past You, I like to just say the Past You is a teacher. It is not a fortune teller, right? So even though we all like to go, well, here’s a little background. It actually doesn’t matter the background because it’s just, it’s just in the past and the present, you kind of, like we were talking about, is usually pretty comfortable and staying in its lane. And I don’t wanna say thinking small, but thinking, just get it done. Get it done. So you’ve really, I like accessing that Future You, who is the person you want to be. That’s my, that’s kind of what, what a big thinker is. And what I think we need to do on a daily basis to continue to like feed, I call it like feed that inner nudge. Because I think if anyone’s listening to this podcast, you probably have this sort of like inner nudge. Like, I can do this, I wanna do that. Right? So if we’re trying to feed that inner or that nudge, we’ve gotta go ask future you what to do.

Megan Porta 09:59

What if someone’s hearing you and just thinking like, this sounds really great, but I don’t know how to access Future me. How do we do that?

Andrea Liebross 10:07

Okay. Through the past year in writing this book, I’ve created this acronym trust, T-R-U-S-T. And this really sums up how you do this, right? How do you do this? So t stands for thought options. Okay. Now what do I mean by that? What I mean is everything we’re thinking is optional. It is a choice. Like this morning when I woke up and was like, okay, today I am talking to Megan, right? I had so many things I could think, I could think, I don’t really know if I wanna do a podcast today, I could think, oh, good, I, last time I talked to her, that was super fun, glad we’re getting on the phone. I could think, gee, I have so many other things that I need to be doing. I could think, oh, I’m so happy to talk to her audience because they’re, you know, amazing women who wanna be big thinkers. Like, all of those are options, right? They’re all options. And I get to choose what I wanna think. So I love to picture a waiter walking around a wedding with hors d‘oeuvres, and he comes up to you and he says, take one. And he kind of puts the tray right up to your, right up to you, and you look down on the tray and you get to choose what hors d‘oeuvre or you want off of that tray. Do you want the bruschetta, do you want the shrimp cocktail? Do you want the spinach square? What do you want? That’s like your tray of options. So those are like your thought options. So you have options. Big thinkers recognize that they have options. And this isn’t, this isn’t easy to, to shift into this mindset of like, oh my gosh, really? I have options. Yeah, I could think that, yeah, you totally could. We like to think what we’re thinking is total factual. Like it must be this way. And that’s just not the case. So that T in trust.

Megan Porta 11:59

Because it’s been like that forever.

Andrea Liebross 12:02

Yeah. The T in trust stands for thought options.

Megan Porta 12:04

And don’t you think this takes, I mean this takes practice. Like you’ve gotta do it once and then once you do it once you’re like, oh, I did it. I realized I have options. And then you can repeat it again.

Andrea Liebross 12:15

Yes. It totally takes practice. And I think with my clients, one of the biggest things that we work on is the getting good at this. So sometimes they will send me Voxer messages, I use Voxer a lot. They’ll be like, okay, Andrea, here’s what I’m thinking, but gimme some options. I can’t even like imagine what else I could be thinking. Right? So, and these are people that could have been work and I need options myself. Like, it’s hard for, it’s hard for us to do this. You do get better at it with practice, but it is something that kind of, you need to work on just like any other skill.

Megan Porta 12:51

Yeah. Okay. What’s the R in trust?

Andrea Liebross 12:54

Okay, so R stands for the real problem. Okay. So here’s the thing. When we’re sitting in our, at our house, at our kitchen table or at our desk or whatever, we’re wondering, Hmm, where do I go from here? Or if like, we are looking at 2024, right? We’ve got 12 months ahead of us, what should I be doing? Okay. And we kind of, most of the time we can come up with a couple ideas, but then we stop ourselves, okay? Because we see something problematic, some obstacle in the way. Well, the real problem, or the real obstacle is not the, the money in your bank accounts. It is not the number of followers you have. It is not the fact that you can’t seem to perfect your process. The real problem is a negative feeling. The thing that gets in our way of big thinking is really our desire to not have negative feelings. Okay. We don’t want to feel frustrated, we don’t wanna feel disappointed. We don’t love feeling overwhelmed. We don’t want to stress, right? So the problem again, is not like the tangible external things. The number of followers, the process, the money in the bank account, those are all external. The real problem is internal. And it’s really us not wanting to feel that negative feeling. So what it comes down to, that’s it.

Megan Porta 14:22

So how do we, I’m assuming we need to feel that negative feeling sometimes, right? And work through it.

