Brand Positioning Call with Carrie Tyler

Are you looking to reduce the time, cost, and churn spent on your Food Blog and instead grow your subscribers, returning user traffic, pageviews, and product sales? Then Food Blogger Brand Positioning Coaching is for you! 

Brand positioning and brand marketing expert (and food blogger) Carrie Tyler from Talking Meals will help you to define your Food Blog Brand Positioning.

In addition, Carrie has developed a Food Blogger Brand House Model to build on the positioning with the key emotional and rational benefits your brand delivers and the Pillars that your blog business should focus on base on that. 

With over 20 years in Consumer Brand Management for large companies, such as Nestle, Avon, and Pfizer, Carrie successfully conceptualized, launched, and managed global brands, driving profitable growth at all levels.  She has applied that expertise to her own two food blogs and now helps other food bloggers to do the same. 

Carrie is graciously offering her time in the form of a free Zoom call to help guide us through positioning our brands so we can be more effective bloggers. In this Free webinar, you will:

  1. Learn what Brand Positioning is and how it helps reduce cost and time on your business.
  2. See how brand positioning and benefit pillars can drive an increase in subscriber conversion and blog user retention and loyalty.
  3. Get a sneak peek at the easy to navigate Blogger Brand House Model that can be used to guide you, your team, agencies, and more.
  4. Ask and have your questions answered about how to use brand positioning with your food blog
  5. Have a chance to step up onto the ‘stage’ to have a personal and live look at how your blog and business could be enhanced with Brand Positioning and a Brand House