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Lynette is the home cook, mom, and creative mind behind Cleverly Simple. With her husband and two boys, she recently moved into an 1800s farmhouse that has been in her family for generations. Now she’s making that house into a home and preserving a sense of family tradition in the process—reviving old family favorites from her Great Grandmother’s recipe box and working to maintain the farm for the next generation.


Episode #073: How To Avoid the Loneliness of Being an Entrepreneur

  • Fun fact: She ate ice cream every single day for two years.

  • 3 years ago Lynette would go into town and work inside a little coffee shop. She loved being there. Then out of the blue one day it closed. She was devastated. It wasn’t the coffee she missed, it was for the first time, she’d gotten out of the house.

  • Lynette hadn’t spent time at random places but consistently gone to this same place. She’d come to know people and enjoyed getting to interact with them. For the first time she realized she needed that human interaction while being a food blogger. She had been more lonely than she knew.

  • Be intentional! You might not realize you need friends but it’s true. Look for someone locally that you can connect with in real life. Meet up at a coffee shop or find an easy place between you. It’s a commitment but it allows you to enjoy live conversation and bounce ideas off of. Having someone to relate to is important when you work on your own more than not. 

  • Lynette will tell you she’s more productive and more successful in her business because of this commitment she’s made with another entrepreneur friend. Lynette gets validation in her work in this relationship.

  • Get outside of your comfort zone and try it. 

  • Join a Mastermind. They can be online or in person and usually meet a couple times a year. Lynette recommends it in person but they can be done online too. You might have resisted in the past; they can be intimidating. But it’s important and valuable to get out of your comfort zone.

    • Lynette said it’s been awesome for her business. She got to know people quickly in this format. She also learned about other online businesses from people in the group and they have shared/exchanged tips. It can inspire and energize you.

  • Conferences can be good if you have the mindset of networking and meeting new people. But the danger is if you want to isolate yourself, you will be able to do that too. 

  • Co-working space – This is a great option for entrepreneurs and allows for you to have human interaction and the ability to make connections. There are different kinds of co-working locations and some you purchase by space or by hours you are there. There are often perks included with your membership: You can have access 24/7 to the work space. You can have a dedicated office if you want to pay for that level. There’s places to hang out apart from work spaces. You have great WI-FI and sometimes they include fun rooms to use for games or a kitchen to prepare something. Many of these co-working locations include access or discounts to other businesses too. 

    • Lynette finds she is productive in the co-work space because she’s only there 2x a week and works on her more tedious duties there. She works from home the rest of the week.

    • The people there are like minded and it’s the same group day in and day out.

    • It forces you to get up, make yourself presentable and say hello to people, network a bit as you grab a coffee refresher. 

  • Other ways Lynette makes sure she makes connections and gets out of the house is by volunteering at her kids school and joining a local Y. This is a great way to network, meet new people and enjoy getting some exercise for a few minutes outside of the home. It helps her with a healthy balance of working on her business and getting out. 

  • What should your first step be? Connect with one person. Don’t jump into all the above suggestions, just find a single person you can connect with locally. You don’t have to make it a food blogger! 

  • Accountability – tell your spouse or friend you’re going to do this step and then let them check up to make sure you follow through. Let it spur you to get these benefits in your life. 

  • Lynette says, “Just step out! Don’t be afraid, it’s totally worth it. I have seen such growth and productivity because I took those first steps.”

  • Favorite Quote: “I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” by Laura Ingalls Wilder

  • Connecting has to be intentional. In our world, it doesn’t happen by accident. You have to get out there and meet others.

  • “In our online world, it is too easy to work hard alone. And while our businesses can flourish, I have found that I am more productive when I connect with others and surround myself with like-minded entrepreneurs. It didn’t happen by accident, it was very intentional, but I’m glad I took the first step.

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