Andrea Liebross 14:29

We do. We totally do. Like you, you can’t feel the opposite unless you’ve experienced it, right? Yeah. So what I like to say is there’s, what’s the worst thing that can happen if you feel frustrated? Like nothing. Right? You’re just frustrated. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you experience stress? Well, stress is like a human, it’s human. Like, we all experience stress, nothing. The worst thing that can happen is really nothing. So you have to just recognize that it’s okay to feel this way, and it is only temporary. And by being okay with feeling it, there’s always something better on the other side. Like I love to say, there’s always everything you ever wanted is on the other side of uncomfortable. So like, you just have to accept there’s no real problem. It’s just the way you, it’s just a feeling. And that’s not even a problem in really either, because you’re human and you experience these feelings, right?

Megan Porta 15:34

It’s normal. So just, so like, stop. Here’s something I’ve been doing lately, I think is what you’re saying is just when I don’t feel good, like overwhelm or frustration, whatever, I just have been stopping, like setting everything down and just kind of sitting with it. Like, I’ll look outside, it’s really pretty right now there’s pretty leaves. I’ll just sit and kind of. You know, like just not do anything. Kind of let it pass through me. Let, let myself feel it.

Andrea Liebross 16:02

A hundred percent. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Megan Porta 16:06

And you’re right, nothing happens. The world doesn’t explode, nothing happens.

Andrea Liebross 16:09

Nothing happens. Nothing happens.

Megan Porta 16:11

In fact, it’s probably, yeah, it’s like, it’s good because on the other side of that is like, okay, I dealt with that and it wasn’t a big deal. And it boosts confidence too. Like, I can do this. This is not a big deal.

Andrea Liebross 16:24

No. Yeah. It is not a big deal.

Megan Porta 16:26

Okay, moving on to U.

Andrea Liebross 16:29

Okay, so U is stands for uncertainty. Okay? So we have to embrace uncertainty. We have to be okay with not knowing exactly what’s gonna happen. Because the fact of the matter is we don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen today, tomorrow, next week. Right? But we don’t love that. We wanna feel in control, we wanna feel like we have our act together. We wanna know the plan. Now I’m all about plan. So don’t let, I don’t wanna say I don’t wanna plan, but we have to be okay with the unknown or else it’s really going to get in our way. Like I, in the book I talk about the nine most common fears entrepreneurial women face. And fear of the unknown is at the top, right? No one loves it. No one wants to not know what’s going on or what’s gonna happen in the future, but that is just the fact of the matter. So you have to embrace not knowing exactly.

Megan Porta 17:32

Yeah. That’s hard. I think that is totally hard. I hear this so much in the food blogging space. People just wanna know with all the uncertainty right now we’ve had a, we just had a big Google update and the AI and there’s like so many concerns and people I think that’s like the number one frustration or, or thing that makes people the most scared right now is just like not knowing what’s coming.

Andrea Liebross 17:59

Yep. Not knowing what’s coming. It is the thing that scares people the most. You are a hundred percent right, but guess what? Like, do we ever know what’s coming?

Megan Porta 18:09

No. Right. Exactly. Like something terrible could happen. Don’t know what’s coming in our industry without, without any indication. So we have all of these other little indicators, like maybe something will go down, but we don’t actually know that.

Andrea Liebross 18:24

We don’t know that. We also don’t give equal airtime to all the great things that could happen. So when we, when we do this, like, I don’t know what’s gonna happen kind of thing. We kind of call it like the, I call it the blank spot of impending catastrophe. Like we think something catastrophic could happen, but we don’t give credit or equal airtime to all the amazing things that could happen. What if I do succeed? Right? What if this is a bestseller? What happens if by the end of 2024 I have created a whole new branch of my business? And if the whole business has shifted, right? I could’ve never imagined. So all of that is out there too, and that’s unknown, but we don’t give that what I call equal airtime.

Megan Porta 19:14

Oh gosh. I love that. I wrote that down. We don’t give equal airtime to the good things. That’s so true.

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Megan Porta 20:37

I dunno if you’ve found this Andrea, with your clients, but I find that if I tell people like we have to embrace that change, it almost is like an annoyance. I feel like it’s received as like, oh, right, well you can tell me that, but it, you know, you don’t know what’s going on in my head sort of thing. And I get it. Like, I have compassion for that because I feel it too. So I’m not saying like, don’t feel that way, but how do you deal with that? Just that like kind of resistance to the words, embrace it.

