What is an Eat Blog Talk food blogger?

Food blogging can be used as a catch-all term to mean many things.

When we talk about food blogging as our target audience for Eat Blog Talk, what most of these food bloggers are doing is posting recipes they create on their blog and then sharing those with their audience through SEO, email, social and similar.

Most are one-person businesses who do all their recipe development, photography, copywriting, social media management, and similar on their own.

Of course, this can highly vary. Some may focus only on their Instagram page without having an actual blog. Some may focus only on photography and only do an occasional recipe. Some may focus on creating ebooks and meal plans exclusively.


Our audience reaches across all age groups and is mostly female.

Many listeners do food blogging as a part-time job, but many are also full-time.

We have listeners from across the globe, but most are in the United States.

Food blog examples:

Pip & Ebby – Your podcast host’s (Megan’s) food blog.
Sally’s Baking Addiction – One of the most popular baking food blogs.
The Clean Eating Couple – A food blog focused on healthy, nutritious food.