What you’ll gain from being connected!

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment on this post that answers this question: What is the next thing you want to learn more about to take your business to the next level?

Thank you SO much reading our last post where we talked about why it is so important to get connected with other food bloggers! 

The bottom line is that the success of your business depends on connection. Community and newfound confidence that will move your business forward in a new, huge, successful way are waiting for you inside the Eat Blog Talk community platform. Say goodbye to loneliness and overwhelmedness!

Check Out This Quick Sneak Peek of The Community Platform!!

Megan has been a food blogger for 10 years and 8 of those years involved NO community or confidence. Learn from her mistakes and DON’T DO THAT. 🙂 Keep reading to hear about one of the first things that came onto her radar once she started connecting with other food bloggers.

Confidence and clarity come from connectedness!

Hey, Megan here again! In the last post I talked about my personal food blogging journey and how I ignored people for the first 8 years. I also talked about how when I started making connections, everything changed. 

Remember my story about just knowing I needed to get myself to a conference? And how once I was there I realized that I needed these people. One of the reasons I needed them was because they helped me get clear about what my business needed and what it was missing. 

I also shared that Pinterest was basically my sole source of traffic (and income) for those first 8 years, which was ridiculous. So when another blogger started talking to me about “my audience,” I was like, “My what?!” Back then, “my audience” was 99% comprised of random people who came to my site, left and never came back. I was embarrassed to have such a long-standing blog with NO audience, but I also knew that it’s never too late to start.

I quickly learned that there was this thing called SEO and User Experience and that actually RETAINING people who visited my blog was a very important thing.

“Once you start thinking about your customer journey and retention it will change the way you approach your food blog. Tasks that seemed of the utmost importance before like SEO will start falling into their appropriate place. The goal is to understand what you want your reader to do and why, and ultimately create a loyal following that will help you grow your business.”

Bethany Smith (foodblogusability.com), on the importance retention

This is not something I ever would have been aware of, had it not been for the people I placed myself in the middle of. I need people. YOU need people. We all need people. Without people, we will not grow. We will get complacent and stagnant. We won’t learn.

xo Megan

A Few More of Your Questions (& Answers!)

What will the platform look like?
Well, it’s amazing inside! 🙂 If you haven’t already watched the sneak-peek video toward the top of this post, you should! That video will give you a 3-minute tour inside the platform.

How do I navigate through it so I don’t miss anything I’m interested in?
There are a few key pieces of content to look for weekly and some others to look for monthly. Every Monday you’ll be able to find new mini podcast episodes published and at the start of every month there will be a new bundle of content available.

Navigating the platform daily, you’ll be able to check direct messages and check in on any challenges you’re taking part in.

Will there be monthly coaching or speakers to learn from?
There will be monthly AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with experts in different areas. The AMAs will be delivered in video format and community members can attend live to ask questions to the speakers.

If there is ever a topic you want covered by an expert, we’re always here to listen to what you want!

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment on this post that answers this question: What is the next thing you want to learn more about to take your business to the next level?