Andrea Liebross 21:07

Well, the resistance is coming from the fact that sometimes it’s hard to be successful or like they’re almost equally as hard success and failure, right? So what if it’s okay to embrace whatever comes your way and trust, okay, so here’s going, going back to trust that you will be able to figure out what to do no matter what. Yeah, I like that no matter what. So there’s a part of this big thinking that really has to do with having the confidence in yourself that you’ll be able to handle anything no matter what, right? Oh, yeah. So I think that’s how you move past this, being okay with that.

Megan Porta 21:50

Yeah. That’s really good too. Lots of good gems here. Love it. Okay. What is S?

Andrea Liebross 21:57

So S stands for securing support. So this kind of sometimes seems obvious. Other times it’s like, of course I have support, but I really want people to pause and think about what does support look like for you? Who is your support team and what would it be like if you had an abundance of support? And really support for an adult, for an entrepreneur is kind of like that security blanket you had when you were five. So everybody likes to feel comfortable going back to comfortable. And when you were a kid, you know, you had your pacifier, your stuffed animal, your security blanket, and you would snuggle up under your covers. But when you are an entrepreneur, you know, it’s almost as if the covers have been ripped off of you and you’re very vulnerable, right? There’s no security blanket. There’s no pacifier. So I say the kind of support that you need as an adult is, are other adults, other people to serve as your board of directors, so to speak, other people to be your sounding board, other people to run ideas by. And oftentimes women, especially if I ask them this question, I say, well, who supports you? They’ll say, oh, my partner, my spouse, my family, they’re super supportive. Cool. Like, yay, I’m so glad that’s happening for you. But that’s really not the kind of support I’m talking about because those people want you to be comfortable, right? They want, they actually even want things usually to stay the same a little bit. because If you change, then something’s changing for them. So your spouse, while super supportive, is playing the role of support in a spouse way, right? Doing their job. But securing support outside of your family is really what needs to happen if you’re going to be a big thinker. So a lot of times my clients will say to me, Andrea, I don’t know how you do it, but you totally just tell it like it is. You ask me the hard questions, but in a very loving way. Right? So who’s asking you those hard questions? Who’s helping you see all the possibilities that are out there beyond what you can see in your present self? That’s what I’m talking about. So coaches, mentors, not even mentors, because mentors sometimes won’t even ask you necessarily the hard questions. Sometimes they do. But someone that’s going to serve as a little dose of like reality plus possibility. That’s what I mean when I talk about secure support.

Megan Porta 24:41

What if we don’t have that? What if we look around and evaluate and realize that everyone in our circle is making us more comfortable?

Andrea Liebross 24:50

So that there’s so many options on how to secure support. The thing that I like to say though is there’s options that will trigger sort of what I call passive action. And then there’s options that will trigger massive action. So listening to this podcast, I’m all in on, I mean, I have my own podcast called Time to Level up reading a book. Clearly I’m all in on it. Like, you need to go read. She thinks big. But those are forms of passive action or passive support, massive action or massive support or vehicles which will drive you to take action no matter what. They will hold you accountable. So it could be a colleague, it could be a coach. So some of these things are still free, some of them you might have to invest in. But what better thing to invest in? Like what, what, what’s better than investing in someone that’s going to help support you and feed that inner nudge? Like why would we not wanna do that? Right? So usually why the reasons we don’t wanna do it. I people, I always say time, money, or what other people think. So you have to kind of go to that future, you who has time, who has money, and doesn’t care what other people think. And you have to ask that Future You what support you should be seeking right now.

Megan Porta 26:17

Oh gosh, that’s so good. Investing in a coach is something I put off for so long and it was scary.

Andrea Liebross 26:26

Why did you put it off?

Megan Porta 26:27

Because of money, for sure. Because of the investment.

Andrea Liebross 26:30

So what did you think? Did you, do you love that reason?

Megan Porta 26:33

No, I mean, I was frustrated with myself, like, what are you doing? I knew I needed it and then I got to a point where it was so like, life was just so painful without it. And I knew it would get easier. Everything would get easier with a coach. And I made the investment. It was really hard and scary. But I am so glad and I will never go back.

Andrea Liebross 26:55

Well, it’s, it’s usually if someone invests in a coach. I mean, if we’re talking in a business setting, there’s all sorts of coaches out there. There’s health coaches, spiritual coaches, right? Sure. But if we’re talking in a business setting, like one of the goals of coaching is to create, generate more revenue for you. And I, like, I have a mastermind that I call it runway to freedom. Like my clients in there, they want more, they want more freedom of time and money and energy. And that’s like what we’re doing we’re, I call them freedom finders. Like we’re making decisions to support that. So I think sometimes we forget it. We just see like that decision you are making from your present. You, you are looking at your bank account, right? Yep. Which is human. But really you had to access your future, you and all the things that were possible in order to take that leap. I mean, that’s a great example.

