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Episode 089: Bring Recipes From History To Life On Your Blog With Priya Lakshminarayan

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About: Priya is a vegetarian/vegan food blogger based out of Orlando, Fl. Being from India, she loves to try out many Asian cuisines besides other international cuisines. Priya enjoys creating recipes from scratch using fresh ingredients. Creating something new using leftovers gives her the thrills!

Notes from Episode #089: Bring Recipes From History to Life on Your Blog

  • Fun fact: Priya is a fan of horror movies and her all time favorite is The Ring. Priya is also an adventure enthusiast and has done fun things all over the world. Next on her list is skydiving in New Zealand. 

  • Priya is inspired by sharing long forgotten recipes that are still relevant and worth sharing and documenting today for others. 

  • Priya lost her mom early in life. She missed foods her mom made that she wouldn’t be able to recreate since it wasn’t written down. Even if Priya made it like she thought it should be, it wasn’t the same.

  • This inspired Priya to create her blog and document recipes that are important to eating and memories, family and culture. Priya wants to pass this love of cooking down and share with others. 

  • Priya has a mix of old content she wants to improve on along with new content she wants to share from family members and loved ones. This helps her to make a plan and list of what to share and when as she creates her editorial calendar. Seasons and availability of ingredients are important in planning too. 

  • Priya will also share recipes by changing the method of cooking (cooktop to Instant Pot) or a twist she’s thought of on an old favorite she’d like to share to make it relevant to trends or healthy changes. 

  • For authentic dishes, Priya doesn’t change the recipe but will then offer a variation within the post of the recipe for others to try. 

  • Priya says that you should think about what can go on the blog. Then do your research regarding that one before finalizing a recipe. Look at the various options that you can tweak to make it relevant to today’s audience. Try and see what works the best. Maybe frying it works the best, but try and see if steaming or baking it could too.

  • Think about, “what is trending? What sings to you?” Then from there, think about what stands out about the recipe and then it’s a matter of testing the recipes and offering up variations that will appeal to your audience.

  • A process is involved because you don’t want to completely change a memorable recipe that is a passed down when it was delicious and a good memory for you.

  • Priya enjoys the story that belongs to the recipe and she loves sharing them with her readers. Since you don’t get to share the meal face to face, the story is just as important. 

  • Even if the recipe is a friends or a friend of a mom, there is a story there and that makes the recipe stand out.

  • Recipes that are good to share: 

    • Convertible recipes – like one that can be prepared vegan. 

    • A comfort food is always enjoyable to pass on to families and friends and readers and is memorable

    • Recipes that are too time consuming are hard to share. If they are too elaborate or complex, they don’t become popular. 

  • Priya is mindful of providing recipes that share common ingredients. That way if she creates a dish that has a unique or pricey ingredient that you aren’t familiar with, you’ll have another recipe to make and aren’t left wasting food. Instead you can make a second dish with it and put it to use. 

  • Priya also finds a lot of joy in looking at what she has on hand and creating something new out of those ingredients.

  • Priya tries to bring in a new ingredient each week to make something she’s not explored. She loves grocery shopping and being inspired. She might not even know how to cook it, she doesn’t do research ahead of time, she just dives in. That’s how she fell in love with edamame. 

  • You can help create memories for others with your food!

  • Confessions of a Foodie was the name of Priya’s original blog. Then she decided to really grow her business but the name was taken so she went to her family for help in picking out a new name. She asked them to submit name ideas and she’d give a prize to the one she selected. Her brother told her that he smooshed “your cooking is delicious” with Cookilicious which she loved so he won.

  • Priya’s favorite quote: “Every recipe has a story if you’re willing to listen.”


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