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Episode 118: How To Create A Lot With Very Little With Kristen Wood

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About: Kristen is the voice behind MOON and spoon and yum, a gluten-free vegetarian food blog. In the last year Kristen has grown her blog from 30k monthly views to 250k monthly views all with very limited equipment, resources and expenses.

Notes from Episode #118: How To Create A Lot With Very Little

  • Fun fact: Kristen went abroad and traveled through Central and South America for a year all by herself. She worked with fresh ingredients daily and enjoyed creating in the kitchen. 
  • Where there’s a will there’s a way and Kristen believes that helped her as she built her blog.
  • Having limited resources forces you to use what you have and make things happen!
  • Kristen began by using free key research tools and photo editing software and used all the advice shared on Food Blogger C to learn. She started paying attention to what others were saying and put it to good use. 
    • You have to apply what you learn though!
  • If you’re feeling burned out and missing direction in your work, Kristen recommends to do a roundup! You can interact with other bloggers, get inspiration and help fill you up to get back on track with your own work. It’s nice to be a reader again too.
  • Pay attention to what has worked for you and what hasn’t. Take notes and follow the path that has been good. 
  • Ask yourself as you’re beginning something – Is this task valuable to the blog?
    • Focus on what really works.
    • For Kristen, her focus was on Pinterest, SEO and Google traffic.
  • Look at your own most successful posts. What are your successful pins on Pinterest and what photographs do people like? Use that concrete information to make a plan.
  • Pinterest – 
    • Kristen has seen new interest generated by creating new pins after improving old content, it’s refreshing her content.
    • Pinning videos is working well 
    • Using Tailwind is helpful is getting content scheduled.
  • Pinning
    • Kristen pins 2 pins per recipe and she posts one for a couple of days and then when those have posted, she starts to post the next one.
    • When she updates a post, she creates 2 new pins to refresh it
    • Group boards work well for Kristen on Pinterest
  • Social media
    • Kristen doesn’t see a lot of website engagement from using the IG platform and she’s using Facebook with a little more success
    • Kristen has gotten to know other food bloggers on IG more than growing her audience but that’s good too.
  • Kristen moved from Squarespace to WordPress to grow her blog
  • Content – Kristen used to have a minimal amount of text in her posts.
    • She’s started adding proper posts that includes H2 headings and now she’s learning to write more for the user. 
    • Is sure to include substitutions/tips
    • Process shots
    • Videos – Premiere Rush app is free and helps her edit her videos (quick version of Premier Rush Pro)
  • SEO help
    • Kristen used to use Keywords Everywhere while it was free, now they have a paid version but it’s still affordable
    • Now she uses Key Search and there’s coupons online to get it. It’s approx $11/mo
  • Content
    • Kristen is now more intentional and thought to what she’s creating for her audience. That has helped vs just going with whatever you feel like at the time
    • Kristen reminded us that our audience wants to see our version of popular foods.
  • Growing your business with family and small kids
    • Know you won’t be perfect
    • View it from a gratitude perspective so you can work at home and still be with your kids. Your kids do come first but you have to adapt, work in little spurts and work late while they are in bed. It’s a worthy sacrifice to do what you love. 
  • Reach out and ask for help from other bloggers and reach out to Sponsors so you can make money by working with brands while you’re working on page views. 
  • You can make your dreams come true! Be resourceful and spend less where you can so you can focus on growing and learning and then you’ll bring in a little more money. 
  • Start where you are with what you have and try to enjoy the process. The journey is very important. You learn a lot along the way. Not knowing how it’ll unfold is part of the fun. When you align with your passions and tap into your gut instincts, a type of magic starts to happen. 
  • Quote by Marcus Aurelius, “Confine yourself to the present.” If you concern yourself too much with the future and where you’re trying to go, sometimes you lose sight of what’s important. You have to live the journey and  go through all of the steps for yourself. Sometimes if Kristen plans out too much of her future, it doesn’t work out. Be present in the process.

Helpful references from the episode:

Eat Blog Talk and other assorted podcasts for learning a lot from others!

FBC Social Sharing and Blogger Round-Up Requests Facebook Groups (for adding your own links to round-ups and finding some for your own)

Keysearch keyword research tool or Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

Pinterest Board Group Requests Facebook Group (for finding Pinterest boards to join or sharing a board of your own that you want others to join)

Big Scoots Hosting (fast + amazing support for migrating from Squarespace to WordPress)

Slickstream (love this paid plugin I recently installed –  great search function and improves clickthroughs to other pages)


Adobe Premiere Rush (video editing on both desktop and phone app)

Free photo editing: Polarr (


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