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Episode 113: Micro-Influence With Food Blogging With Alexis Watts

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About: As SideChef’s Director of Content Acquisition, Alexis Watts does more than close licensing deals, befriend top tier chefs, and wrangle commas. With more than 7 years of publishing and partnerships experience, Alexis is an expert in acquiring and producing world-class food content. Alexis also leads SideChef’s micro-influencer program that aims to nurture and grow rising stars in the culinary world.

Notes from Episode #113: What is a Micro-Influencer Program and Why Should Bloggers Care

  • Fun fact: Alexis belonged to a hip hop dance group when she was growing up. 
  • Background and work in Side Chef
    • Alexis started a career in publishing. Went to school in London and worked there a bit. Worked for Chronicle Books in San Francisco too. Spent four years at Penguin. Lifting up content, creating content partnership, working with authors, marketing hybrid experiences within the field. Side Chef reached out to her and so she joined their team about a year ago. She does a variety of jobs and some of what she does is focus on acquiring partnerships with their app. She works with their partners coming onto their premium initiative. There is also negotiating, cold calling new potential partners and more.
  • Micro-Influencer program –
    • Alexis kept her eye on Ipsy because she was inspired by what they were doing with the way they worked with influencers in the beauty and lifestyle categories. She used that as a case study in her role with Side Chef. 
    • Side Chef wanted to drive more value to their current partnerships. 
    • Alexis looked at getting resources for food bloggers and supporting content and relationships with bigger brands and connecting influencers with Brands. 
    • A lot of food bloggers are 1 man shows and so Side Chef wanted to help them partner with other businesses that could alleviate some of the work they were doing so they could grow their businesses. 
    • The overall mission of the Micro-Influencer program at SC is to provide value to micro influencers. Side Chef also wanted to acquire partners more equitably too. They want to widen the net and bring in smaller bloggers and allow them to grow from where they are – not just looking for someone with big followers but also include smaller businesses but that has potential, where they might have a unique niche or another skill that can be nurtured.
    • They want to invite you into the fold and help businesses grow as big as they want to be. They don’t have a limit on how many blogs they are willing to work with. 
  • Partner network –
    • Learn from each other. Gain a sounding board with SC and other SC partners and food bloggers on board. 
    • SC is a good information source for influencers too. They share Brand needs and have in house knowledge with a lot of staff. This access can be important to people in many different levels of experience. 
    • They like to share things that have surprised them and information they can give to bloggers is 
  • What does the Micro Influencer program offer? Phase 1:
    • SC is offering educational opportunities and webinars. They’ve had a couple so far. Transforming Crisis Into Opportunities was one topic, Making Up For Lost Time were two topics shared on. 
    • Connect partners to Brands that would want to work together. This is going to be rolled out soon!
    • SC is looking at different ways to support content production too. 
    • SC wants to help bloggers grow in a way that the bloggers identify as goals with SC coming alongside to support them. SC wants to create a program that can really benefit partners beyond monetary compensation.
  • SC Premium
    • Brand new way of experiencing the SC app. 
    • This is a paid membership and by joining, you will unlock new recipes and new partners. 
    • Recipes from all over the world (Europe, all over the US, UK, Korea and beyond) so there’s so much variety. 
    • Micro-influencers could become part of this program!
  • SC has seen an increase in engagement since the pandemic and quarantine. Traffic has grown and people are interacting with the platform ore. They have an integration with Amazon Fresh to shop for groceries and this has become a more utilized service too. 
  • Have a great collection of food blogger partners!
  • To get involved: visit
  • Or email: [email protected] IG: @Lexiladels
  • Favorite quote: The way you make an omelet reveals your character. ~Anthony Bourdain

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