In episode 089, we talk with Priya Lakshminarayan, who talks to us about how food conjures up emotion and feelings that can add a special element to your recipes.

We cover information on how to modernize recipes passed down from previous generations, to consider thinking about dishes that you enjoyed in your childhood that you fondly remember and pay close attention to what people are saying about the food you make and create based on that.

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Priya is a vegetarian/vegan food blogger based out of Orlando, Fl. Being from India, she loves to try out many Asian cuisines besides other international cuisines. Priya enjoys creating recipes from scratch using fresh ingredients. Creating something new using leftovers gives her the thrills!


  • Priya is inspired by sharing long forgotten recipes that are still relevant and worth sharing and documenting today for others. 
  • Priya lost her mom early in life. She missed foods her mom made that she wouldn’t be able to recreate since it wasn’t written down. Even if Priya made it like she thought it should be, it wasn’t the same.

  • Priya was inspired to create her blog and document recipes that are important to eating and memories, family and culture.

  • You can create a twist from an old favorite to make it relevant to trends or healthy changes. 

  • For authentic dishes, you don’t have to change the recipe but you could offer a variation within the post of the recipe for others to try. 

  • Do your research regarding a family recipe before finalizing a recipe. Look at the various options that you can tweak to make it relevant to today’s audience.

  • A process is involved because you don’t want to completely change a memorable recipe that is a passed down when it was delicious and a good memory for you.

  • Even if the recipe is a friends or a friend of a mom, there is a story there and that makes the recipe stand out.

  • Recipes that are good to share: Convertible recipes – like one that can be prepared vegan. A comfort food is always enjoyable to pass on to families and friends and readers and is memorable

  • Be mindful of providing recipes that share common ingredients. That way if you create a dish that has a unique or pricey ingredient that your audience isn’t familiar with, you’ll have another recipe to make and aren’t left wasting food. Instead you can make a second dish with it and put it to use. 


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