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I am a passionate Indian food blogger who is into full-time blogging for the past 8 years. Currently working as a full-time food blogger, social media influencer and digital creator.


Episode #068: From Banking to Food Blogging

  • Fun fact: Hina is addicted to Netflix and enjoys binge watching shows. 

  • Hina’s husband was her biggest cheerleader to share her recipes and love for cooking and to use a blog to do it.

  • Hina went to school, received a Masters, and had a full time job in the finance field. It was shocking for those around Hina to see her leave that solid career to pursue her love of cooking and blogging. 

  • Hina has a strong belief in following her gut feelings. She’s learned to trust it and hone it. 

  • If you’re in a full time job that you are considering leaving to pursue a passion – take a break or find some “me time” and talk to yourself, listen to yourself to find out where you want to go with your life and how to pursue those goals. This can help you sort things out and make choices for your future.

  • Hina suggests investigating your passion so you can find out if that’s truly what you’re interested. You might believe its food styling then try your hand at food photography and ultimately come to realize it’s creating recipes. You have to explore that so you don’t just settle on the first thing and not really commit to what you enjoy doing.

  • Patience and faith are needed to dive into a new field. Give yourself time to build your business. You need confidence in yourself. 

  • Be smart and keep a part time job to help you keep going along until your business takes off. Blogging costs money. So look for a job within the food blogging industry so you have the added bonus being in the same industry you are trying to grow into a full time business and will gain knowledge from.

  • If you are food blogging for just income, you’ll burn out quickly. But if you are passionate about sharing your recipes, then you’ll be able to rejuvenate that passion easily. A little diversion helps you get excited about your work again – travel a little, explore local cuisines and just get that spark back.

  • Nothing brings people together like good food. If you’re putting a lot of good food out there on your site and Instagram, people will come.

Helpful references from the episode:

Hina’s Tedx talk on Youtube

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