In episode 098, we talk with Yumna Jawad, a food blogger that’s grown her Instagram following organically.

We cover why you need to know what your audience wants from you, a reminder that the algorithm isn’t the villain and how Instagram is a great place to begin relationships with Brands.

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Currently raising her family in Michigan, Yumna is the home cook, recipe developer, and inspiration behind Feel Good Foodie. She creates nutritious, delicious, and family-friendly meals, sharing her enthusiasm for natural ingredients and clean eating. Yumna experiments with new tastes and textures, providing healthy alternatives to everyday staples that make you feel good.


  • Instagram and its algorithm is a monster that needs to be fed. This is true on Facebook and Pinterest, any social media platform. They are watching what you do to take care of that hunger. 

  • Your content has to be quality. If you do videos, do it well, so your audience would enjoy it. Would you save this video yourself and come back to it or share it with someone? Think less about the likes and more about share-ability.

  • How long people stay on your content is important. It has to be engaging to your audience so they wait around to see the final result.

  • Consistency. If you take time away from your account, Instagram will penalize you. 

  • Community is built by following others and commenting on their posts. Engaging in the Instagram community helps you.

  • You can use Instagram stories to do behind the scenes filming so your audience sees unpolished footage and gives you credibility. Also, use these stories to show your face and show pieces of your life.

  • Instagram is about good photography. If you don’t have a background in photography, take some courses to help you improve your talent.

  • Show Brands that you use and care about their products. You want to display you’re a fan by tagging them. Use hashtags to back up your related information to this products. Then use Instagram to DM brands you want to connect with.

  • Every time you post a story, Instagram will push you higher on your followers’ feeds when you add an additional post. If you only post once, it won’t have a big impact but if you post a 2nd or 3rd time, it’ll help you.

  • Check the analytics of your stories to gauge how it’s going. Are people clicking through or exiting quickly?

  • If Instagram is pushing it, then you should be trying it out. If Instagram has a new feature, try it out. Same with Instagram Live – use it because they want you to use it. You should have a purpose for using both of these features though and try to keep it concise. 


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