50 Podcast Interviews in 2022 – Are we a good fit?

As the host of my own podcast (Eat Blog Talk), I have a deep understanding of the immense value that comes from sharing knowledge and value through the medium of an audio podcast. Having conducted nearly 300 interviews on Eat Blog Talk, I’m ready for a new challenge: To fine tune “podcast guesting.” In 2022, my goal is to be a guest on 50 different podcasts.

If you or someone you know has a podcast and is looking for guests to be on their show and that aligns with one my areas of expertise below, please fill out this short form! I’m allotting a limited number of spots for this project, so I want to make sure I show up to the 50 podcasts that best align with my expertise and goals.

Thank you for your help pulling this fun endeavor together!

Audiences I love speaking to:

  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Women who are stretched for time
  • Women looking to achieve schedule freedom
  • Mothers of children with special medical and other needs

Topics I love speaking about:

  • How to become a decisive entrepreneur (and why this is important)
  • Rewrite personal “stories” to achieve a business breakthrough
  • Use batching and systems to massively increase productivity
  • The productivity secret
  • Do less and earn more
  • 14 ways to monetize your blogging business
  • Use Airtable to maximize productivity
  • Use failure as a tool for growth
  • How to scale a successful business while being a dedicated parent

Why set “podcast guesting” as an important business goal?

  • To add value to other podcast audiences.
  • So I can fine-tune my speaking skills.
  • To get to a place where I speak fluently within my areas of expertise.
  • To grow my network of peers, leading to friendships, opportunities and joint ventures.
  • Because it seems like a scary venture, so I’m claiming that I DO SCARY THINGS.