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Blog Title: Fork In The Kitchen

Social Media:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/forkinthekitchen

FB: https://www.facebook.com/forkinthekitchen/

About Becca: Fork in the Kitchen began 4 years ago when I was in a major life transition; since being in the kitchen is what has always kept me grounded, the name, and blog, grew from there. I bring elevated, yet approachable, flexitarian recipes to everyday home cooks, focusing on balance and sustainability.

Notes from Episode #018: Mastering The Side Hustle:

  • Fun fact: Becca loves to travel! She just went to France. She’s inspired to write more on her blog by traveling.
  • Becca taught in Baltimore City for 2 years, became super burnt out, then moved to NC for a relationship. She was working in a law office during this transition, but the lawyer let all of his staff go suddenly. Becca found herself pretty much alone in NC (the guy was deployed) so started her blog she’d been thinking about for YEARS (2015).
  • Becca returned to the education sector while she continued to work on the blog because it was an outlet for her.
  • Becca eventually moved back to MN and returned to the full-time teaching and blogging whenever she could but now she started to become more focused on growth (2016-17ish).
  • During the school year: Becca was only able to focus on blogging weekday evenings. This included recipe testing, editing photos, and writing posts. The weekends were dedicated to photography because she took pictures in natural light.
  • Google Calendar (or other planning calendars – used to use Asana) really helps to keep you focused and on task. Using color blocks to organize yourself is helpful (photography, editing, writing, admin work, etc.). If you’re a huge fan of lists, it’ll help get rid of a million handwritten lists scattered everywhere.
  • To really focus on photography, first and foremost, is practicing as much as possible. There are great courses like Foodtography School – an online course by Sarah of Broma Bakery. Other useful tools are watching YouTube videos, studying photographs from your favorite food photographers, etc. 
  • You can “practice” your photography skills with family and friends and not just when you’re taking photos of food on a backdrop. You can work on composition and growing your skills that way even while you’re not “at work”. 
  • Be purposeful with your time:
  1. Place your phone on airplane mode so you can buckle down and work.

  2. Set time limits for social media.

  3. Block out time to see family and friends so you’re not just working constantly.

  4. Begin to make self-care and letting yourself “turn off” and relax so you don’t get burnt out. Growing a blog is hard work, but it’s not going anywhere if your health isn’t there, too. Becca got sick this past year and had to take a break. She’s learned the value of self-care. Resting is more beneficial than pushing content just to get it out.

  • Read “The One Thing” – it’ll help you figure out what will help you grow the most. This is crucial to side hustling because you’re doing it all in your “free time”. With a limited time available on the side, it’s important to stay focused.
  • Remember the why of what you’re doing. This is the reason it’s important to stay on task.
  • “If you can’t stop thinking about doing something, just do it.” Give a big FU to the fear and just jump in. Don’t let fear stop you from trying.

Helpful references from the episode:

Book recommendation: Right now I’m reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller recommended in some Food Blogger Pro podcast episodes; it’s really boiling down to the one essential thing that is going to help you grow the most.

Foodtography School

The Bite Shot on Youtube is one of my favorites

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