In episode 002, Megan talks with Melissa Erdelac about the hard work of raising both a family and a blog well and some tips to help make your job and life easier.

We cover information about why continuing education is important, the value of attending conferences, how to include family into the business and acknowledge when you need help.

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Mama Gourmand specializes in delicious, easy-to-make, family-friendly recipes. She is a Midwestern wife and mother of four who obsesses about food, loves to prepare gourmet-quality recipes, but is always short on time and energy! Her recipes taste time-consuming, but use simple ingredients and directions. From decadent desserts to classic comfort foods, find a recipe for everyone many with gluten-free alternatives


  • Be comfortable with your own growth rate – you set the standard for yourself.

  • Create a set “work week” for yourself with blocks of time in the day. Establish a routine and work that needs to be accomplished on specific timelines.

  • Use your phone timer to set a 30 minute chunk to complete one project before even taking a break, etc. It can help you focus one one thing.

  • Educate your family that this is your job and then own it.

  • Write out a rough schedule for yourself on “work” days and try to stick to it. Then you know what you’re set up to accomplish. 

  • If you need help with kids and getting some time to yourself to accomplish your blogging duties, there are options within the community if you don’t have regular help.

  • Make continuing education a priority in your field – webinars/podcasts are great for home based learning

  • Include family in the business – they are your built in support

  • Acknowledge you need help and be open to hiring a VAs for facebook scheduling, Pinterest, sharing with groups, promoting a post, web designer to add graphics or make edits to blog

  • Screen Cast-o-matic – this is a program that offers screenshots of your computer and lets you record your voice to share thoughts and processes, especially helpful in working with a VA.

  • It’s important to invest in yourself – equipment that saves time helps.

  • Sponsored – if they align with your brand, it’s a way to earn more income.

Resources Mentioned

  • Conferences (TasteMakers, Mediavine)

  • Podcasts – Food Blogger Pro, Chopped

  • Mediavine will do free audits on your site whenever you ask to see how to earn more money with ads

  • Food Blogger Pro essential for beginners!

  • Helpful Facebook groups for troubleshooting / resources / questions – Join these groups for help: Food Bloggers Central and Mediavine.

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