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  • Time is your secret weapon for success. 

  • So much within our life is within our control if we manage our time. 

  • We all have two options: 

    • Sit back and let time around us

    • Put a plan into action and make the most of every single minute. 

  • Don’t constantly work against time!

  • Megan heard this line on a podcast awhile back and it stuck with her: If you find yourself constantly saying “I don’t have time for FILL IN THE BLANK” then what you’re really saying is “FILL IN THE BLANK is not a priority for me. 

    • Now use a real life example that is so personal. Example: “I don’t have time for reading books to my boys.” Now say, “Reading to my boys is not a priority to me.” Doesn’t that hit home?!

    • If it truly were a priority, I would be doing it. 

  • When working with time instead of fighting against it, you’ll have a recipe for certain success!

  • If creating time in your life for good things and success is something you want in your life, then join the “Always Enough” group Megan started.

  • Slots for January 2020 are full but you can reserve your spot in another month at eatblogtalk.com/alwaysenough.

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  • Here’s what’s included:

    • Learn to use strategies to open up time in your life for many good things, including to reduce stress.

    • Create a 1-year vision that is a compass for goal setting.

    • Create a 3-month goal plan to support your 1 year vision.

    • Productivity guide.

    • Goal tracking sheet.

    • Help turn frustration points into efficient systems.

    • Daily encouragement.

    • Direct access to and encouragement from Megan and the group.

    • Bonus materials.

  • Decide what you need to do and fiercely protect your time. This is an important piece of the puzzle that some people disregard. 

  • If you learn to work with time efficiently, this is your most powerful secret weapon as you pave your way to success. 

  • Slow down and learn to work with time. 

  • Megan’s motto: There is always enough time in every day to accomplish the things we want to accomplish, when we create space for them, when we’re intentional with how we spend our time and when we become a fierce protector of that time.

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