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Let us know what your biggest struggle is as a food blogger so we can help to improve your blogs, businesses and lives!

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All the individual advice and collective advice of the EBT guests are making a difference for Megan personally on her blog so she really hopes you find it to be the same for your business/blog!

Megan just got back from Tastemaker conference. She got to meet some of the amazing women in person that were interviewed on the podcast and it was the best thing ever! 

All food bloggers seem to go through many of the same struggles but the most pressing theme was TIME. 

Megan wrote out a plan to help solve the problem. Out of this came a course: self care, planning and productivity! Megan is launching this in OCTOBER as a live version! She’ll do it again (without the live option). For more information: visit

Megan has implemented so much of what EBT guests have shared into her own business so here’s some tidbits to highlight:

  • Ep 23: You don’t have to fight an algorithm with an email list! Megan is working to implement this great advice herself.

  • Ep 24: Renting lenses and cameras before taking the leap into purchasing them. You can also get great props at the dollar store – that’s in everyone’s budget!

  • Ep 25: Karli’s story is so inspiring so make sure to check out the whole episode!

  • Ep 26: Very inspiring episode! If you are interested in moving from part time to full time blogging is good to listen to!

  • Ep 27: This episode is full of vulnerability as the value of mistakes that were made early in blogging were valuable lessons as you grow!

  • Ep 28: Your instagram profile should be seen as a whole and not just as individual pieces. 

  • Ep 29: Old blog content is great for revising and giving yourself lots of fresh content to put up!

  • Ep 30: Be authentic with brands as you grow relationships!

  • Ep 31: Great input on how to build a raving audience!

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