Megan Porta 27:48

It’s so true. Yeah. Because when you do go to that future, you, you know, you know the answer.

Andrea Liebross 27:54

You do. You totally know the answer. You totally know the answer and you know that, you know, I always say like, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Okay. So someone’s like, whoa, if we’re talking about money, the worst thing that could happen is like, I invest in this coach and then I don’t make money or, and I am at a loss. Okay. But I always say like, yeah, but what are the, all the other things that you would’ve gained in the process? Yeah. And they’re like, you’re right. I would, I would a hundred percent learn something. I bet other things in my life would’ve changed. You know, that kind of thing. Yeah. So you’ve gotta like, again, equal airtime right? Right. To all the amazing things that could happen. Don’t just go to the place of all the things that might not happen. It’s just not fair. You’re not being fair to yourself.

Megan Porta 28:42

And there are so many things that are unexpectedly good that can happen. That you have no idea what they are, but they will likely come about as well.

Andrea Liebross 28:53

They will. I bet they will.

Megan Porta 28:54

I think that’s my favorite one. Okay. What is your last T?

Andrea Liebross 28:59

So T stands for take action. Okay. So all the things we’ve been talking about today, you know, I love when people like I do this, I do this too. Like, oh my gosh, Megan’s podcast today. There were so many great nuggets. So good. Okay. Yeah. But what are you doing? Where’s the massive action from it? What do you, what’s gonna change? Or what are you gonna try as a result of listening to this today? Right. So I don’t, I like to say two, we don’t need to know all the steps, we just need to know one next step. So where you wanna go also doesn’t have to be like a super clear picture. It doesn’t, we don’t have to have, have an exact location. Like if you type into your GPS, you know, take me to Chicago, that’s it. You just type in Chicago, it’s gonna get you going on the right path.

Andrea Liebross 29:51

You don’t need to give it an exact address in Chicago. For it to work. So you just need to take a step moving towards Chicago, you need to get in the car and take a right. Or whatever it is. So you need to take action and not put up big roadblock, which is probably like, yeah, but I need to know all the steps. I need to make sure there’s the sure part I need to make sure this is gonna happen. I always love when people say to me, like in a consult call, you know, we’ll kind of get to the end. I’m like, okay, so do you think this is something, because coaching is something you wanna invest in? And they’re like, yes. Yes, totally, totally. But I just have to think about it. And you know what, like I’m all about thinking about things clearly with my title of my book, but he, I always ask them, I ask permission. I’m like, can I put my coach hat on? And they’re like, yes. I’m like, okay, what exactly are you thinking about? No one has a good answer to that.

Megan Porta 30:48

Like, searching, what am I thinking about? Crap, what is it?

Andrea Liebross 30:52

What is it ? Well, I wanna make sure this is in the budget. Well, guess what you got on this call knowing what your budget was. Right? You know how much is there. Like that’s not true. What are you really thinking about? And it’s your brain trying to search for evidence to support your decision. It’s trying to look for those concrete facts, but it only knows like the present day . Yeah. So your brain is only looking, is only going through its database usually of what’s happening, what has happened in the past or it’s happening in the present. It’s up to you to shift kind of like, or turn the dial and say, brain go look for evidence from Future You. There’s where you’re gonna find your answer. So, and usually that Future You is like, Hey, you should take action on whatever you’re thinking about. Let’s go. So that last T in trust stands for take action.

Megan Porta 31:46

I love it. I feel like, okay, so when I did make the decision to hire a business coach a few years ago, Andrea, I told you it, I was scared, I was terrified. Like, that’s so much money. But I will tell you, once I did it, I feel like the universe rewarded me for it because it was so scary. It was such a leap of faith that . Like, almost immediately good things came. Like I got like financially something came into my path that I had no idea was coming. So many things kind of stacked up in a good way. So I feel like if, you know, if you can tap into that future, you, you know, you need to take that step, even though it’s scary and you do it, you’re kind of surprised with amazing things. Do you find that too?

Andrea Liebross 32:32

Yeah. I find that even just even after someone makes the decision that they’re gonna, they’re gonna invest in themselves. Like just the decision. We didn’t even have to meet one.

Megan Porta 32:42

Just the decision. Yeah.

Andrea Liebross 32:43

Right. just literally just the decision. They instantaneously things start to change. Because that decision is taking up so much brain space and it’s talk about, when I talk about freedom, it’s super freeing to be like, yes, I’m doing this. All of a sudden way more possibilities. Open up an opportunity. Yes. Open up. And that makes a huge difference.

Megan Porta 33:08

Oh, there’s so much power in that.

Andrea Liebross 33:09

That makes a huge difference.

Megan Porta 33:11

And coincidentally, my business coach taught me this, that the word decision means to kill off any other option. Like literally to kill. So when you decide something, everything else is killed off. So then you clear space for opportunities and good things.

Andrea Liebross 33:30

That’s a hundred percent true. I love that. I’ve never heard, like thought. It’s very, I powerful.

Andrea Liebross 33:35

It’s just like you need to decide. And I always go back to like, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Yeah. And usually it’s like nothing that’s earth shattering or nothing that’s worse than right now. And I then like, okay, let’s give airtime to what’s the best thing that could happen. And then you, you know, you can almost see on someone’s face this big weight lifted off of them and they, the excitement is there.

Megan Porta 33:59

Yes. Oh my gosh. That’s true. All right, so this is going to be published the beginning of 2024. I really hope this is inspiring. Take yourself through those, that acronym of Andrea’s. So the trust, thought options, what is the real problem? Uncertainty. Embrace the uncertainty, secure your support and take action. I think that’s probably where you need to go now. Like the action, right? Like you can think through all of this, but then actually act on it.

Andrea Liebross 34:26

You do, you do. So whatever, like what is your next best step? Is it securing the support? Right, right. Is it changing the way you’re thinking about something? Like what is that next best step that’s, that’s for you to figure out and, and we’re both here to help you.

Megan Porta 34:40

Yes. Oh my gosh. Okay. So tell us about your book.

Andrea Liebross 34:43

Okay, so the book is called She Thinks Big, the Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past The Messy Middle and Into the Extraordinary. So if you’re listening and you’ve got a business and you’re feeling like things are like you’re, you’re stuck. You’re in that messy middle phase. This book is really a guide to help you move past that. And you can buy the book on Amazon. You can also go to,, which will guide you to Amazon, but will also give you some free bonuses. And once you get your hands on that book, I highly encourage you to download the accompanying free toolkit because again, there’s lots of goodies in there and resources for you to dig into. So is the place to head to for the book.

Megan Porta 35:33

I love it when books come with goodies. That’s super exciting. Everyone, go check it out. Grab a copy. I’m super excited for you. Love the topic. I think this is so important for women in this time where just, oh yeah. It’s so easy to get into that small thinking. So congratulations on all of this, Andrea.

Andrea Liebross 35:55

Thank you. Thank you. It’s taken some big thinking for me to get to this place. So, and I love, I love helping other people do it.

Megan Porta 36:02

Yes, I can definitely tell that. Well, thank you for joining me and thank you for delivering this value to start the year. It’s been such a pleasure to speak with you again. Do you have either a favorite quote or words of inspiration to leave us with today?

Andrea Liebross 36:16

Well, I might have shared this last time, but it is my favorite, so I’m gonna share it again. So being an entrepreneur is really a journey in personal development disguised as an entrepreneurial adventure.

Megan Porta 36:28

Oh, I like it.

Andrea Liebross 36:29

So we all think it should be rainbows and daisies and adventurous and really what it is, it can be rainbows and daisies, but it can have a mix of other things. It’s just a journey in you becoming the next best version of you, which is really why when I coach, yes, I’m coaching business, but I’m coaching life too because it’s all fair game.

Megan Porta 36:50

Oh, love that so much. Perfect way to end. We’ll put together another show notes page for you, Andrea. You can go to to find those. Do you wanna mention like social media and other places people can find you?

Andrea Liebross 37:07

So I tend to love Instagram more than Facebook. So you can find me there, andrea.liebross.coaching and I’m on LinkedIn and I also have a podcast. So whatever podcast player you’re listening to Megan and I on today, you can find my podcast, Time To Level Up. There’s over a hundred and I think 160 episodes probably at this point. And the links to all of these things, everything we talked about today, they’re all at, there’s a link to my website, links to social media, the podcast, and a link to also book a call if that is something you’re interested. I’m always happy to just do a complimentary call to help you move forward.

Megan Porta 37:48

Thank you so much Andrea. And thank you for listening food bloggers. I will see you in the next episode. 

Outro 37:57

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Eat Blog Talk. If you enjoyed this episode, I’d be so grateful if you posted it to your social media feed and stories. I will see you next time.

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